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A bit tired, but catching up with my SFSU classes and CSM

Oh well, a very busy movements.  A lot to learn and do, but everything seem to be very interesting.  I wish I do have more time.  I thought that my first quiz at CSM – DGME 112 was online and due this Sunday, but for my suprise was not that the case.  I felt not that bad even though I did not have time to prepare.  Good number of the questions were easy and I did what I could.

I saw baby on Sunday and I am just begging Eloi to hear my prayer.  I am begging him to help me out: my baby is being abuse and it is very sad to see that NO ONES CARES FOR OUR BABIES AND OUR GOVERNMENT IS USE TO ISOLATE AND ABUSE THEM IN MANY WAYS JUST TO MAKE SURE THAT THE PEOPLE IN POWER STAYS THERE.

It is ashamed! Begging you for help and protection.  Begging you for a public accusation support against government who is not only alienating our rights and freedoms, but our Constitution. 

I also want to share that in my SFSU class BECA 460 I do have Professor Provenzano a former media representative who happened to know a lot of people and brought to our class a guess: Joe Engardio who is running for a Supervisor position at San Francisco.  I do not know about the majority of the classmates, but I myself felt illiterate as he was asking us question that not many knew how to respond.

Aside that point he brought up to our attention his website where he is showing us many of the theme for political campaings and how people spin, manipulate and trick us and I am inviting you to go check, but also I am inviting you to su  

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I talked to my son in San Diego; he as my older son was lay-off.

I talked to my son in San Diego; he as my older son was lay-off..

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Giving is receiving guys and no matter how you label what is belong to me and what you add; I will collect back!

Believe me, many are abusing me and thinking that they are just going to come ignoring who I am telling them that I am serving.  Dogs that barks do not bite.  So let’s leave it at that.  Your choice, but I got upset today.  Many of them even asked for favors knowing what they are doing and that I know after all.  I am a truly believer, especially of his first rule: “Eye per eye and with the high rate and equity that you love.

In many of my classes everyone is picking on me.  They even let me get the computers to have me near and work on me.  I am telling you.  I am not alone!  He is the one that no ones sees.  Aside, I had learned a basic rule: “Eyes that do not see, heart that do not feel.”  He can do as he please, because I just know that he knows what he is doing.  Many believe that they can come and j

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In San Jose at Chuck E. My first post removed, what a 1st Amendment

That’s not the only thing. We do not hear or see the best players or dancersor singers. Many control & congress expand, & expand, & . . . I’m at Chuck E. They as he goes back n’ forth & comino just to get The coima, but for me it’s to be & see him. We had never allowed to go no place without abusers. No, I’m allowed to write BC they don’t want me to study. I invited people to go to the dance performance last Friday, but I believe my name was removed or not seen as
Y teacher called. I’ll be honest: “sometimes, I’m sharp others as they’re stealing from me going backward”
Sothank God she did not call me. For sure, I wouldn’t feel ashamed BC ashamed of bad teacher who don’t do their job.
But I started writing 1) to invite you to value family. Old couple got silver/gold it was not BC they were really smart but lucky. They did have more family experienced & they enjoyed it BC it’s better. Many of the people destroying America are family oriented BC they do know how valuable it is, but they are making easy to dump babies & elderly to abuse & take advantage of it. Be smart!
Others who do not have moral forced women to procreate & abandoned them & others using U. S. A. Take them with help of “Honors” well it’s ashamed, but it is happening. My 9year-old is having pin pows & daddy & others are making him to believe it! Can you believe their misery BC what goes around comes around. They rather have that than beauty around. I rather have millions of beautiful men & women to have nice “taco de ojos” in English a good eye taco & going around enjoying beauty & happiness than that.
In Spanish we called them “peppers” some are hots for adults others are so, so: One day, there it was Ms aunt thinking how to cross the Bravo River. There Mr elephant came, saw her & invite her to cross on him. Well Ms aunt was happy & after all very decently said: thank you Mr elephant and he replied: what do you mean thank you? Use your imagination! Then day after dat Ms aunt at the Bravo River waiting for Mr Elephant. Finally, he came & again she cross on him, but this time she repeatedly said: thank you Sr Elephant & he kept on going! The moral is people like what they do & dislike what they don’t and many times you can be the most gracious, for some & not for others, but there is always a sew material when you got a rip off material. I’m telling you as best I can translate BC words are not needed when people are close, but if we are far there is a trouble. I hope we can give each other a chance: we better stop stereotyping & giving Cesar what’s belong to him! Happy Mother Day beautiful women!

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Oh well, Today May, 17,12 I realized something “funny” Among Studio A – E at CSM my name is listed so people schedule their lab use!

