In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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26-28 cases through California Court system at Northern and Southern branch in San Mateo County

My child perhaps cannot go with me to Hollywood for a DC event, but I am trying to make a pant with a D and a C letter in back pocket and I tried to put his initial JAC on front, but the people who are his forced family and who are abusing his soul’s home: mind and body computer made him asked me to write JO, but I will make his name and I am publicly registering my original creation having his name written with King David, six point star (me) in the O center. I was told by the Lord, even though I had never heard or saw him yet that I am his son last descendant. The pant are purchase used and the decoration are fakes to make it look nice: I am having very hard moments, but I don’t have bad taste. I do believe in originality-perhaps not the best, but mine to give a different touch. I hope you like


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