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Is it unfortunate to see the misery of many people

Is it unfortunate to see the misery of many people.

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Is it unfortunate to see the misery of many people

Today, wicked are hurting my hands to stop me from using the computer as well as trying to force sensation on me that I do not miss because for years I was just used.  But over all, life is not just to feel miserable, I do have more than plenty of reason to thank Eloi Yahweh for the little details, for the faith and the strength that he is giving me to keep on going.  Begging him for help and protection as I do to you.  Begging you to help me because no one at Child Protective Services in San Jose if there is any as I heard to versions and I saw a representative: Gary who nicely came down from who knows where as I was referred to that place and told me he was just gathering the information that is normally collected through the phone and he was going to sent it back to someone else to decide and NO ONE CARES FOR MY BABY.  Yesterday, he was asking me again to call him tomorrow, but the day before as they were trying to force me out of class, he was asking me to go with him to BounzCity.  He is being kept until 6pm at the school in programs which I have been telling you about.

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For about an hour I had been forced to have tears in my eyes not allowing me to read!

Believe it or not; I was not able to sign in and start writing because people is playing games as I am trying to read the material to be working on time.  I hate when people made others to believe that we do have rights and freedoms and in reality they had been having millions of Americans slaved despite the abolition of it in our Constitution. 

Many are the ones participating and deciding on what we can learn, on what we can work or do.

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If I write a title, I might not be able to post it because here is a young fellow deciding what I can or cannot post in my blog!

This instrument can teach. It can
illuminate. Yes, and it can even
inspire. But it can do so only to the
extent that humans are determined
to use it to those ends. Otherwise, it
is merely wires and lights in a box.
There is a great and perhaps
decisive battle to be fought against
ignorance, intolerance and
indifference. This weapon of
television could be useful.
– Edward R. Murrow
Oct. 1958 speech to RTNDA, Chicago

Just know that someone is here stopping me from posting.  Yeah at SFSU an oriental is playing in the next computer and no buttom really works and there I am pushing and pushing and not able to say or write anything because of his stupidity.

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This is my first week at SFSU: It’s crazy, but a bit fun!

This morning as last week; I had been forced in pain.  I am feeling better, but someone gave me a card about the poor animals: hens, rosters, pigs in cages farms.I had learn that this people love to see us crying so I am not doing so, but it is overwhelming.  I realized that is not being done only to humans as non-wicked for years.  So far, I had realize that for some neo liberalism is like caring just for the environment and to become green aware, but they are not realizing how saddly the poor people are being treated and how that is affecting us all. 

The GDP versus the GNP really means that the middle class in the United States is disappearing and out of no where the people who are worry and concern about become green worry about the environmental issues will wake up one day having basis needs and as other not knowing the real meaning of neoliberalism which is not just to worry about the environment.

I saw a video last night about WTO back in 1990 when one of my favor former Presidents: Bill Clinton was the head of this country.  I will not mention the name of the woman who got him in trouble because I believe that was all she did want to have and I sometime stop and think how hard is for anyone to try to lead and guide this country and how easy is for someone like me just to come and criticize, but that to happen in America was ashamed.

After all we tried to analyze the video which in a way I found a bit discusting.  I am proud of my body shape not because I believe I am beautiful or better than others.  Believe me I had seen better.  Beautiful women and handsome men and there they showed some women covering their “buup front tips” and I couldn’t find the relation and over all I though about what they are taking from others: the use of their imagination to have fun and joy thinking about their beautiful bodies.

Over all and to be one of the few videos of this type and knowing how poorly anyone in this country covers them.  I believe it was a good one, but in general in poor countries where we do not have freedom of speech and religious (First Amendment) and where people are killed if they take the chance it was poor.  Some people do not understand the poor quality of education in the United States where some are sharp but because of what I discovered  and others like those poor people who were there trying to fight for democracy, rights and freedoms, but not knowing how to organize or present their ideas in a literate way if you know what I mean.  Far from being one of them.  This poor chick is barely making the way to try to learn, but that is what basicly is the problem.  The poor know they are suffering abuses, but do not know how to present the topic and many just say: they do not have a head and they do not know why Wall Street were on the streets.  Some say this and others that, but give them the credit because they are trying hard to open your eyes and trying to help this country and this world.

In regards the poor animals, I feel that the answer is to create laws to protect them and to create jobs for people who cares for them to go make sure the rules and regulation are being followed, but let me tell you me, as my baby, Britney Spear and her children as well as millions others like Michael Jackson who was killed, Scott Peterson, Yolanda Saldivar who were used to kill people that they love as the ones that they killed as other used their mind and bodies we are treated worse than animals.  I am not joking, they are changing the sight or view of my right eye just to force me in pain and away from everywhere.  Many commit suicide, many give ups and I will not do so ever because my life will be worth the freedoms and rights of the poor in this country and in this world.

