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Estrellita De Jesus Benavides Lopez


     A good News Reporter who wants the citizens of this country to be more literate in regards to social issues and the way the government system operates and how they handle.  Working with a panel of individual having relevant, but different kind of careers that will serve as council that is knowledgeable in the way citizens should approach the issues presented: a lawyer, a sociologist, a psychologist, an economist, a gov’t District Attorney, and 10-15 citizens who will participate with their understanding, expectations and overall wisdom.

Estrellita De Jesus

P. O. Box 2741

Redwood City, Ca 94064


WGAw Registration Number: 1581236



     Structural like LAW AND ORDER, each episode begins with an introduction of the issue by citizens who are did experienced the drama; they will give the background and the final outcome.  The knowledgeable representatives will participate with their point of view from the legal ways in which was addressed: “The pros or con” and in short the possible solutions.  The citizens will make their statements and will in general evaluate the way the matter was handle and what they think is totally out of standards from either approach: the government way of handle or the citizens understanding or evaluation of proper or non-proper approach of the law interpretation or handling.

This is a two hours weekly presentation and drama centers around the topics that the News Reporter (Star 1792), a beautiful and public well known Journalist who is single, but is in love with his career.  She has a team group of investigators who are assisting in the investigation of the facts presented. Two males and three female and three out of the five are married with children.  A family oriented people who claimed to be democratic, liberals, but not belong to any specific political group. Together, they organize the drama and the presentation.  All of them are active participants in the show.


Each week, a new drama is the focus of the episode.  Each case will have the participation of a couple (citizens who are suffering some kind of trouble) as minimal and as many children involved and are part of the family.

The facts, the families are real, but Their faces and names must be kept secret and the adults participating do have the right to keep their privacy protected if that is their preference is to make it public is Ok, but not so any of the children unless they are disease. No race is excluded; diversity is the goal as well as ethnicities, social classes of all level, occupations, religions, and ages.  The kinds of issues are of all kind and can be about a person who was accused and prosecute because he or she “stole” and the business, the district attorney or the court found he or she guilty, but was not so.                                                                        The way the cases are handle through the legal system, many times forced the citizens to plea guilty and this is the goal.  This is a simple not so relevant case, but others involved parents who loose custody because thinking that it is wise, easy and simple: they are advised, pressured to plea guilty and the consequences are devastating.  They might lose totally the custody of their minor and is part of the goal to give these people a chance.  In general is to give legal general support to the poor people in this country and on the other hand is to give a bit of pressure to the representatives, to the business or corporations and the goal is to keep a balance between the people and the representatives who are abusing authorities and discretions and are not doing their jobs.

A teen might have peer pressure and do not know how to handle, their parents do not know how to manage.  Child custody could be taken away.  The mother or the father who lost custody feels that they did not do anything to deserve it.  They feel that the counselors did not give the opportunity to express themselves.  The legal advisor might participate telling to them and to the public how the case should it be handle what it was expected.  What are the options or follow up procedures available and so on and forth.  The reporter and his or her assistant not only collect and verified the data.  The drama is presented of the facts found and the reality show is cinematically recreated for the viewer, reenacting the issues that in general are chosen because are popular among the citizen’s issues.  The goal again is to make public any abuses of authorities, any bending of the law and to prepare the citizen on a democratic/liberal, but efficient ways of handling the issues.

Of course we will have advises and psychological, legal evaluations and support for the citizens that in anyway had been affected by a corporations, government or an institution.  But most important are going to be our minors involved and the goal will be to help them out of trouble, to give them the support based on the reports and follow ups.


     ESTRELLA DE JESUS (the Hero)

A professional recently graduated in Broadcasting.  In this case she is single divorced mother of a ten-year-old son whose custody was recently given back and who for years was held as “legal hostage” to give his mother a pressure.  The mafia organized using this country legal system bended the law and took her child legal and physical custody without given any reason.  This is in fact the opening case of the series show.  She is in her earliest fifties. She suffered for years the religious persecution that forced her homeless for the last five years.  She managed to keep her sanity, her dignity and did not follow the usual homeless stereotype.  She was able to publicly accuse the government of abusing authorities and discretions.  She was able to manage going to a higher education college and university to be able to come out of her stressful situation.  She originally was not a citizen of this country and faced the disadvantages of the language and basic knowledge of the law, but for years she stand for her rights.  The situation was forced into created many issues to take credibility.  She managed her public accusation role, her mother role as she was having three children, two adults and the baby she lost aside one granddaughter who she barely happened to see since she was born and for the last five years.

She looks and feels young, but in fact she is in her fifties.  She does not know much about anything.  For years she barely ever watch TV or heard radio shows.  Her English used to be limited, but turn to be one of the most eloquent person, very charm and sociable. Physically and morally she has a lot of personality.

She truly believes in her team group.  All of them are very active from different backgrounds and a lot of understanding in the matters.   She is very defensive and protective.  She personalized the people’s issues, but handle them professionally.  She feels that she has to be objective to try to gain a balance.  The issues bring up the code or regulation used to solve the matters and the professional analyzed the deficiencies and the pros on the matters.

DE JESUS’ colleagues are no less; they are very professionals and investigate the matters very thoroughly, deeply, and concise.  They also serve as the actors and actresses who participate in the cinematically scenes and e Jesus participate as the narrator and is done in a short period of time, but is intensive in feeling.


Today. I tried to retrieve some photos I took for my child skating, but as they done at Skyline College where they made me sign a contract and never paid me anything.  But I am sure one of the photos was not belong to me and they name as mine.  In short, my child dad’s is using it with others as the skateboard I purchased for $ 135.00 – Baby said: “Mom they are not here, everything disappeared.”  Certainly they are using my baby and trying to destroy him as they had done to millions.  My series is not completely copy and uploaded because my “friend” is here playing and no matter how many times I copy and tried to paste after trying to browse or upload as I did with the other ones, but no he is here again and you should see the other tricks and games played to be working my soul’s home and to be robbing me not only of my photo talents, but my writing skills of course poorly in English thanks to Mr. Gonzalez years ago and now who knows if they are related.

I paid the $ 20.00 to register, but oh God, the criminals are the ones robbing, killing and judging.  They are the ones, who are not representing the people but working with the mafia to separate and create gaps in between the Americans people with the only goal to not have anyone to stop them, but they are forgetting about the one who is, I am who I am.

You are not going to believe it, but I had tried to finish my last two projects in my DGME 118 class and Friday and today someone was  there.  I am not up to do so, but honesty God I had felt that way for the last month.  Meaning someone is working on me, but I will have to beg the Lord to help me out .

Again and luckily today with the lab assistant I schedule my time Tuesday 12:30 -5:30p.m. Wed 3-4 and 6-10p.m. Thursday 2-5p.m. and Friday 10-12 noon.  If I cannot make there, I do not know when, but that is the only project pendant.



  1. I was forced to renting my real life event that SMPD made me lived in 2004. Today I’m bending my knees for my baby’s life or body. He was legally abducted by the man who I saw molesting him sexually & accused first thru Congress & then SMPD who rejected to sent baby raped a month later after giving him to his rapper.

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