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I just read a Psychopath article at CNN, but this morning I woke up thinking about the misery of this world and wicked people

on November 9, 2012

I got it!  Obama won the second term, but I do know they are all undermining the one who is.  Last night a Latina woman as well as many others were hurting my knees, legs or toes as I posted a sign telling about the high price I need to pay to be able to be here at San Francisco State University and College of San Mateo trying to learn and succeed in my third goal career because years ago I was not aware and many robbed my English and mathematics skills.

Now what the psychopathic article has to do with my ideas because this morning I was thinking about the misery of this people and how they are dividing this country and the people without thinking.  The majority supporting the mediocre leader who organized a part of the people in this country to be able to have the power not realizing that is not just about this country, we are not the world and I know that you are thinking that you are doing to other countries as you are doing to the poor in this country.

The point is that miserable “psychopath experts” had just study the science or had learn the behaviors of people with the sole intention to use it against the poor, the people who are potential challenges for the elite group trying to keep the power and the control.  Liars, pigs and coward that is what they are.  Britney Spear is not a bipolar.  Britney Spear is a poor-rich economically and exploited woman who happened to have a family who just conceive her to exploit her because she is not able to use her mind to control and rob others of their talents.  Like my babies fathers since I married twice and who had been working with this elite group working worldwide to do so.

They purposely divide us.  They work our mind everyday through the media; through advertisement.  They stereotype the races.  They create positive narrative for some and destructive for others like “This group are smart, or this group is hot, or this group is proliferates, or this group is . . .  The problem is not only what they say hammering the ideas constantly in our brain specially as we are babies because we do not have a smart government doing their role and thinking what it is that goes around when we have majority not educated or smart.

This is what I wrote last night: “It’s ashamed what I need to take (abuses) from wicked to be able to study her or in this country.  There’s is no equal rights: liars, hypocrites.  Help.”

Now, I do not know what is going on because I am understanding that Proposition 30 passed.  In fact, I heard Governor Brown thanking the people which I thought it was nice of him to do.  I am telling you some are decent people or at least they try.  Before the election day, I brought up the main issues that both parties had cut $ 20 big from education and that they brought down CA education from third on top to third on bottom and I did support Proposition 38 because there government’s hands were out.  What I had been hearing is that in January increases are going to happen and my question is: “Many were saying to say Yes on Prop 30 because that would stop the increases in higher education and would it keep other programs running or else would happen what it seem to be about to happen if you know what I mean!  What is going on?  Did they lie again?

Anyway,  Next year is looking very bad because as I was forced to take 150 units to earn my AA degree at College of San Mateo; I spent my Financial Aid six years maximum and I have no money coming and because I had being isolated by government and wicked aside they had been manipulating and control majority of the people to hate me I have no one to give me a letter to apply for a scholarship or so.  Funny, but if you observe the ones that do not go to class regularly, the ones the get there late, the ones who pop up sporadically are the ones who earn those.  At least is what I saw at College of San Mateo.  I need to be there every single day, but others pop up about 10 times in the semester, but of course they give a good review to the class if you know what I mean and they earn not only scholarship, but they of course will graduate. 

On Wednesday, I passed on one of those review, but the main reason was because I was not able to read the paper and I tried to tell them, but they did not allow me.  I believe the course is not balance.  I just hope that we will learn something, but they do have a nice up-to-date expensive equipment that we went over one crowded to group class to be train I guess, but I do not think so.  But I know what I heard.  Some of you will be train if “you choose to be the one controlling the equipment.” but what about the other ones?  Anyway, you should hear my dear friend saying or waiting for me to work as producer.  Yea and believe it or not I know last semester I was photo with her, but it is over friend.

Is like, did I tell you that mind and body are computers? yes, I did and several times.  So suggestions are not good, but many wicked people used it everyday.  Constantly, like someone said after I worked with her preparing for the mid-term test: “thanks, and go to sleep!”, but if they think I am a saint or so.  No baby.  More likely the other way around.  In fact, I do not think God is.  Instead to be perfect he is both, but are kept on the streams and this is a trustworthy comment you just need to go read King David through the Psalms and you will find there that God show his face based on yours.

Anyway, I am having a ton of assignment for next two weeks so I better let you go, but let me close this with this idea: “Giving is Receiving.” be nice, be you and let God take care for you the “smart ones” working and thinking that they can take from you when he does not please.  Watch out because the good robber earns 100 years of forgiveness as they rob you, but they must take the sock out without touching the shoe or else they are not good.  Watch for the pigs who cough, watch for the pigs who are constantly cleaning their nose not at the bathroom, but in your face trying to get the attention of your soul (God who lives on us) and believe and appreciate him(you overall) love him overall.  Learn that The Father is the head, the body and blood is the son and the Holy Spirit lives in both.  No race is better or smarter than any other and the ones who really are smart are the ones who had learn that the fear or the faith of only God is the fountain of wisdom.


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