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It’s time to put the dot on the eye for BP Oil Gulf Spill!

Estrella Benavides

Slugline(BP, 2010 Gulf Oil Spill poor coverage of the media in combination with “law representatives”  To diminish the facts of the potential crime repeated as described without criminal charges against BP CEOs among others.)

Macondo Rig, April, 2010

Monday, November 21, 11


BP, 2010 Gulf Oil Spill poor coverage of the media in combination with “law representatives”

To diminish the facts of the potential crime repeated as described without criminal charges against BP CEOs among others.

The BP Macondo oil rig blew out 50 miles off Louisiana’s coast and claimed the lives of 11 workers.  Disaster with a good number of poor media coverage was supported and entertained by government representatives who minimized the catastrophic long term issues that occurred on April 20, 2010 as described by many other organizations and individuals; they are citizens’ of

this country who care for the deterioration of the ecosystem of the MX gulf coast region has been suffering since 2010.  Some of the chemicals can hang around for decades, degrading the environment and BP oil CEOs are not taking seriously to law representatives in Congress because they are allowing so for the best interest of themselves (corporations).

Many of law representatives do not care at all, for all the people in this country equally.   It is the people who are allowing, Obama or the ones seating in Congress as in many other places to represent them. Far from it government representatives are allowing big corporations to put profits ahead of workers safety, ahead of many of the Acts protecting the air, the birds, the endangered species, the mammal and the ecosystem for the sake of all of them, who are working together some of the media, government representatives and corporations.  They are not alone.  Many are the media representatives who are diminishing together with the law representatives the BP oil disaster.  They are working together for the best interest of a few people.

BP oil spill in 2010 is a big deal, a big disaster.   A catastrophe that damaged the Mexican Gulf Coast jobs and the ecosystem not just in the area as described by many, however, newspapers who are working for the best interest of corporations are diminishing the facts, not investigating as BP CEOs and law representatives are not telling the full story and are getting the benefit of the disaster not carrying for the millions of Americans who are suffering poverty and destruction of their jobs, dreams and goals. (Thesis Statement underline)

Although, many are the honest, ethical and professional organizations, newspapers or individuals like Edward Markey, D-Mass., who is concerned about the impact of this unprecedented catastrophic ecosystem breakdown.  Nevertheless, many of the media, newspapers, television and especially the ones that are the main so called records are working together with the negligent BP CEOs-heads of this disaster and no less, good number of the law representatives of the United States, President Barrack Obama who many times diminished the impact and the horrible disaster.  No doubt, it isn’t the ineptitude, but the complete alignment with money over common sense and citizenry. “Republicans have put the CEOs from the companies responsible for the worst offshore oil spill in our history into a witness protection program, – Markey said.” (Tilove – 01 Nov. 2011)

“Marty Cramer a Californian who worked on the Exxon Valdez spill, 22-years-ago.”  “Cramer had been surveying in Louisiana for almost three weeks.  By then, heavily oiled marshes had become the staple subject of television crews and photographers.  Their images, typically in tight focus, showed suffocating swirls of shimmery crude and sickly pelicans.  The scenes were riveting and heartbreaking, but they fundamentally misrepresented the situation.”  “In just half a year, the response expended nearly sixty millions man-hours, roughly nine times what it took to build the Empire State Building.”  “Looking at the carcass, Cramer said, “[“They get oil on their feathers, can’t maintain their insulation, and die of hypothermia.  This is considered evidence now.”  “But oil spills are saturated in blame and political confusion—and opportunity.  There is a sense that they are not accidents but accidents waiting to happen, and thus acts of greed.”  “The Coast Guard and BP, following the National Contigency Plan and I. C. S., came together in a swiftly expanding structure known as the Unified Command.  Joining with BP was politically volatile.  The company had a reputation for aggressive drilling and poor safety, and had been responsible for some of the greatest oil-industry disasters in recent history.  In 2005, an explosion at the company’s Texas City Refinery killed fifteen people and injured a hundred and seventy; BP pleaded guilty to criminal charges.  The following year . . . In recent cost-cutting, its emergency-response division had been reduced from thirty-two people to eight, with only one employee, David Fritz, dedicated to oil-spill response full time.  [“I didn’t have programs, ]” Fritz told me.  [“The program was me.”]”(Khatchadourian, New Yorker 14 March 2011)