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I am at Redwood City library trying to charge my phone because my van outlet was vandalized as many other of my cords

Constantly forced to shop, and is not only me.  Many are pretty and plumb because as we go to places our eyes are forced bigger then our tummy.  Did you buy too much and over spent? No, they are the ones who are trying to get rid of their inventory because a new shipment is coming and their wicked employees forced us.   You hear someone cleaning their rough through; oh God, they are trying hard to invade you and they are having problems so they are trying to catch your attention.

Today, I am having a clowdy head because they are trying to keep me in the truck; not doing or so, but away from Redwood City Whipple, away from CSM; away from SFSU.  So you tell me, Are they trying to force me to do something? But it is to bad that I believe in Eloi Yahweh and I know that Rome was not built in one day, but he will make it through.

I totally hate the people who goes by me on their bike or in their car with their music trying to catch my soul’s attention to take him and to make him to abandon his mind and body home.

Baby in video was having his DC shoes new, nice and clean; now they are forcing him to bend the back and used them as sandals or chanclas in Spanish.  I am having next to me a “B” having her through as I told you and you do not know how I hate them.  Of course I am cursing back on them.  Do they care for me? No, so they deserve it with the high rate and equity isn’t it?

Everysingle thing baby have they take from him.  Dad’s just keep him in his room, dirty and filty, but for seven years no one ever care, but they preached “s” and take our babies to rape and abuse them in anyway perform.  The church do know as well; in fact, they were the first ones.  Put this together, who kill Jesus? Why the Catholic Church is Apostolic Roman and so.  Were the Romans who killed Jesus?  Yes, they did!, but that is the trend.  They made me believe I was going to sacrify for wicked and one day I wrote No, I am representing the poor and the fatherless if anything happens to me is for them that I do so, not for miserables, pigs and cowards, but do you want to know that my legal mother bought to baby a bicycle which she is keepping and has the six point star, yeah you got it: King David Star because the Jewish for years had been the ones being sacrify as they are forced to believe  as Jesus did.


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Trying to get ready for SFSU on Monday where I need to crash into my classes

Trying to get ready for SFSU on Monday where I need to crash into my classes.

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Trying to get ready for SFSU on Monday where I need to crash into my classes

I took a bath in the Marina Bay this morning.  I waited until 8:30a.m. and the sun was not outside yet.  It was a bit cold, but I did have to take a shower somehow.  I know eloi will not mind because it is not my fault, but is not good to be stinky and dirty.  At least is not healthy.  After that I went to SFSU to figure out the rooms and to buy the book required in case I can crash in some of the classes.  So far not bad!

Baby was bored and tired with his dad in a doctor’s office and I am worry about him and about the rest including myself.  Many are the people who are harming my organs.  Most of the time do not last much and the most is about two days.  Still they show me their real face, but not only to me, but to the one who is and they do not have fear of him because he is the one using my I. D. to tell you and to take care for the poor.  Where he is heading, I do not know, but I am sure he does.




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At RWC library a Belmont resident stop me from using my blog and it seem that changed my password.

Estrella Benavides
P. O. Box 2741
Redwood City, CA 94064
(650) 921-2084

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

To the person in charge of the Attorney’s Office or to the District Attorney’s Office of:
San Mateo County and San Jose

With all my respect ___Wagstaff_________________, and ___Rosen____________________.

I am at the curve of Redwood City Public Library waiting for them to open to be able if people do not tried to stop me from doing so to write and print the letter that I am trying to send to you due to the imminent life threaten that my family is suffering as I am claiming to the Lord, Eloi Yahweh’s Servant!

Attached you will find a letter having a 5 pages attachment which was written to update the Ex-Parte dismissed on “hearsay” basis as well because the Facilitator’s Office to which I visited three times was not able to help me to do so properly according to Honor Franchi, but as I went back to them, they say: “No, it is properly filled.”

The letter directed to CPS as advised by San Jose Police as I called about two weeks ago because of the same concerned: my child safety as well as my family safety and myself (Reports written as incident in many cases had been made at RWCPD and information was attached to the recently Domestic Violence Case filed by me as advised by the Facilitator’s Office as best venue, but which was denied because “I DID NOT MAKE NO POLICE REPORT OR CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES REPORT AND BECAUSE FATHER JUST DID NOT PROVIDE HELMET AND PADDING TO MY CHILD AS HE WAS SKATING AND SEVERAL TIMES I HAD REPORTED HE HAD BEEN FORCED TO HIT A CAR, OR FALL HURTING HIMSELF.”