Believe I wrote a Pennie for their though and not exactly cut half because they are not worth even that.  I just remember how a Nicaraguan printed several pages through me in my Internet class.  I am using this media: wordpress, but Are you realizing what we are doing? In court many people are being condemn because child pornography, and so on and forth, but Can they really do so?  I do not think so.  Every time I signed here: many are using my accounts.  In fact in my twitter there is like a babies advertisement page.  and my pages are kept open by them.  My passwords are changed or my private property trespassed.  The Internet is not good for everything, specially for business or for classes.  Many can change as they please and not as they are supposed.  You are not going to believe me, but every single wrong question in my classes are not based on what it is written in the book, but because the professor said so in his or her lecture?  Oh well, the words are gone, my notes do not contained the information, but he or she is saying I did, but isn’t true that we should be considered as part of the picture.  I know do not make sense as things are set up right now as Chancellor Galotolo, one of the head of District of College of San Mateo still lost and not responding at the end of this semester in my many issues and as many are stealing, abusing accounts, discriminating on many.  It is incredible.

But not all it is bad, yesterday I went to my Photography class show:  For God sake many beautiful photos and some very professionals.  The only thing that do not match for me is the fact that many were having split styles.  It was like 3 photos having some type of theme or tendency and the other 5 totally different.  Some with a lot of elegance and uniqueness and others not.  I am not trying to be mean: I am trying to tell you that the problem is many do have a lot of talents, but they are not believing in themselves and rather take what they believe others do have and it is fast and easy, but they are wasting their own talents.  I said to one of the students, I am trying to give my opinion to help you find your main forfeit meaning now, they do know  what appeals to others.  Where they are good in, explore yourself, find what you really like and exercise, persevere on it and do not value others much more than your own things.  There it was a white young man, whose first row were very nice and his second were not so.  I am begging God to give Cesar what is belong to him as Jesus said and I am inviting all to find themselves.  Value Your Own Self and Your Own Things.  About the Studio, I believe in God and his sword have two edge sharp edge not just one.  Watch Out!

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President Obama favor same-sex people as I did and today as I presented my Series theme I heard something like is coming

But that is not the reason why I am sarcastic in my note.  I felt the people as I opened the door and as they were going in and out or as they were talking.  Believe I am sure there is a reason why you might be so smart to do so: Simple Sherlock Holmes BC he put me in your way as you have no regards of him.  I told this to Michael Haywood long ago.  He is giving many the chance to think and know that the fear or faith is the fountain of wisdom.  Do I am lucky because he choose me: Oh well, depends! Do you want to see my hands, feet.  My teeth, and so on and forth.  Do you want to know where and how I am living? Do you want to know how I slept in my truck with my feet up because my “friend teacher” was having two faces.  Do you want to know that I ended up buying a container to pi in it because they want my truck to smell and they force me to go as they please.  Yesterday, I got so upset as one woman made me pi on my pants.  I did have to walk across CSM feeling bad.  And if you do not know how I felt as the manager of BounzCity told me he was going to call security because my baby was asking for food and I was going to walk out for about five minutes.  I know honor MC Kenna gave the responsibility to the father and a month later retracted the order, and let that to his discretion.  I HAD NEVER VIOLATED NO LAW. HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL TO BE TREATED AS A PIECE OF NOTHING? WHAT DO YOU THINK. I FEEL WHEN THEY ARE FORCING ME TO KNOW ALL THEIR ABUSES ON ME AND MY FAMILY.


I was never this way.  My cousin used to go around me back in 1973 in high school because some were going ahead of me and it was ok with me, but it was not ok for the ones behind me.  I let that woman who everyone accused of using my bedroom, my bed for month in my own home.  Not his home or her home.  My own home as they forced me to have 2-3 jobs to be supporting my “legal forced” family: My legal mother said: “I left to Nicaragua (stayed for six months) because she was staying with him in your room, going out as you were working, but you were allowing them.”  I used to trust people.  I came to U. S. A. back in 1987 and I got a job in San Carlos.  The couple, and engineer and a fly attendant who were having two kids were sweet and nice.  She was going to Japan and around the World for days and I was staying with him.  The man is worth his weight in gold because never irrespectively treated me, but this was not the only time.  Back in Nicaragua I was forced to marry to a man at least double my age.  I met him as I was 14-year-old and no matter how wealthy or good looking were the men in my work place who look on me: “offering best status, jobs or so as custom in Nicaragua.” I never let them do or accepted their “stupidity” because a marry men or women are sacred for me.

I know, I sounded stupid, but I believe on it.  I never measure people for what materialistically they do have, but for what they give me not based on money, but much more deeper than it.  I though that the last Mexican husband did worked hard to earn the $ 600.00 he used to provide in my household every two weeks.  Yes I used to make more than $ 6,000.00 plus rents, but I though he used to respect me, my children and my forced family.  I always gave him a special place and many did welcome him because of me.  I always felt he was a good man, not educated, but smart.  After all and thinking about it many of the things I earned throughout the years was part of my wishes to be better.  I improved my homes and many times he did not want to do so, but ended up helping me.  I tried to go to Nicaragua to sell vehicles to get the down payment of my first property and he went to Mexico.  Not even my legal family helped me to prepare the vehicles.  I took my car to Norfolk gas station near the Fish Market and they charged $ 1,500.00 and put just a wire on my tire to stop the going and I ended up in Indio without a clutch and without the wheel being fixed.