“BP also has exercised considerable control over how much is known about the amount of oil gushing into the gulf.”   “Early on, the government estimated that 210,000 gallons was being released daily.  That estimate was based on satellite observations of the water’s surface.”  “The first look at the oil coming out of the pipe on the sea floor was a video clip that BP released last week in response to demands from reporters and others.  It caused a stir because some experts who analyzed it estimated that the amount of oil pouring into the gulf was many times the government’s official estimate.”  “Meanwhile, an analysis of satellite imagery by the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, reported Tuesday that the spill has grown to more than 7,500 square miles, or about the size of New Jersey.”(Taylor and Schoof |McClatchy Newspapers 18 May 2010)

“For nearly three months, oil gushed uncontrollably into the Gulf of Mexico.  By the time the well was capped in July 2010, The government estimates that 4.9 million barrels of oil –more than 200 million gallons – had spewed from the well, coating migratory birds, destroying pristine marshes, sullying beaches, and inflicting incalculable damage to the ecosystem of the Gulf.” (Uhlmann 1414). . .  “Whatever the fate of the visible oil, however, we may not know the extent of the environmental harm for years, since never before has so much oil spilled from an offshore well.” “Nonetheless, the sheer volume of the Gulf oil spill (twenty times greater than the Valdez spill, see Laura, Moss, The 13 Largest Oil Spills in History, MOTHER NATURE NETWORK (Jul. 16, 2010, 12 PM),” (Uhlmann 1415).

The Republicans blocked the subpoenas as “BP, Transocean, Halliburton, Cameron CEOs all decline to testify before House Natural Resources Committee.” They would be more frank if they would say:  Forget the spill, Do you think that anyone cares about the 11 men dead or the 11 families destroyed among thousands others struggling economically because their natural resources, their fountain of jobs are gone.  BP Oil is expanding and putting behind the little incident, they almost double their profits despite the facts. “All four CEOs have confirmed they were not going to testify about the most serious off-shore oil spill in the nation’s history and what it is that the law representatives, the Republicans did: blocked the subpoenas.  (Tilove -01 Nov. 2011).

The Mexico Gulf Coast was devastated not only by nature again suffered as BP CEOs neglected the economic angle and their profits ahead of the economical sources of hundreds, thousands if not millions of people.  Again and again not only some of the media, but CEOs and law representatives played around with the facts to diminish the potential crime committed.  “Adding insult to injury, at least in the eyes of Gulf coast residents who work on offshore drilling platforms, the spill has raised questions about the efficacy of future drilling on the Gulf, which are likely to persist even though the government has lifted its moratorium on the issuance of new deepwater drilling permits.  New regulations have been imposed, and increased liability limits may follow in the wake of the Gulf spill, which could slow the pace of future drilling and limit the number of companies involved- and, in the process, shed drilling jobs.” (Uhlmann 1416)

“The charges are also likely to include manslaughter in violation of 18 U. S. C. & 1112 or under seldom-used law known as the Seaman’s Manslaughter Statue to address the worker deaths.” (Uhlmann 1417)  “If there is evidence that corporate officials lied to the government about conditions at the well or about the amount of oil spewing into the Gulf, the Justice Department could also charge false statements and obstruction of justice.”. . . “The struggles of communities along the Gulf coast when so many Americans were reeling from a recession made BP a target of public anger and resentment, which only increased with reports about the billions of dollars that BP earns every year from its drilling activities, and when BP’s then-Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward said [“I’d like my life back”] in the weeks after the spill” (Uhlmann 1418).  He did want his life back, but what about the 11 humans’ life gone forever leaving their families yelling no less.  What about the many others, 15 killed back in 2005 and quite a number injured 175 at the company’s Texas City Refinery.  Just between 2005 and 2010 many other accidents were done without impunity and as a reward they are expanding worldwide.  Until when someone will do something about these crimes; do not just get the pay?

“However, a 12% decline in production in 2010 has resulted in a 3.6% slide in 2011 third-quarter clean-replacement-cost profit to $5.33 billion compared with the same period last year . . . (Future Plans) The oil spill, the biggest in U. S. history, resulted in the halting of production for BP’s five Gulf of Mexico rigs. But to BP, that is now a thing of the past, and the company is moving ahead with gusto.  In the past 12 months, BP has acquired 67 new exploration licenses in 11 countries and is all set to enter emerging markets like Brazil and India.  Production is expected to increase with BP winning regulatory approval for its first drilling plans in the Mexican Gulf since the spill.”  (Abantika- 4 Nov. 2011)  “Criminal prosecution will deter future spills more than civil penalties alone and will ensure restitution to victims of the Gulf Oil spill, which may be limited in civil cases because of the liability cap set by the Oil Pollution Act.”  (Uhlmann 1419)

