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We are living in a world of lies.

We are living in a world of lies..

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The Latina woman – Recycling my blogs because If I do not like this country I should go as a queer said as he was denying my right to tell you about government crime.

The Latina woman – Recycling my blogs because If I do not like this country I should go as a queer said as he was denying my right to tell you about government crime..

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The Latina woman – Recycling my blogs because If I do not like this country I should go as a queer said as he was denying my right to tell you about government crime.

But added to her abuses and trying to read my files on mu USB. I could not because they had been locked: “The file Journalism 300 Role of Women edited version for August 31, 11 first edition The Skyline View -Hold-Rejected cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents.”  Believe I had no phone for the last few months because government and wicked turned it off twice or more than that if I add the many other times in which I just purchased another phone as they pleased.  Now this and today, believe me the police in Burlingame, Daly City and South City was following me to work on me.  They had been forcing me to eat as they please and for days they had been abusing my body.  Yesterday, as on Tuesday in two of my classes we got guests that not alone, but working with other students were abusing me to rob my talents or soul.  You are not going to believe who was one of them.  I am begging for help.  I am begging for protection.  This people are miserable.  They abused defenseless people just because they please. They program people with illness just because and do not care about no one.  I am publicly accusing Bush, Obama, Congress.  As well as House of Representatives, College of San Mateo  . . . and many of the “honors” in Redwood City California Superior court.  Begging for Help.  Not only in China people are denied their rights.  In America government is conformed of liars, hypocrites, criminals who are setting and persecuting for religious reason to the poor people not because of money, but poor in talents because they do not know how to use witchcraft to control the soul that lives in their body.  At least that is what this ignorant people believe.  They cough, they hurt you as they invade you.  They forced us in the toilet or wet or dirty.  But mainly Congress is making sure that food that help you to be stronger are not available or are expensive.  Government is forcing conditions through digital sounds and images.  Government of the United States is the worse criminal ever worse than Russians, worse than China, worse than Hitler not because they were or are not bad, but at least they show their real face not like this hypocrites who rape and abuse in-defenseless (they cannot defend themselves) children, but they lie to us saying that we do have Child Protective Service

recycling my blogs because government with wicked are denying my right.  They are abusing my child and it is the honors of Redwood City the ones who knowing set him up in a city where they do not have a child not proctective services, but prostitution services in which wicked people abuse children who are set up in the jungle and where no ones cares for them.

As Bush he did have the face to say get out of this country if you do not like what we do.  The Constitution is saying something totally different.  They are the criminals who are working with government and are alienating not only our rights and freedoms, but the Constitution itself.  The head tell or let the feet to do not otherwise.

Yesterday the baby’s dad forced me to stay at the curve fo his home because the honor in Redwood City denied my last Ex-Parte saying that I did not make a CPS report or a Police report, but guess what the police in San Jose said they do not get involve and CPS in Sta. Clara because they do not have any in San Jose is just ignoring me as the school Principal of Meyer Elementary school just lost my report in her home as my child neck was cut after 10p.m. as the neighbors were having a wicked party in their block.

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After hours of taking abuses from a MFSB “Latina woman at SFSU” I had it!

I am cursing on her.  It the third or fourth time she is forcing me to go to the bathroom.  She had stop me from doing my assignment and had been playing on the computer.  Two times I had call on the lab attendant. I am sick and tired of her.  I used to think highly of Latin people and especially of the poor people, but miserable people like this one had taught me how wrong I was.  For God sake, what it is her problem?

This is the second time she had done so here on the bottom floor of the San Francisco State University.  Lucky her that I believe in God.  Well not much today because I got sick and tired of her.

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Giving is receiving guys and no matter how you label what is belong to me and what you add; I will collect back!

Believe me, many are abusing me and thinking that they are just going to come ignoring who I am telling them that I am serving.  Dogs that barks do not bite.  So let’s leave it at that.  Your choice, but I got upset today.  Many of them even asked for favors knowing what they are doing and that I know after all.  I am a truly believer, especially of his first rule: “Eye per eye and with the high rate and equity that you love.