I served the letter to San Jose and Belmont Child Protective Services after making a telephone report that was not acknowledged by San Jose yesterday by Gary Detlefo, I believe and if I am understanding what he signed and today with I did understand Lock Nygen, but by the writing Van NMu. She told me that Ms. Ferreira reported as she told me two days ago to Santa Clara CPS and her name is Ivonne and her supervisor will be having a follow up by this last two people and her name is Melissa (408) 975-5250.

Obviously, is much detail in my document, but as I talked to Gary I heard him to say that I am repeating over and over and I did wander how to tell people without repeating and saying because I am not using the broom yet. On the other hand as I talked to the nice lady in Belmont Ms. Van she questioned me “How can you be forcing your child to visit with you?” A SPIN OF THE FACTS AND WHAT I DISCOVERED YOU ARE USING TO KEEP OUR BABIES ABUSED AND ISOLATED!, but let me clarified, for the sake of it. San Jose police did not found that. Instead seems to be the norm to definitely isolate and break any relation left with our babies, but “to not be part of the abuser, I let him go as I did on Sunday when San Jose Police arrived and I go do my laundry to let baby do as his father and step family are forcing him to deprive me from visiting and have a relation with my baby who is being abused, exploited and kept under dirty conditions: his ears wax as yesterday and as written not only in my posted sign publicly at Whipple/Veterans Blvd. in RWC and in my blogs: at and his shorts with No. 1 and 2 marks: dried and filthy as I tried to show to San Jose Police, as I told to CPS in Belmont today and CPS in San Jose yesterday and as I described several times in my signs publicly accusing 5 of the honors in my family case of abusing authorities and discretions. Of doing as they please not as written in my Constitutional rights and freedoms and as many others bending criterias (51-50) or so to persecute me for religious reason, to deny my due process right or to isolate me and do as they please as done to many others.

My Due Process was denied at the Federal Court and if I am writing to you about is because I asked for help and protection and I reported for the second time to the Attorney General of Obama’s Administration and he was the one who told me to look for help in my area which I did in the past. I do not have the exact name of the District Attorney to whom I wrote about 1-2 years ago and prior to it in 2005 in South City, but always the same: “The ball is kept on being thrown away from their hands as my child is being abused, exploited because criminals are using our government and are alienating not only the Constitution, but the poor people rights and freedoms. NO ONE REALLY CARE FOR OUR CHILDREN AS THEY ARE THE ONES DOING THE ABUSES IN COMBINATION WITH THE WICKED PEOPLE TO WHOM THEY GAVE FULL PHYSICAL AND LEGAL CUSTODY AND UP TO THEIR DISCRETION AND IN MY CASE JUST BECAUSE I AM PUBLICLY ACCUSING THEM OF THE WORSE CRIME EVER AGAINST HUMANITY AS DESCRIBED ABOVE.

As a citizen of this country and as part of the people, I am requesting your help and support for a public accusation against government who denied my First Amendment in many ways even bending and changing the criteria of Belmont City Code 22-2 as recommended on front of me by the man assigned to help me to represent myself and who was used to waste my time to present my issues as the honors usually manipulate and control what the jurors were going to hear in the two cases against me.

Again, three times put in jail to alienate my First Amendment and kept without communication. I was forced to allow them to give me treatment just to quiet my discoveries and to hide the worse crime ever against millions of Americans among others as alienating my basis human rights. My Due Process was denied as they denied my forced poverty as they ROBBED MY 5-6 PROPERTIES AND AGAIN DENIED MY RIGHT TO FAIR JURY TRIALS. In lieu of it two honors dismissed the matter and one discriminating against me and told the other party what to do and where to go allowing them also to file not filling as rule by court.

It is endless to say or write, but I am asking you for your support for a public accusation as the people part in our government system and I am begging you to go over my cases (26-28). Mainly read the caption and the end results which in majority of time just were ignored, dismissed, continue for frivolous reason aside not acknowledged as is the case of the “NO POLICE REPORT.” In my last DVC hearing in which you will say that it was not the matter and I will say many are the honors who had play that trick and spin just to keep on abusing me and millions others as keeping my baby’s life threaten, abused and exploited.


Estrella Benavides

Note: This page if the main of the described below attachment which was served to CPS in San Jose and Belmont as described above.

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Doing as Attorney Genral and Chief Honor of U. S. A. and RWC honor told me!