“[“The only success Mr. Feinberg has had is in coercing desperate victims of the spill to have to accept whatever was offered,]” Hood said in a written statement Tuesday. (Aug. 23) “[. . . only a little over 23 percent of Mississippi interim claimants have been paid.  On average, businesses have been paid $5,421 in interim claim payments, and individuals $5,297.  It looks like he did a good job for BP, not for Mississippians.”]”  “[“Florida received the most GCCF compensation because it is the most populous state in the Gulf and we received the most claims from Florida,]” Feinberg said in a written statement.” (HOLBROOK 24 Aug 2011 A5)

Do they care?  Are they playing their role?  Because the economic basis of this country, it is not a justification.  Corporations will always try to get the highest profit as the people will always try to pay the less for more, but government representatives are in between and they should be preserving the jobs, the health of the ecosystem and they should condemn crimes like this one as they done to any criminal who kill just one not 11 human beings.  Instead BP had been rewarded-they are expanding worldwide and they were the ones investigating and reporting to the ones never made sure BP were prepared for the disaster as they said.  “Federal regulators are expected to seize on dozens of recommendations for stiffening drilling standards, including additional barriers at some offshore wells and more safeguards in blowout preventers that are designed as a last defense against surging oil and gas.”  (Dlouhy and Clanton 15 Sept. 2011 A9)  This is not a joke, what this country needs is someone who knows how to cut heads and kickbacks out of the United States; the Americans government, because the Americans lady will show you the way to do so believing and standing for your rights and freedoms and as for years praise, with democracy.

“[“It is not ours to publish,” said Dean Wingo, OSHA’s assistant regional administrator who oversees Louisiana, “We are working with (BP) and encouraging them to post the data so that it is publicly available.”]”. . . THIS WAS NOT A MILITARY WAR DATA.  You did not do your job in the first place.  You just let the potential criminals to hide their crime and   perhaps they can also collect your pay check and no one will mind if they spend it.  “Toby Odone, a BP spokesman, said the company is sharing the data with [“legitimate interest parties,]” which include government agencies and the private companies assisting in the cleanup.  When asked whether the information can be released publicly, he responded “[Why would one do it? Any parties with a legitimate interest can have access to it.”]”  THE FIRST AND ONLY PARTY WITH LEGITIMATE RIGHT TO BE INFORMED IS THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY and the people are standing and not yelling just reminding you, what you should know and what you are expected to do. (Taylor and Schoof |McClatchy Newspapers 18 May 2010)

“Joseph T. Hughes Jr., the director of the worker education training program for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, said he didn’t think [“anyone has seen much of that data at all.”] “[The hard part about it is that in a normal response, when the government is doing this, there might be more transparency on the data,” Hughes said],” [“In this case, when you have BP making the decisions and collecting the data it’s harder to have that transparency.”]”  . . . “Unlike the response to other past national disasters such as Hurricane Katrina where the government was in charge, BP has been designated as the “[“responsible part”]” under federal law and is overseeing much of the response to the spill.  The government is acting more as an adviser.” . . . “So far, the government has been slow to press BP to release its data and permit others to evaluate the extent of the crisis.” (Taylor and Schoof | McClatchy Newspapers 18 May 2010).

“BP was warned of gas danger, contractor says” and down below “Daun Winslow testified that there was confusion among workers in the drill shack . . . , a procedure typically done before a well is plugged . . . the drill team and tool pushers were discussing the pressure test to a ranking Transocean person on the rig, later gave him a “{thumbs up,}” indicating it had been resolve.  Transocean owns the rig that exploded April 20.” ( staff and news service reports 24 Aug. 2010).  “It would seem paradoxical that we have no technology to quickly plug a deepwater oil spill.” (Balaguer-Americas, Sep/Oct 2010).