In many of my classes everyone is picking on me.  They even let me get the computers to have me near and work on me.  I am telling you.  I am not alone!  He is the one that no ones sees.  Aside, I had learned a basic rule: “Eyes that do not see, heart that do not feel.”  He can do as he please, because I just know that he knows what he is doing.  Many believe that they can come and j

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We are living in a world of lies.

We are living in a world of lies..

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We are living in a world of lies.

rs. It was als

via We are living in a world of lies..

On Sunday they kept me at my child dad’s curve again and there they forced me to cut my nails and razor my legs leaving wounds on my fingers and my legs.  They had been using it to harm me.  They are making me to bleed through it.  Tiny wounds, but hurting me; just to force me to do as they please.  They are not exactly doing so.  I had been able to study and perform not exactly with an A, but passing my classes as they are denying or forcing me not to earn my career goal again as they do to millions of Americans who received Financial Aid just to subsidy the schooling of wicked as they are forced to think that they are ignorants or retarded people when we are not.  I came to my LTNS 660 test and for about an hour we were having a lecture as many of the wicked students were going and coming into or out of the class hurting me and invading me.  I passed, but believe me, my vehicle is talking about the denial of my due process and the fourteen Amendment and at the test I couldn’t put the ideas together.  It was no less with colonization.  No it is not ridiculous, they invaded me and stole part of my ideas which after all as I read trying to figure out why I could not make the ideas to flow and to be able to write them on my test answer sheet. 

I am lucky, I can write quick without much problem.  I do have problem with my gramma because of the same, but not so the ideas that usually are going faster than I can put them in writings.  Anyway.  They are not only forcing me to bleed from my fingers as hurting me, but also trying hard to make my nose clog as they also forced it to be runing down.  The sad part is that how do I stop them.  Should I stand up and yield to them “Pinche puercos immundos or should I say pigs and cowards stop, you are hurting me!  Tell me the Redwood City police even denied a report number to not pay for my scratch glasses which are not letting me to see well.  I cannot afford to spend on another pair as I did recently after the Mexican broke the other ones.   HELP, PLEASE HELP!  BEGGING FOR HELP AND PROTECTION.  GOVERNMENT IS ABUSING ME.  GOVERNMENT IS DENYING MY 14TH AMENDMENT RIGHT AS FOR YEARS HAD DENIED MY DUE PROCESS RIGHT AND STOLE MY HOMES. 

On Monday, I ended up going to Chuck E. Cheese in San Jose where they forced me to spend about $ 60.00 dollars.  In less than 5 minutes my baby “spent” about 100 coins and got 100 tickets, but I did not see him playing them.  I believe they took them from him.  Then they made me paid $ 5.00 dollars to get 200 tickets because he couldn’t catch any and the pizza if I can call it that was not having cheese.  I am not crying just because, but their misery do not have name.

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We are living in a world of lies.

THIS IS A WELL-FAMOUS SPEECH KNOWN (At least that is what Professor Brown said):


_   “This instrument can teach.  It can illuminate.  Yes, and it can even inspire.  But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends.  Otherwise, it is merely wires and lights in a box.  There is a great and perhaps decisive battle to be fought against ignorance, intolerance and indifferenceThis weapon of television could be useful.” –Edward R. Murrow Oct. 1958 speech to RTNDA, Chicago.


            These are not my words and I couldn’t understand what it is that you couldn’t decipher or understand and I will repeat Murrow’s words that said it all 54 years ago in October 1958 and I will start my assignment saying that “It’s not with tears (Meant advertisement to be shown and catch pity), or promise airbrushes’ words that anyone cannot use believing that they can fix this country or world economy or social problems.”  The only way in which the narrative might be change is through an active media participation pointing the “errors” if they are or else disclosing the abuses not with the intention to destroy, but to build a better society and a strong country. 

In 2006 many Hispanic media made the effort to empower this ethnic group and the results are 10 percent reduction in this type of industry and in this kind of people work source.   I noticed as I search that many of the reporters are Oriental or Indian or White races people who are doing the jobs.  It is not acceptable, this is America not China who turned off Google as they please and for the best interest of very few abusers and killers.  The anarchist group that as Hitler is trying to control this world and is quietly doing so inside our government system.