Estrella Benavides

P. O. Box 2741

Redwood City, CA 94064

(650)  921-2084

                                                                                    Tuesday, August 21, 2012


To the people described at the footer and with all my respect:


            Recently, I sent a letter to the Superior Court Chief of the United States, Honor Roberts Jr. and for the second time I begged for help from Obama’s Administration Attorney General as I did with Gonzalez in Bush’s Administration.  One of this two last, sent me a package to file in which fonts, indents and color paper are relevant than the imminent life threaten that me and my family are having aside the worse abuses and under not human conditions as part of the retaliation I am suffering as 1) I am claiming to be the Lord, Eloi Yahweh’s Servant and 2) As he told me even though I had never heard or seen him yet: Observe, Accuse and Set my Banners!

            I was forced to file a Federal Suit Cross-Complaint trying hard with my broken English as I had been abused worse than millions to do so after trying to hire a decent lawyer who was willing to do so.  I was able just to find one who said: “It was not possible and required $ 50,000.00 down to response for my divorce not as I was wishing a nullity of marriage.

            My Federal Case was filed three times denying my poverty in which I had been forced due to the same issue: the religious persecution I discovered millions of Americans are suffering not knowing.  Mind and Body are computers; the soul’s home.  Many celebrate “Halloween” or should I say witchcraft.  Majority if not all, the government’s offices decorate for the event, but at Redwood City Court I had been told that they do not believe in witchcraft.  I was one of those until I went to Miami and in a public show known as Cristina in Univision: three women were saying that they could control, manipulate, force someone to suffer and do as they please.  I stood up and I did say: “I am here, but I am a believer and you cannot do anything to me.”

            What I realized is that in fact they can do as they say.  I discovered that I myself, I do have the same talents if not a bit stronger.  I am constantly abused in many places, by many wicked who are alienating the Constitution, our rights and freedoms in combination with government “representatives” who do know what they are doing and that witchcraft is just the basis knowledge of human mind and body computer or in general any electronic or so.

            My child was taken in retaliation and I will not repeat what I did say to Ms. Ferreira yesterday as I tried to report to the same place what in 2005 they done to me as part of the crime organized using this country and as I was advised 1) by the Attorney General at first and 2) the court who denied my Domestic Violence recently because I had never made no report which certainly is not true SEVERAL HAD BEEN FILED AND I AM INVITING YOU TO GO TO MY PUBLIC RECORDS OF ABOUT 26-28 CASES IN REDWOOD CITY, CA SUPERIOR COURT. 3) By San Jose Police Department who recently told me they do not have CPS and has anything to do with it and advised me to report to San Mateo County CPS and District Attorney’s Office in San Jose who is the one who handle.

            Nevertheless, last Sunday, August 19, 2012 as I called again having my baby crying because as for months he does not want to be with me UNDER THE SUN, IN MY HOT VAN PARKED IN THE DRIVEWAY OF HIS DAD’S HOME NEIGHBORS, SEATING IN IT OR EATING JUST PIECES OF WHAT I BRING FOR HIM.  His back hurt, his knees hurt.  He wants most of the time not to come because he is bored and he wants to play with his Xbox and his friend on the net.  Or he is playing with his cousin Jan Carlos . . . The reasons endless, but as I called the police because is not only happening there as I tried to see him also happened almost always on the phone: “Can you call me tomorrow?”  Or as we were allowed for about a year at BounzCity or Chuck E. Cheese in San Jose where his dad was dropping him and I stayed with him eating, reading as he was playing around or watching many trying to harm, putting him down or making him dirty or scrolling on the floor ashamed of being pup as he was on Sunday.

            I told the police who were talking with his father as they came and made an incident not a report as always done no matter what anyone done to me or in this case him.  Joshua was having No. 1 ”PI” marks in his shorts, at least 5 and in the back the No. 2 ”PU” was totally dried.  As the police arrived, I was taking him back home as I had been doing to try to be with him for a few.  1) he told me he was wishing to use the bathroom and 2) I go to the laundry to allow him to finish playing or not to force him to be under the sun and under those NOT HUMAN CONDITIONS WHICH ACCORDING TO THE POLICE IS ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING WRONG AS I CALLED TWICE RECENTLY!

            My child was crying and told me not to call the police because If I do he will not have no friends, he will not have a TV or will not play with the Xbox and he Internet friends will not be anymore.  That he is afraid to sleep alone and his daddy stays with him and he will not do so.  My child in the past had reported that and that many times he had fallen on the floor.  One of his teeth got broken.  My child three times told his dad and me that he does not want to go back to BounzCity because people were harming him and he was always getting headaches and I am telling you it is true were many and I do have photos of them even one that harm my granddaughter and made her to cry and told me that they were not going just to have fun as him and a Mexican did follow us even to Chuck E. Cheese.