And as many honest, professionals workers, National Geographic who care for this country, and established clearly that “In the Gulf of Mexico, the U. S. Congress encouraged companies to go deep as early as 1995, That year it passed a law forgiving royalties on deepwater oil fields leased between 1996 and 2000 and the Gulf of Mexico now (in 2010) accounts for 30 percent of U. S. production.” (Bourne 43-44). “The way PB drilled the Macondo well surprised Magne Ognedal, director general of the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA).” (Bourne 46) “[“The decisions [BP] made when they had indications that the well was not stable, the decision to have one long pipe, the decision to have only six centralizers instead of 21 to create the best possible cement job-some of these things were very surprising to us here,” says Ognedal].”  (Bourne 47)

We just need to read in between the lines of the articles in the newspapers.  Obama is not performing as the people chose him to do as well as many members of Congress, members of the House of Representatives and down the line all the way to many of the representatives on every single city in this country.  Government representatives, our politicians should talk in the citizen’s behalf, setting high standards for the people, setting the parameters of justice for the people in equal balance for the whole country.  Legal or law representatives and many of the media are failing in their roles in this country.   The middle class is standing and complaining due to the abuse of authority and the negligence of BP CEOs in this case, but no less many or our government representatives or other corporations and money heads who under covered are playing roles for themselves as using this country government as they are paid by the people and are not performing as they should.  For these people best interest are not implementing safety protocols as written and are government representatives are allowing the paste of emergency response to have safety rules nicely decorating their files.

“Pushed and stirred by winds, it advances towards the coasts of Louisiana and other states, threatening biodiversity, ecosystems, and the quality of life for thousands of North Americans.  In May, US President Barack Obama underscored the gravity of the situation saying: “This is what I wake up to in the morning and this is what I go to bed at night thinking about: the spill.” (Balaguer-Americas, Sep/Oct 2010); “Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal reminds us that the oil spill has affected human beings as well as wetlands, fisheries, and natural resources.  “[“It is threatening our way our life,”]” he said.  As the tide washes in more oil, lobster and oyster nurseries have been forced to close.  Hotel, tourism, and fishing industries have all been hard hit.  The vulnerable coastlands of Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida have also been contaminated.  Marshes, islands, wildlife refuges, and coral reefs are all being exposed to the poisonous effects of the spill.”  “Louisiana’s coastal wetlands and islands are paying the price.  Marine species are covered with tar, and the sheen of oil floating on the surface of the water is a sobering and saddening sight.  Life itself has been stained by oil.  Pelicans are dying; and fish, dolphins, and turtles lie in the depths of the oily sea.” “Marine species are expiring and natural landscapes are deteriorating.  The way of life of coastal communities is being altered.” (Balaguer-Americas, Sep/Oct 2010)

“The Minerals Management Service (MMS), the federal agency that regulated offshore

drilling, had claimed that the chances of a blowout were less than one percent, and that even if one did happen, it wouldn’t release much oil.  Big spills had become a rarity, said Ploen. “Until this one.” (Bourne 42)  The good citizens of this country, the ones working hard having their hearts struggling and their minds not knowing what to do or say for you to see that just BP had MANY ACCIDENTS SINCE 2005; BP HAD KILLED NOT ONLY 11 PEOPLE.  “Massive skimming and dispersant activity notwithstanding, ecosystems will be affected by this disaster long after the toxic substances are no longer visible on the surface.  Underwater plumes of oil are creating dead-zones even now, and it is expected that the impact on marine life will be long-term.” (Balaguer- Americas Sept/Oct 2010).

“It didn’t help that the government seemed determined to help move us along.  Just three weeks after the wellhead was capped, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) came out with its notorious [“oil budget,”] which prompted White House energy czar Carol Browner to erroneously claim that “[“the vast majority of the oil is gone.”]  The White House corrected the error (the fate of much of that oil is simply unknown),” . . . “More recently, in mid-December, Unified Area Command, the joint government-BP body formed to oversee the spill response, came out with“A BP email later released by Congress mentioned that the drillers were having “well –control” problems.  Another email, from a consultant, stated, “We have flipped design BP, 2010 Gulf Oil Spill poor coverage of the media in combination with “law representatives”  To diminish the facts of the potential crime repeated as described without criminal charges against BP CEOs among others.) parameters around to the point that I got nervous.” A week before the explosion, a BP drilling engineer wrote, “This has been [a] nightmare well.” And according to MMS documents, and the delay was costing BP more than half a million dollars a day.  BP had chosen to drill the fastest possible way-using a well design known as a “long string” because it places strings of casing pipe between the oil reservoir and the wellhead.  The lockdown sleeve had not been installed when the Macondo well blew out.” (Bourne 45)

“A fat report that seemed expressly designed to close the book on the disaster.  Mike Utsler, BP’s Unified Area Commander, summed up its findings like this: “[“The beaches are safe, the water is safe, and the seafood is safe.]” Never mind that just four days earlier, more than 8,000 pounds of tar balls were collected on Florida’s beaches- and that was an average day.” (Klein -31 Jan 2011)        Shocked . . . people are shocked and are standing up everywhere in this country and in this World.  They are sick and tired of the ineptitude or the crime that “law representatives are committing.”  Everywhere, just put attention to the “news well worded television,” or read careful the key words written, the lies to cover the crime done by BP oil a year ago.   Despite the claims and facts posted on safety, protocols or standards capacity to solve and handle any emergency or catastrophic as the one they were not able to take care as written because they were not going by the rules.

