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We are living in a world of lies.

on November 11, 2012

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via We are living in a world of lies..

On Sunday they kept me at my child dad’s curve again and there they forced me to cut my nails and razor my legs leaving wounds on my fingers and my legs.  They had been using it to harm me.  They are making me to bleed through it.  Tiny wounds, but hurting me; just to force me to do as they please.  They are not exactly doing so.  I had been able to study and perform not exactly with an A, but passing my classes as they are denying or forcing me not to earn my career goal again as they do to millions of Americans who received Financial Aid just to subsidy the schooling of wicked as they are forced to think that they are ignorants or retarded people when we are not.  I came to my LTNS 660 test and for about an hour we were having a lecture as many of the wicked students were going and coming into or out of the class hurting me and invading me.  I passed, but believe me, my vehicle is talking about the denial of my due process and the fourteen Amendment and at the test I couldn’t put the ideas together.  It was no less with colonization.  No it is not ridiculous, they invaded me and stole part of my ideas which after all as I read trying to figure out why I could not make the ideas to flow and to be able to write them on my test answer sheet. 

I am lucky, I can write quick without much problem.  I do have problem with my gramma because of the same, but not so the ideas that usually are going faster than I can put them in writings.  Anyway.  They are not only forcing me to bleed from my fingers as hurting me, but also trying hard to make my nose clog as they also forced it to be runing down.  The sad part is that how do I stop them.  Should I stand up and yield to them “Pinche puercos immundos or should I say pigs and cowards stop, you are hurting me!  Tell me the Redwood City police even denied a report number to not pay for my scratch glasses which are not letting me to see well.  I cannot afford to spend on another pair as I did recently after the Mexican broke the other ones.   HELP, PLEASE HELP!  BEGGING FOR HELP AND PROTECTION.  GOVERNMENT IS ABUSING ME.  GOVERNMENT IS DENYING MY 14TH AMENDMENT RIGHT AS FOR YEARS HAD DENIED MY DUE PROCESS RIGHT AND STOLE MY HOMES. 

On Monday, I ended up going to Chuck E. Cheese in San Jose where they forced me to spend about $ 60.00 dollars.  In less than 5 minutes my baby “spent” about 100 coins and got 100 tickets, but I did not see him playing them.  I believe they took them from him.  Then they made me paid $ 5.00 dollars to get 200 tickets because he couldn’t catch any and the pizza if I can call it that was not having cheese.  I am not crying just because, but their misery do not have name.


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