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At the San Francisco Chronicle, I found an article that came from China where Executed vendor mourned as a hero.
This article called my attention due to the geography diversity of the poor Chinese people who has a socioeconomic status known as repressive and of not much diversity. I felt that the people gathered together and tweet supporting the poor man who was killed because of his necessities. They tried to protest publicly and through the use of the media to stop the execution. Unfortunately was not possible. I am a believer, and I hope that the only God will punish the misery of that government who do not have respect of life; that do not care for the decision, public support giving to this man mourned as a hero because he tried to complaint the abuses of this criminal government. I hope God will help his soul to find peace, but I begged him to give justice not only to that poor man, but the millions who support him because they perhaps are going to many abuses.


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  1. I hope the pig abuser of my account get to be known!

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