But there it was The Lord, a white man who tried to fix it and ended up giving me $ 200.00 and asked me to give to other as I did.  There it was a white family who came and fixed my car.  There it was a gas station who let me stayed there.

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I just come to Lab in Bldg 10 BC I need to finish, but I am feeling like posting the photos and to tell you who and what they are doing to me

I feel it is my right.  I am sick and tired of their abuses.  How they just harm my back, my knees, my brain or whatever they please.  I am sure that this pigs and coward are thinking that some of us are their slaves.  They do not know what it means to make me feel frustrated and to be swearing against them.  I swear I tried to ignore and do just my assignment.  I swear I tried to totally ignore them and their abuses, but to feel my head hurting when I need to do.  Who do they think they are to work me and force me to fail.  You had lost my pity, my care; you had been killing softly my good Samaritan feelings.  For God sake.  Please reconsider and stop.  Today I heard some comments in my DGME 100 class.  Some people feel that why someone I believe me feel so special to be the only one communicating or to be acknowledge by God.  I never say, I am the only.  In fact he does say through the Wife of Noble Character that they are many in this world.  He praise not only me, but all women.  Now how many of you feel that you are one of them it is something else.  How many of you acknowledge any communication between you and him that something else.  I do as I never did because I felt something different in 2003 at the Cathedral Hill Church as I saw the two different Holy Bibles on front of Virgen Guadalupe.  Or as I felt him near the South City mountain sign, or as I felt him in my Lago property, but how many of you do?

I asked in my class today.  Who have the right to choose your friends because if I do, certainly I would force you to like me and not hate me to make my life easier.  Of course is a joke, no one can force you to like me as no one can choose the friends of anyone and therefore God has the same right.  I do not think, I am special, beautiful or so.  I feel normal and if anything perhaps he feels sorry and I beg him for help.  And if anything perhaps you had made me special because you all are attacking me.

Abraham was one of those special people who could see him and hear him.  Aside him was someone else that he took with him.  Noah was special he let him to go with his family and did not destroy him or his family, but why did he choose them?  Well, answer to yourself why do you like your friend and why you hate me?  Because your friend is special, because he thinks like you.  Because he does appreciate and respect you.  Because with him you feel nice and happy and why do you hate me? well, I will not answer to you because I feel that I am just doing what he please and truly believe he is doing it for the sake of millions and what else can I do!

If anything I can tell you is if you believe in him.  Keep on talking to him.  Keep on doing as he please and he might answer you and choose you as his special stranger like he did with me.  But just know that you may pay the price and you will get the hatred of many as you get his friendship, but no matter what I feel it is worth because of the way he make me feel and that is what I like to sing for him.

It’s the way you make me feel, Eloi Yahweh!  Come on Babies, let do so: Rah, Rah, Rah: Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh!

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I worked hard all day trying to knock down Spanish & DGME final assignments

But in Bldg 18 SpAnish lab 2 people went to harmed me: the man hurt my right knee and the Latino my throat. Imoved to Bldg 10. No different, but at least four harmed me: againt two My throat, but not for long BC If I get upset I just return & when they hurt: they get the message. after all, I’m tires for three reasons: police held me out for about half hour or 45 minutes until 11 pm. I ended up crying like now. It’s not easy to know & feel treated worse than animal. To feel that you cannot believe in no one BC they cough, sneeze, used their hair dryer, they weigh near me, flash the toilet, or played with computers or phones and then you feel like dirt or garbage in your eyes or throat. It’s their soul going or sometimes like right now someone went by like coughing: I called them “tisicos” or they go crashing your eyes or hiring your face when they’re upset or go byy vehicle speeding or flying at the beginning was not easy. They done so to make me disease BC the truck shake. It’s every where my hair just itch, but due to the much electricity ni lives ever lived in my head. Well, they’re the only lives I ever got.

I’m feeling better. I believe this is The reason I keep on writing, but they changed The words, they changed to capital & then you’ll not be able to read but is also true that I just have Eloi to talk, but he never answer with a voice.
Oh well, Gonzalez J was The last sucker who took My document. Luckily I printed. But no matter how I search I couldn’t find it. I saved it, but luckily he hide, destroyed just one not both assignments and of course upset I swear. For the last two nights they had woke me up at 2-3:00 am & right now they are numbnong my right foot. Like last night they made me go early to the Spanish class & forced me to hit my leg with a podium twice. Gonzalez as I ce out from the Bldg 10 lab made me crash my teeth. It’s not first time & I got them broken. Don’t blamed me BC I called them pigs & cowards I do when it’s way too much. I’m crying, but sometimes I do BC they are forcing me down others BC it is not easy. Saturday my soul hurt seeing my baby w/ a headache. I wish I’m a man to jumped on the ones hurting him. To know who they are sometimes made me hate as I never did. I always thought it was not worth, but sometimes is hard not to do.

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Let me share with you because: “It’s time to put the dot on the eyes”

Honor Term first draft – Wed., Nov. 9, 2011

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Eloi Yahweh gave us his real name and word, just believe in him.  The only God.  I do not believe in religion groups, but that is your choice.  Since Pilgrims arrived into the U. S. A. God granted that for us.

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