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Help not only my First Amendment denied, but also my right to an education at SFSU as I am treated worse than a slave or an animal. My family put apart, isolate and abuse. I am confine at the corner of Whipple/VEterans Blvd. in Redwood City and you should see me pushing my four carts, to go to the court takes me three hours moving them

Help not only my First Amendment denied, but also my right to an education at SFSU as I am treated worse than a slave or an animal. My family put apart, isolate and abuse. I am confine at the corner of Whipple/VEterans Blvd. in Redwood City and you should see me pushing my four carts, to go to the court takes me three hours moving them.

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Help not only my First Amendment denied, but also my right to an education at SFSU as I am treated worse than a slave or an animal. My family put apart, isolate and abuse. I am confine at the corner of Whipple/VEterans Blvd. in Redwood City and you should see me pushing my four carts, to go to the court takes me three hours moving them

I ended up making a mistake on the day. I do have my hearing tomorrow contesting the denial of protection for me and my family that was denied as the person who received the Domestic Violence did not understand it and then honor Jakubowski ended up blaming my child because he is 11-years-old. She forgot how many times I did have to re-re-refiled my Wife’s Mandatory statement as they: “Richard Jolliffee, Lance Bayer, among many in a law firm who charged to my older son $ 30,000.00 as one of the lawyers was the son of one of my “legal-force-family,” the ones that for years abuse me and exploited me as the crime organize mafia using the United States of America legal, health and school system.

Honor Jakubowski forgot that for eight years they have been neglecting and knowing that my child is being abuse and not exactly teach to be. Instead his father has a Youtube account in which my child is always posting to pay for his dad’s home. The first time he told me about he was happy; he got $ 1,008.00 dollars that were deposited in his dad account because he needs to pay the mortgage, but suddenly he lost all the subscribers, but that sounded for me not right. I have zero followers as I see how many people get high per as I write something. I never know if they agree or not. I know that some of them are going by trying to abuse or rob my talents or take my soul to love and entertain him or so.

Believe it is the worst crime ever. If for years wicked legs were pulled as elite lie to them as they made them to believe that children born of them who did not know how to communicate with our soul, spirit, energy or power are not their children or they are not accepted as part of the family religious belief in which they were all working together. They set up people like me supposedly non-wicked, but I am not as God told me I am the last descendant of Jesus Christ his only son and therefore I do have the capacity of wicked or non-wicked. It has to do with the six point star of King David. Relates with the 45 degree angles not so other people. We are not perfect because of the line in between, but we can go either way and Eloi loves the ones who has the capacity, but who have fear of him and believe in him rather than in his or her powers, which I am sure do not exist when you totally screw up the relation with your soul, spirit, energy or power, whatever you want to call it. It doesn’t matter. I have no religion because even though I grew up as Catholic; I barely discovered that they do totally the opposite of what is written in the Holy Bible. They believe in idols, pieces of wood that do not supposedly hear or answer according to the word of the only God, Eloi Yahweh not Jehovah as many call him and perhaps it is a translation, but I couldn’t find any information about. Believe it or not this is how I ended being the Lord, Eloi Yahweh’s Servant: “As I was trying to baptize my baby, I went to Third Ave. Church in San Mateo and the Philippine Priest, Arturo ended offering me the annulment of my first marriage and it was Jesus Christ who through one of the most beautiful Holy Bible ever saw- Pure White pages with gold edge at the Cathedral Hill Church, he told me that in his Dad word, the divorce do not exist.” I went back to the Priest and he never did as he told me: “He was going to talk to me after all.” Instead it was the Holy Week and others tried to pray for me. Today I know why and what really meant.

I am at the library as I made a mistake on the day for my hearing that is tomorrow not today. All night they kept me awake as Redwood City Chief Police denied protection and confiscated “legally” through a 72 hours parking violation as they were the last wrecking my GMC – motor not only the transmission as done by 76 in Belmont, San Mateo after South City Police not only set me up to be kidnapped, but also forced me to pay for towing and release of my vehicle as a Costco employee drained my battery as I went there to put gas. It is written in my Facebook and as I wrote about he let me go. It was three block or five away that again the vehicle totally lost control and not even the emergency lights did work, so I called my insurance roadside assistance and I made a sign. Two hours later the South City Police came as two other San Bruno towing trucks. The woman police never asked me what happened, but stop the towing man from charging my battery as I asked because out of nowhere she knew it was the alternator. I told her I was waiting for my roadside assistance, but if my vehicle was on the way she could push it to the side as many other times was done. My El Camino was pushed out of the freeway one time, but she said no. Instead, she told me to go with San Bruno towing or else she was going to take my vehicle as she was able to hear my towing service asking me my exact location because he was a block or so away. She forced me to go with one of the two towing trucks of the same company who were there as across two black police cars were just observing what she and another police were doing. As I was going on the towing truck, I told the driver that I was going to take my vehicle to Redwood City, but vs. going 101 he ended up going straight passing where Lyons used to be near the airport, so I opened the door and asked him to stop. He did run out and tried to close the door on me as the other driver was coming to assist him and I did jump out and yelled for help. They called again the police and a supervisor came and there and then he told me: “I was having to choices: going with them or stay there because I was supposed to go pay for a release to the South City Police first and then for the towing service provided and of course another service to move my vehicle out of the San Bruno towing to Redwood City as my paid roadside assistance service was there in the area. I believe I ended paying about $ 500.00 and I struggle to find the way to the El Camino, without money as they took my purse; my phone was dying and I was not having a jacket. I do not know how I was able to see as I couldn’t stop crying even on the bus where I ended riding for free.