            I had seen how at Saint Francis Hospital the nurse people put a woman to suffer as my child is describing he is put as he goes to bed at night.  My child was sent rape a month later as I made a report to San Mateo Police Department back in 6/25/05 and three months later as I reported to Congress on 4/18/05.  As I told to Ms. Ferreira Neither  CPS whose counselor and Supervisor talked to me after ignoring the hospital where bending the criteria for 51-50 I was held, ignoring me as I called them several times from there.  The Supervisor which name I am not writing to make sure I do not make a mistake told me that “On Friday they were going to tell me and never happened till today.”  The first hearing held at Redwood City Court was continue because of it, but the Temporary Restraining Order was imposed without giving me the reason and as the Honor Greenberg pleases because when I told her I never done or I had never been found guilty in the court of law she said: “She could do so.”

            I have been standing at the corner of Ralston/El Camino Real in Belmont and at Whipple/Veterans Blvd. In Redwood City begging for help, begging for protection and outlining the issues.  Telling people what they had been trying to do to my baby and other members of my family.  Some of the dates and incidents are posted in my blogs at and even posted some videos.  The first six are not displaying and one is shortened as many were the people not allowing me and abusing me.  Denying not only my First Amendment Right and Freedom, and abusing me physically as psychologically and emotionally.  Many times hit, and my child life threaten.  His father took him back in 2006 to Mexico as they did.  He was not killed, but brought back a big bruise in his back.  I had photos in my family case at Redwood City as well as many police department where I filed or served copy of it with many difficulties.  Some of them threw it in my face and others did not receive it and I ended up doing so through the mail.

            As I my child put out of jurisdiction to deny us protection: I reported to Hayward school and police he was moved to Modesto and from there to San Jose.  Hayward Police trespassed my documents and threaten me with a hit if I did not move back as I did say those are my documents, but you can find it in the 7-10 volumes of my family case.  About 500-800 pages in which most of the times at the hearings I am ignored, kicked out of the court room or denied my rights and freedoms.  In my family case, Honor Jakubowski never held the Status Conference and continues it several times supporting others who were trying to take my rights through a probate court order as they do to millions.  They held me in jail three times and without a communication for almost a month as I was refusing to eat trying to make a statement.   

            As they denied my First Amendment using a City Code that was modified as the lawyer assigned to me proposed to not let the juror see the use of it to alienate my right.  My child was not only raped with the participation of the Sheriff department who held the TRO to make me violate it as his daddy told my older son to ask me to put Vaseline in his red back hole.  Ms. Ferreira asked me if my child is been sexually abused right now and I answered her: I cannot say, I do not have access, but I as him I was abused, exploited by the family imposed to me: the ones who were having his father living with baby when he was sent home raped to visit with me.  The ones who took him several times to swimming lesson to make him to breathe water and who told me he did not care for him at all.  

            It was my “legal sister” who notarized a testimony and who told me more than it.  In short, my baby was taken to a park in San Mateo to cry for hours because the owner of the place where his dad was living and San Carlos CPS gave baby to him did not like to hear him crying and crying.  I saw the place; my baby was sleeping in the floor as I was having 5 homes.  They were the ones who told me about his uncle telling things about baby and who kicked baby as he was taken to Mexico back in 2006 as many times I reported not only to him but to the woman who was assigned as my older son shuttle to take my family away: my two older children were moved one to San Diego and the other one to Pittsburg after forcing them to under sale the property that once I used to own, but due to the religious persecution I lost. She as I reported in my family and federal case many times took baby was our “Forced Supervised Visitation,” back home in Hayward and more than five times he came back to see me with a big bruise in his back.

            My legal sister also mentioned as well as her mother about a time in which his dad and his family took baby and as they were cleaning a home: baby felt in the bath tub full of bleach.  Teresa and Zoila told me they were trying to save baby’s dress to have that as proof, but Mr. Cabrera removed it as he was the one who forced my older son to leave one of my home bedroom window opened as he forced me to sleep naked and entered just to erase the conversation between the CPS counselor and her supervisor as I went to ask them for the reason and they promised me them by Friday aside telling me to go talk to Mr. Cabrera and asked him for permission to go see the baby as they decided that he was going to file a case through the court system because when I told him about: “He did not know anything about it and tried to call them as I was there to make sure.”









Estrellita De Jesus Benavides



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