“Bad, but How Bad?” Followed by the subtitle . . .  “no one can dispute itBut just how bad?”  Beginning the article with “Some experts have been quick to predict . . . painting grim pictures of 1,000 miles of irreplaceable wetlands and beaches at risk, fisheries damaged for seasons, fragile species wiped out and a region and an industry economically crippled for years.” The second paragraph again diminishing the magnitude of the worse oil accident in America and they wrote: “Is not unprecedented, nor is it yet among the worst oil accidents in history.”(Brodder and Zeller Jr. – 3 May 2010).  They just did not do the homework as National Geographic investigates and reported back in 2010.  Since 2000 many had warned publicly about the lack of pace and enforcement of safety protocol for the sake of all citizens.  {*}

“As technology was taking drillers deeper, however, the methods for preventing blowouts and cleaning up spills did not keep pace.  Since 2000s, reports from industry and academia warned of the increasing risk of deepwater blowouts, the fallibility of blow-out preventers, and the difficulty of stopping a deepwater spill after it started- a special concern given that deepwater wells, because they’re under such high pressure, can spout as much as 100,000 barrels a day.” (Bourne 44) But the MMS routinely downplayed such concerns.  “Though blowouts were relatively rare, the MMS report did find a significant increase in the number associated with cementing . . .   In retrospect, that note of caution was ominous.” (Bourne 45) {*}The information was there since at least year 2000.

The New York Times, considers itself the record of records as many of the citizens

share with them it, but this poor media role representation has lack of it.  “The ultimate impact” and many are saying and telling them as they did in their Failure in the Gulf reader’s comments.  They forgot to write in honesty God truth, the truth as they wrote “of this little spill in the Mexican Gulf could be affected by many variables, and certainly it is nothing. this is the first inning of a nine-inning game” and followed by comparing crimes done in the past and which were not condemn as well due to their fragile, ignorant, but intentionally, but diminishing ideas targeting the concerns of the people. (Broder and Zeller Jr. – 3 May 2010)

They did recall the 1979 Mexico Bay, the 1989 Exxon Valdez or the 1991 Kuwait as they wrote this little spill without writing it of course it is only pouring an estimated 210,000 gallons of oil compared to one of this others which spilled 140 million gallons and killed tens of thousands of seabirds, . . . with 250 eagles and 22 killer whales.  You see they very nicely said “killer whales” of course who cares, they are just killers, but just the White House made a correction of their “HUGE mistakes.”

Do not wonder why we are failing when the record of records, The New York Times it is the first one minimizing the W O R S T  S P I L L  E V E R  IN  A M E R I C A as they wrote, “the beaches and coral reefs of the Florida Keys could be hit, but on Monday, the wind was pushing the slick in the opposite direction and the weather was cooperating to avoid the worst.  The Louisiana State University professor Edward B. Overton, expert on oil spills described again the Exxon Valdes, with a gunky, smelly black tide looming over the horizon waiting to wash ashore.  Overton said, “This will not happen unless . . .” and of course people wish to read the comments made back in 1989 catastrophe because on this “The sky is not falling,” said a marine biologist Quenton R. Dokken, the executive director of the Gulf of Mexico Foundation” that this people interview.  “For him this wasn’t the end of the Gulf of Mexico,” perhaps was one of a life time opportunity for people without scrupulous to grow economically as they made this ridiculous comments or as they were seeing the scene through the pictures, but were laughing instead of crying seeing the loss of tons of food that used to represent the resources of millions of people in the Gulf coast region.  (Broder and Zeller Jr. 3 May 2010).

BP, 2010 Gulf Oil Spill poor coverage of the media in combination with “law representatives” To diminish the facts of the potential crime repeated as described without criminal charges against BP CEOs among others.)  Many are the supportive outlined information posted out of the hard searches and worked done by citizens who care for this country.  America is being defended by her children who are standing all over the United States of America.  Just read because the words were written by many and it is not worth to repeat them.  They were lying, but they were the ones in charge of the catastrophic disaster ever on Earth and in this country history.  “As of July 20, the main relief well was less than 5 ft. from its target: the original well’s 7-in.-diameter steel casing, more than 3 miles below the surface of the water.  “[“We’re absolutely perfectly positions,” said BP senior vice president Kent Wells, who is leading the effort.”, But are they referring to the ones were supposed to be there or are they referring to new ones installed because of the catastrophe? (Walsh 2 Aug. 2010).