            This time I heard KCBS radio station and it is kind of boring to hear over and over; again and again the same new repeated throughout the day and if I am right in between minutes or an hour.  They do have a lot of advertisement as well.  No music just the same all day long.  I found a lot of convergence in between the business.  They usually announced the reporters’ name and go about the news. They also give the time every so often and talk about the weather as well as the traffic.  They do have good coverage’s on it; the weather and the traffic are update every so often.  Comparing them to other radio stations, KCBS is doing so a bit different and to the extreme.  Radio stations like two of the Hispanic station that I listened who are alternating within shows, music and news seem to be a bit more acceptable and not as boring.  They are called “100.3 Radio Romantica and the other one is 97.9 or 99.9.  I did not find errors because I could not compare both radio station news information transmitted.  The coverage’s were a bit different.

This time I did make the effort to actually watch a real TV station News program and among the ones recorded for me were KRON Channel 4.  The images were blurry and some of them were having like pixel problems.  What I concluded is that some of the reporters are recording the footage on old cameras that are not high definition and the footage as presented is having those problems.  Some of the individual were having fast falloff images meaning showing very bad details on the face of the people while the images presented by the studio footage were having a different looks.  The screen show presenting the news program was recorded not using the standard definition and were having unbalanced image having details in the right side of it.  In this news program two women and one man were presenting the news.

Then I watched some San Francisco 10p.m. News KTVU Channel News where Julie Heiner and F. Somerville were the reporters in house.  I ended up analyzing a Fierce Fire House in which Amber Lee was the field reporter.  She did interview more than two witness and others involved in the tragic news which left more than one burned home in San Francisco.  She also interviews others that participate in the control of the fire and reported injuries on a firefighter who was seeing in a hospital.  

The footage presented was well done.  She focuses on the people witnessing and left good headroom on them.  The footage was diffused properly between the Studio images in which the main reporter was carrying the field reporter footage. 

News coverage was also recorded in Livermore title a storm watch. They recorded some footage of vehicles that were involved in accidents due to the change on the weather and recorded some recommendations of CHP, she did not mentioned what the letters stand for, but it it was understood that is part of the Highway Patrol; she did not interview any of the people who happened to had the troubles with their vehicles.  The recommendations given were to turn on the headlights and to leave space between vehicles because the roads were wet and the visibility was poor, but even though were two vehicles damaged and stop I could not figure out if they were involved in an accident or if they just hit the place or what.  She did not make a good coverage of the news. 

They do have the weather chief talking about the weather conditions throughout the news footage covered, but not as usual in one segment.  I saw the Chief weather reporter coming more than twice alive giving the inputs.  

They also presented coverage in Placer County.  Cara Liu, the reporter described the Interstate involved and presented some people giving their experience testimonies and she was detail oriented.  She described the situation and the footage was well recorded and presented at the studio end.

They also presented a kidnapping case, but no testimonies of third parties were given and just the police information presented.  The same happened on Mountain View case in which police discovered a drug lab.  Many images of the chemicals found were presented.  The drug was defined as DMT, but no other witnesses or photos of people related to the issue were given.

  They also were having some advertisement for their Online web.  They also covered a Student Protest in Berkeley and did show some footage of the students and teachers participating.  They interview some of the students and the reporter introduced himself as usual.  They were having Castaneda given the live drive time traffic.  I will not talk about the footage presenting Obama as he was crying in Chicago, because I thought it was disgusting.  I felt it was a bad released campaign that at least I do not appreciate.  I feel is of bad taste.

I did have a trouble when the main reporter introduced many other topics coming up because they presented some footage of a Dueling Protest as they called it, but they never actually went over it. 

I did also watch abcNews and I felt Bill Weir presented a case through a field reporter out of the extraordinary.  He interviewed one of the people involved in the strange case back in 2011.  The case is about a poor man who was kept in Texas jail for 38 years since he was about 30-year-old or so and who knows why or how but the Governor Board of Texas felt that they found the man guilty because somehow the wife who happened to work in the Sheriff Department “Frame or box Bill Macumber, the man who spent 38 years of his life in prison just because we do not have a justice system in place in this country and in this case in Texas.”

