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The Latina woman – Recycling my blogs because If I do not like this country I should go as a queer said as he was denying my right to tell you about government crime.

on November 17, 2012

But added to her abuses and trying to read my files on mu USB. I could not because they had been locked: “The file Journalism 300 Role of Women edited version for August 31, 11 first edition The Skyline View -Hold-Rejected cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents.”  Believe I had no phone for the last few months because government and wicked turned it off twice or more than that if I add the many other times in which I just purchased another phone as they pleased.  Now this and today, believe me the police in Burlingame, Daly City and South City was following me to work on me.  They had been forcing me to eat as they please and for days they had been abusing my body.  Yesterday, as on Tuesday in two of my classes we got guests that not alone, but working with other students were abusing me to rob my talents or soul.  You are not going to believe who was one of them.  I am begging for help.  I am begging for protection.  This people are miserable.  They abused defenseless people just because they please. They program people with illness just because and do not care about no one.  I am publicly accusing Bush, Obama, Congress.  As well as House of Representatives, College of San Mateo  . . . and many of the “honors” in Redwood City California Superior court.  Begging for Help.  Not only in China people are denied their rights.  In America government is conformed of liars, hypocrites, criminals who are setting and persecuting for religious reason to the poor people not because of money, but poor in talents because they do not know how to use witchcraft to control the soul that lives in their body.  At least that is what this ignorant people believe.  They cough, they hurt you as they invade you.  They forced us in the toilet or wet or dirty.  But mainly Congress is making sure that food that help you to be stronger are not available or are expensive.  Government is forcing conditions through digital sounds and images.  Government of the United States is the worse criminal ever worse than Russians, worse than China, worse than Hitler not because they were or are not bad, but at least they show their real face not like this hypocrites who rape and abuse in-defenseless (they cannot defend themselves) children, but they lie to us saying that we do have Child Protective Service

recycling my blogs because government with wicked are denying my right.  They are abusing my child and it is the honors of Redwood City the ones who knowing set him up in a city where they do not have a child not proctective services, but prostitution services in which wicked people abuse children who are set up in the jungle and where no ones cares for them.

As Bush he did have the face to say get out of this country if you do not like what we do.  The Constitution is saying something totally different.  They are the criminals who are working with government and are alienating not only our rights and freedoms, but the Constitution itself.  The head tell or let the feet to do not otherwise.

Yesterday the baby’s dad forced me to stay at the curve fo his home because the honor in Redwood City denied my last Ex-Parte saying that I did not make a CPS report or a Police report, but guess what the police in San Jose said they do not get involve and CPS in Sta. Clara because they do not have any in San Jose is just ignoring me as the school Principal of Meyer Elementary school just lost my report in her home as my child neck was cut after 10p.m. as the neighbors were having a wicked party in their block.


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