But the worse part of all is as written by news to demonstrate the highlighting “Louisiana Won’t Face Penalties, Dismissal of BP Spill Claims.  Judge Sally Shushan threatens to fine the state as much as $ 2,500 a day, she might increase the fines and might dismiss all of Louisiana’s environmental and economic damage claims from the spill if the state missed further deadlines.”  Can you believe it?  How many thousands of families, how business were affected? , but what is this?  Can you believe it?  They are not filling any claims on time and of course the poor honor is trying to do her job dismissing and fining as BP CEOs are laughing not writing checks.  No trails left if they carry just cash, you know what I am saying? Because the people it is just standing everywhere not knowing why they are so dumb, stupid (Are you? Or are they, trying to hide? And making you to look stupid? BP, 2010 Gulf Oil Spill poor coverage of the media in combination with “law representatives”  To diminish the facts of the potential crime repeated as described without criminal charges against BP CEOs among others.) As written in many media, people are standing, occupying, but not knowing why they are occupying the many places all over in this country protesting | Wall Street. (Brubaker and Cronin 4 Nov. 2011).

“Although, oil dominates revenues from the Gulf, the employment giant in Louisiana’s coast is tourism.  Louisiana, regional leader in commercial fishing before the spill, normally was the harvester a third of the United States shrimp and oysters.  The Deepwater Horizon spill has become the largest spill into the ocean in history.  Many, media representatives and law representatives who tried to minimize the worst spill in America History, the only one that surpasses it, was the intentionally spill done in 1991 in Kuwait Gulf.” (Unknown source, I believe I wrote it, but I am not sure as many come and go forcing the lab top to jump everywhere as I am trying to write.) “NWF’s Coastal Louisiana Restoration Program and its partners sent a letter to President Obama urging . . . [“immediate recovery need”] . . . “Released three months later, the Mabus Plan recommended that Congress pass a law to ensure that a [“significant amount”] of the penalties that will be owed by BP and other parties under the Clean Water Act be used for coastal restoration.  (Under current law, all this money would go to the federal treasury.)”  “[“For years we’ve known that billions of dollars are what’s needed to create a sustainable coast,”]” says Reed, [“but the likelihood of getting that out of the federal treasury has been marginal to say the least.” . . .]” (Denise Reed, a University of New Orleans geomorphologist). (Tangley – National Wildlife, Apr/May 2011)

The people are just complaining, not knowing why they are protesting at Wall Street in New York.  They are just tired of paying highest prices per gallon of gasoline which affects not only the cost of it, but absolutely everything as written “Is BP Resurfacing From the Spill?”  Can you believe it? “A net profit of $ 4.90 billion for the third quarter of 2011 compared to $ 1.79 billion for the same period last year.  However 12 percent decline in production for BP’s five Gulf of Mexico rigs, but they are not alone many others like Exxon also did have a 41 percent increase with a decline in production.” as our law representatives are overseeing their crimes.  “For BP, the oil spill, the biggest in U. S. history, resulted in the halting of production and is now just a thing of the past.   BP had not being charge for the dead of the 11 poor workers who die in the worse ever oil spill in U. S. A.”  instead they were allowed to acquired 67 new exploration licenses in 11 countries and not to say that despite the facts that the CEO did not answered no questions for “LAW REPRESENTATIVES,” as they were critical needed. “LAW REPRESENTATIVES” are not the voice of the people they are as described just the representatives of the people.  THE VOICE IS THE MEDIA and many of them are failing their role as working together with corporations and criminals in power.  NO HUMAN IS PERFECT AND WE SHOULD KEEP THE POWER IN BALANCE.  Checking on one another for the sake of the people and for the sake of this country and this World after all it is just one. (Abantika 4 Nov. 2011).   Louisianan’s citizens, they are robbing you and you were the most affected one.

Publicly thanking all those that allowed people to publicize their searches and discoveries sincerely trying to acknowledge their efforts.  (This is a first time user of MLA style trying to learn not to plagiarize no one’s hard work “as coach” by my Professor Nancy Kaplan-Biegel at Skyline College).


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