  He did presented an interview of the mother or Sheriff Department employer back in 2011 as well as a year later interview as they prove the man innocent. He also did a followed up on other offices who got in contact with the son to let him know that they were having enough evidence that his father was innocent.  Somehow or what a Hispanic man named Ernesto Valenzuela confessed the murder, but this was not presented to the jurors and even though the Governor Board told to Jan Brewer, Governor of Texas their finding she denied the liberty of the innocent man as proven by many others and what it was more outrageous was the follow up of the reporter who bravely went with the son of the victim to the Governor public presentation to question her reasons to deny the poor man of his liberty and presented her board recommendations and her answer was terrible “I made my decision and its final.”  She publicly said how badly the government does not care to give justice.  She just reminded me of “Honor” Susan Greenberg who took my child legal and physical custody – give him or it to the man I saw molesting my baby sexually and never gave me a reason or I should say what she answered me as I told her that I was never found guilty in the court of law of domestic violence as she classified my family case and did responded that “She does a she please in her court room.”  He did interview the mother twice throughout the process that took more than a year.  He did interview the now old man who happened to seem to be kind enough not to say anything about the Governor misery who did not care about his life destroy as he spent 38 years in jail because the government HIDE THE EVIDENCES; THE GUILTY RESPONSIBILITY TAKEN IN REGARDS THE TWO PEOPLE MURDER by a Hispanic man which was not presented to the jurors.  They did used a silhouette lighting image very poor of the mother interviewed twice to hide a stroke damaged she suffered as part of the trauma lived as discovered that the man, her ex-husband is not guilty and the reporter did have the guts to question her in regards directly.

Thanks to my son, I was able to watch more than those programs in his TV, but I feel is more than what I need to say in regards a regular TV News Program so I will passed on the rest.    Many of the TV News Program were showing others .com convergence of the media.  Many of them are having a good high definition standard.  They were not having many details diffusing the images from the field to the studio or final images presented.    

I also watch many other News program Online as the coverage’s of msnbcNews in regards the recent shocking news of General David Petraeus a day or two after Obama ‘won’ his re-election as the President of the United States on November 2012.  These are the some of the images presented and the first one as many others I felt were out of context. Msnbc was having several reporters taking about the same issue from different point of views, but I feel that they just accept what others are saying in general, but some of them were trying to question the fact of the imminent date he seems to be avoiding.    


Image: Gen. David Petraeus on June 17, 2004 in Baghdad, Iraq.

Gen. David Petraeus in 2004 in Baghdad, Iraq. (Brent Stirton / Getty Images)


Career of battlefield ‘hero,’ savvy D.C. insider comes to abrupt end

Gen. Petraeus’ nearly four-decade US intelligence career came to an end Friday when he resigned after admitting to an affair.

Petraeus: I showed ‘extremely poor judgment’

To tell or not: Petraeus’ reveal highlights dilemma


Biographer under FBI investigation

  Improper access to Patraeus’ personal email?

  CIA director’s affair shocks D.C.


            msnNBC news online looks very tide is frame in a box having some other categories or titles or videos called shows in the bottom of the box have an advertisement.  What I am criticizing is the 30 seconds video advertisement that we are forced to watch if we want to be able to watch the news.  In the case of the General Petraus,                                                         ( I will say that the box needs some improvements.  In the case presented by reporter Allex Witt and Greg Miller from the Washington Post, the box was divided with two little ones having both of them speaking her name was posted on the top followed by date or Nasdaq data followed by s msnbcNews slogan.

            Now NBCNews Special Report was done by Brian Williams and has a slightly different presentation.  Using the same box to go over the news Brian is having as Alex Witt the left box and goes back and forth from two boxes one next to each other as he was commenting with Andrea Mitchell and some of them get his box out and give a close full shot for Mitchell.  Their names are not posted on the top, but the news is written below as the video is going over even addressing other points as Mitchell reads Petraeus’ resignation.  The 30 second advertisements are a pain because you cannot avoid them and is a waste of time.  Perhaps they should be optional.

“NBC’s Brian Williams and NBC’s Andrea Mitchell report on the resignation of well-regarded former General David Petraeus from the CIA after he admitted an affair.

