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Another article from the San Francisco Chronicle with regards Governor Jerry Brown

They are talking about his age and perhaps we are talking about it in a more specific way not in a macro intent of the matter. The article said that at milestone for the ages. In 1975 at age 36 as nation’s youngest governor. Today he is an energetic, 75-year-old political silverback. In the midst of his third term age ethnicity. But aside that I want to comment on the geographic diversity of our government who has kept in between the same family or the same family member the representation of our government. I have been understanding that a president should run only twice and if we are that many million of people living together; I feel that in fairness no one should run twice because that takes away the opportunity of the million to hit once the lucky place while some are hitting it twice, but also run on the family members giving them the advantage of the control of the money and the power. For God sake we don’t want no China in this country.


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