I am very concern for my child. I have no doubt that he is being abuse and in order to keep him confuse they force him under dirty-imperfect conditions. The dry pee and No. 2 that many times he was having is part of it and it is purposely done. Government ‘representatives’ are a crime, a mafia crime organize using our country legal system. They do know and Redwood City Police confiscated my legal documents as they denied protection. They are not the only ones. San Mateo Police used to do so. They one day, stop my red brick little fence I was building and told the man who was working on it to put it down because it was too high. They used to also give citation constantly until I gave up my dogs not so to the “friend’s neighbors I used to have and they did love to visit once in a while. You should see them talking very friendly with the man who supposedly used to sell drugs.” Worse of all, these family never paid BFI service at least for two years and kept the garbage in between the rental property and my property. Planted many plants who almost put down fence and it was it while having several dogs and shit all over.” But they never got in trouble just me. They trespass my property as I told them “Stop, several times and ended asking for a warrant in 2004.” They ignored and put me in jail because I refuse to answer what happened. They never checked on my child. Yes, the father came to my sole home and property and pushed me in for about 4 meters and entered my home as I asked him not to come because they abused my child through witchcraft and made his intimate parts all burned red as his parents got into an accident, so I told him I did want to think about our relation. He moved out since 2004, but SMPD didn’t allowed me to go back home as they put me in jail because as baby cried and ran into me I just picked him and ran into my bedroom. Half-hour later there he was sitting in my dining room table and we ended talking quietly and peacefully. Never since 1987-9, before had we had any incidents like that so I decided not to press charges. I felt secure, we were talking about and we understood one another. Why should I tell them? Don’t I have the right to decide or work it out? The matter was dismissed at South City, but I was abuse if not by them by San Bruno City hall or police and that was the reason first I tried to get help from City Hall in San Mateo as I saw the father of my child molesting him sexually at the beginning of 2005 and in April 18 ended up writing a paragraph to every single member of Congress letting them know and as I arrived from Washington I pressed charges against him who was there with them, but they just rejected. I told it to Child Protective Services, DA Office in South City and no matter how many letter I wrote to Susan Manheimer, the SMPD Chief no one ever care and they granted the legal and physical custody of my child as bending the criteria put me under 51-50 first at San Mateo Hospital and transferred out of jurisdiction to Saint Francis Hospital where they robbed my $ 10,000.00 jewelry as I reported to the Director and they did not know what it was a Habeas Corpus right that I was claiming.

My child is being abuse as I here and now as many are coughing and trying to invade me. I am publicly begging you. Through air waves, frequencies run faster and in less than seconds can invade, control, and manipulate millions. 99 percent of the people not only in the United States are being set up by government mafia and no matter they are pay through our taxes. They are loyal to China, Africa, India and they are setting our country for the worst. This is a cycle run by wicked people as they go to another country to rob and destroy. If only God gave me his name and word and chose as his servant is because what they are planning is not good for majority. In thousands of years we never heard his name because as long as we can keep it in between the line it is OK, but not so when they are trying to destroy and control majority. They want to use the energy, the power, or supposedly our soul to give the energy to sponsor their technological advances for few of them to enjoy. For years through the suffering of the poor, through the killing of the poor they elite and wicked members have been able to have a better life standard while we end in hospital, jails or having conservatorship as Britney Spear or killed like Michael Jackson or in jail like Scott Peterson who was used and forced to kill his own baby and wife. Disaster like Katrina, BP Oil Gulf, September 11 are done to take federal funds and to create imperfect dirty conditions as devastating our economy. I am publicly accusing and asking for support for a public accusation against government. They denied my fee waiver to dismiss my federal case filed three times until Marilyn Hall Patel committed a crime: Unfilled my last motion contesting. My Supreme Court of the United States was dismissed a week later as they figured out it was me. John Boehner had been ignoring my requested public accusation as my child is being abuse worse than millions others. No Child left Behind is a trick and on 3/24/14 government tried to kill me with a freight truck running a foot and a half over the sidewalk were I was standing.

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