By Andrea Mitchell and Robert Windrem, NBC News


WASHINGTON — CIA Director David Petraeus resigned Friday, citing an extramarital affair and “extremely poor judgment.”


            Petraeus described and quoted by Nightly News at the same source:  


“We have a huge advantage, because the United States is, in the words of Walt Whitman, ‘not merely a nation, but a teeming nation of nations,’” he said in a 2011 speech to CIA employees. “That still rings true to all of us I know, and it rings true to me, a second-generation American, the son of a Dutch immigrant.” (Williams, NBCNews images and heads copy and paste for illustration.)                                                     

This should be very important for the media and they shoulf, First of all,  question the                        

 ridiculous resignation of Petraeus under the cited reason or as mentioned by Brian Williams “Terribly personal” or as Mitchell the breaker NewsReporter said “This is not about Benghazi” How can they determine that.  Instead they should question it. – Didn’t President Clinton stayed after his public scandal?  What it seems to be relevant is the immediate dismissal for which he was scheduled to testify.  Is he avoiding a lie? That would damaged the reputation of Petraeus in this case and specially is important to highlight that he is allowed to resign just in one of his jobs not in both.  Why? They are saying there are not imminent criminal charges.  Instead is being highlight that Paula Broadwell trespassed a personal e-mail account not other as John Hardwood mentioned.

Secondly, who is replacing him very easily is very important for this country when Obama was re-elected for the next four years and I do not know if you heard, but some people were reporting issues on the voting counting:  A BECA 321 student said: “As people were pushing and voting for Romney what it was coming out was a vote for Obama.”  I feel I had been denied my right to vote and I am struggling to make public 1) my discoveries.  2) The imminent control of this country by others, specially China, Africa and as Mr. Petraeus was coded some other countries which are participating and are passing the control of this country without actually having a physical war that will end to total devastation of this world.  

Thirdly, analyzing many of the same station issue presentation it was brought to the attention that Petraeus and Obama as Mitchell witness; Obama and Petraeus were not so fun of each other and it look like this is one of the reason this is happening.  Nevertheless, going deeper on the analysis and specially knowing what I discovered, I see a younger woman having to do with the resignation, but no criminal issues existing that are going to be having consequences.




Nightly News again with Williams.  A video opens as he talk about Google stock plunge and then an analysis of the higher data recorded of the stock in Obama’s Administration.

“Obama wins Florida as final votes counted


6 hr ago By Tamara Lush

With Florida, President Barack Obama’s tally in the Electoral College increases to 332 over Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s 206.

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida — President Barack Obama was declared the winner of Florida’s 29 electoral votes Saturday, ending a four-day count with a razor-thin margin that narrowly avoided an automatic recount that would have brought back memories of the 2000 election.”

            No matter how I tried I could not copy and paste their images to illustrate the errors or improvements that I can suggest, but I will do manually to make it easy for you to understand.  In general what I found is that the stages of balance of some background graphics are well designed and are helping to the neat and tide images presented and I did like the dynamic balance of msnbc Online boxes in which both, the studio and the field reporters connect and present the news.  They are using multiple screens.  Good number of time they are having two equal size one for the inside reporter and one for the field reporter.  They are having a good use of noseroom and leadroom.  I felt that they are using a 3-D field volume and effects as well as special boxes and effects to carry multiple type of lines and lettering and secondary frames to have like top stories subtitle like health, exchanged by economy or so. 

I did not find consistency and many times the studio reporter words were not matching the people presented as they were introduced (names and titles) on the secondary boxes. 

msnbcNews was having below their primary news box advertisement as well as a “Play List of other categories to follow up and as I did search they were having a military boxes of news that were double or triple the number of news presented in regards civilian issues.

I went over some of the news presented and one of them was

msnbc BBC boss sex abuse case was not available instead you can hear two videos going without stopping.  Searching the source you couldn’t find it and the 30 seconds advertisement keep on going no matter that you touch the icon to stop it and it is not check prior to have it available for the viewers. “BBC boss Entwistle quits amid turmoil over network’s child sex abuse scandal”

“BBC Director General George Entwistle resigned Saturday after the network wrongly implicated a 90-year-old politician in a child sex-abuse scandal. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.”

