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The Child Development Center, Mary Meta Lazarus College of San Mateo is Inviting You!

Saturday, May 12, 2012 at noon.  Free Drinks and Parking at Beethoven’s Parking Lots.

Bring your picnic blankets and food or take it easy and shop it at the Taquero!

Louise Piper, Coordinator – email her get your tickets ahead of time at or call (650) 574-6279

The Child Development Center is a non-profit organization that provides a high quality, full-day early care and education program for 50 preschool children whose parents are enrolled in classes at College of San Mateo.  Priority is given to the children of low-income parents enrolled in a course of study that leads to a vocation.

With your support, deserving children can experience a day filled with music and celebration.  We thank you for investing in the future of our program and our community.  When young children and their parents have good beginnings, the benefits are priceless.  Working hand in hand we can provide a better tomorrow for our community.



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