By NBC News staff and wire reports

LONDON — BBC Director General George Entwistle resigned Saturday after saying the broadcaster”

            Nightly News presented some temporary jobs continue to rise footage and Anne Thompson in which she used a storyboard to illustrate how the numbers were reflected.  She used the green color to illustrate the images that were aesthetically nice, but she forgot to address the 8.3% of unemployment numbers introduced by the studio reporter that introduced the news.

“NBCNews presented a case in which a By BILL DEVLIN STAFF WRITER

updated 11/8/2012 8:16:46 PM ET

WARRINGTON — Douglas J. Cirone, 42, of Warrington, was charged with assault and harassment after police said he struck a female in the mouth with a closed fist on Saturday.”

In the morning I was able to search and I found a case in Cleveland Ohio through               

NBCNews in which a woman was hit or punch by the bus driver.  In the afternoon I could not find the whole news and just what is above was available.  He point I am trying to make in this part is that the woman said “She had no choice than to fight back.”  Clearly, through the video the driver just came out from his seat and hit her.  What I am wondering and I tried hard to find the case to go over again because the video was not so great.  It was blurry and hard to see.  The man accused her of spitting on him and she denied so. Unfortunately, I could not followed the case up to make a comment on it because it is the third time that I had been abuse publicly by third parties and Redwood City Police do not even allowed me to have a report and  instead had threaten me and hit my signs with their vehicles.  No matter how peaceful I am they just sympathize with the attackers.  On the election day was no difference and my broken glasses or bruises did not deserve again a report made in my behalf.  Now if you check below this line you will find many of the titles available and you will find a good number of them are related to the government and not many related to civilian issues.  

Delaware Valley, PA/NJ

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I also went to Today msn News and they were having a different box frame. They presented a case in which many of the people are being affected through reports background checks that are supposedly to be having a 10 percentage error rate, but they do not mentioned how people had figured out and I felt is lack of very important part of the news.  They did a good followed up and certainly they did follow up on the corporation, but did not tell others how they can know if they are being victim and if this is the reason why they are not able to get a job as they are looking for one.

Again I got another Rossen Reports on Today msn News where Jeff Rossen presented to the people how the Sheriff in a small town killed many exotic humans which were led free in the State of Ohio where the State changed the rules after the Sheriff killed many exotic pets left out by his owner for unknown reason.  The images in both were very vivid and graphic with the sadness news of many animals killed without any intent to save their life.

The same was with todaymsn as msnbc as they presented the same footage and comments done by a different reporter in this case Gave Gutierrez in regards teen survives days trapped in wrecked car at Huntsville, Alabama.

There is not much difference between one program and the other.  They seem to have just new faces, but the footages, comments have the same commas, breath shortness of the other news program.  In short, they are just copy and paste having different reporters presenting the same issue with the same inputs presented to the viewers.  It was also observed that any news that involved citizen legal issues is not being address through the individual itself or through third parties testimonies.

The search at PBS News was different.  The colors are not as hot or warm.  They are having a box on the top left indicating the date of the news that is not shown in the American news program that we do have.  They are not having 30 seconds advertisements that waste the time of the people and are killing the ambitious to watch or follow them up.  

They are addressing the Election and Obama next four years have an analysis there, but is done in a non-bias way.  It seems to be done in a professional way and with a perspective in mind.


I just read a Psychopath article at CNN, but this morning I woke up thinking about the misery of this world and wicked people

I just read a Psychopath article at CNN, but this morning I woke up thinking about the misery of this world and wicked people.

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I just read a Psychopath article at CNN, but this morning I woke up thinking about the misery of this world and wicked people

I got it!  Obama won the second term, but I do know they are all undermining the one who is.  Last night a Latina woman as well as many others were hurting my knees, legs or toes as I posted a sign telling about the high price I need to pay to be able to be here at San Francisco State University and College of San Mateo trying to learn and succeed in my third goal career because years ago I was not aware and many robbed my English and mathematics skills.

Now what the psychopathic article has to do with my ideas because this morning I was thinking about the misery of this people and how they are dividing this country and the people without thinking.  The majority supporting the mediocre leader who organized a part of the people in this country to be able to have the power not realizing that is not just about this country, we are not the world and I know that you are thinking that you are doing to other countries as you are doing to the poor in this country.

The point is that miserable “psychopath experts” had just study the science or had learn the behaviors of people with the sole intention to use it against the poor, the people who are potential challenges for the elite group trying to keep the power and the control.  Liars, pigs and coward that is what they are.  Britney Spear is not a bipolar.  Britney Spear is a poor-rich economically and exploited woman who happened to have a family who just conceive her to exploit her because she is not able to use her mind to control and rob others of their talents.  Like my babies fathers since I married twice and who had been working with this elite group working worldwide to do so.

They purposely divide us.  They work our mind everyday through the media; through advertisement.  They stereotype the races.  They create positive narrative for some and destructive for others like “This group are smart, or this group is hot, or this group is proliferates, or this group is . . .  The problem is not only what they say hammering the ideas constantly in our brain specially as we are babies because we do not have a smart government doing their role and thinking what it is that goes around when we have majority not educated or smart.

This is what I wrote last night: “It’s ashamed what I need to take (abuses) from wicked to be able to study her or in this country.  There’s is no equal rights: liars, hypocrites.  Help.”

Now, I do not know what is going on because I am understanding that Proposition 30 passed.  In fact, I heard Governor Brown thanking the people which I thought it was nice of him to do.  I am telling you some are decent people or at least they try.  Before the election day, I brought up the main issues that both parties had cut $ 20 big from education and that they brought down CA education from third on top to third on bottom and I did support Proposition 38 because there government’s hands were out.  What I had been hearing is that in January increases are going to happen and my question is: “Many were saying to say Yes on Prop 30 because that would stop the increases in higher education and would it keep other programs running or else would happen what it seem to be about to happen if you know what I mean!  What is going on?  Did they lie again?

Anyway,  Next year is looking very bad because as I was forced to take 150 units to earn my AA degree at College of San Mateo; I spent my Financial Aid six years maximum and I have no money coming and because I had being isolated by government and wicked aside they had been manipulating and control majority of the people to hate me I have no one to give me a letter to apply for a scholarship or so.  Funny, but if you observe the ones that do not go to class regularly, the ones the get there late, the ones who pop up sporadically are the ones who earn those.  At least is what I saw at College of San Mateo.  I need to be there every single day, but others pop up about 10 times in the semester, but of course they give a good review to the class if you know what I mean and they earn not only scholarship, but they of course will graduate. 

On Wednesday, I passed on one of those review, but the main reason was because I was not able to read the paper and I tried to tell them, but they did not allow me.  I believe the course is not balance.  I just hope that we will learn something, but they do have a nice up-to-date expensive equipment that we went over one crowded to group class to be train I guess, but I do not think so.  But I know what I heard.  Some of you will be train if “you choose to be the one controlling the equipment.” but what about the other ones?  Anyway, you should hear my dear friend saying or waiting for me to work as producer.  Yea and believe it or not I know last semester I was photo with her, but it is over friend.

Is like, did I tell you that mind and body are computers? yes, I did and several times.  So suggestions are not good, but many wicked people used it everyday.  Constantly, like someone said after I worked with her preparing for the mid-term test: “thanks, and go to sleep!”, but if they think I am a saint or so.  No baby.  More likely the other way around.  In fact, I do not think God is.  Instead to be perfect he is both, but are kept on the streams and this is a trustworthy comment you just need to go read King David through the Psalms and you will find there that God show his face based on yours.

Anyway, I am having a ton of assignment for next two weeks so I better let you go, but let me close this with this idea: “Giving is Receiving.” be nice, be you and let God take care for you the “smart ones” working and thinking that they can take from you when he does not please.  Watch out because the good robber earns 100 years of forgiveness as they rob you, but they must take the sock out without touching the shoe or else they are not good.  Watch for the pigs who cough, watch for the pigs who are constantly cleaning their nose not at the bathroom, but in your face trying to get the attention of your soul (God who lives on us) and believe and appreciate him(you overall) love him overall.  Learn that The Father is the head, the body and blood is the son and the Holy Spirit lives in both.  No race is better or smarter than any other and the ones who really are smart are the ones who had learn that the fear or the faith of only God is the fountain of wisdom.

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