In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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If could let you see the misery of “HONOR” Greenberg, Jakubowski & MC Kenna through my poor baby dirty & filthy body

on March 11, 2012

His father took him to work yesterday. He took a shower before coming with me to BounzCity, but he still full of dirt. As he fart and he is not alone; three weeks ago wicked from Suck “President Obama” forced me into San Matwo Cty Hospital after irritating my nerve tooth; they treated not with enough antibiotics, but with soft stool pills(?)so everyone could forced me pup to kick me out of Whipple/Veteran Blvd in RWC, CA: I’m able to clean myself, my child is nine-year-old, but they subjugate, slave and abuse their soul to give up this way. MALDITAS, PIGS AND COWARDS. You better repent because if God forgive you. I must do accepting his judgement or else I want to see you and the ones you love abuse as the poor had being abuse for years with the high rate and equity you love. Do not show me your power this way because what I’m receiving, I’ll give you back and you will not find a whole or God to save you as I have.
They are underscores; they just love and care for the ones you had imposed on them. If I don’t you the B word sucks is BC I do respect the public and God, Eloi Yahweh, but I’m wishing to have public core to show you and whoever that my child has a MOTHER and he is NOT a wire. He is an American citizen with constitutional rights. MALDITAS Child Protective Services-Snakes engineers to hide your religious persecution,abuses and set ups against indefenless children. I detest you and you do motknow yet what it means because I warranty you: “Eloi Yahweh will sweep the floor with the ones hating me and abusing the poor and the fatherless for me or us to dance for him!”
Isn’t enough to see that you were not able to force me dirty or to abuse me as much yesterday for you to know that if I’m accusing and publicizing your crime is because he please?
Isn’t enough for you all the failure in your set ups to kill me and my family? Isn’t enough for you to know that he gave me his real name and word?
Announcing is the only God’s name Eloi Yahweh not Jehovah a Worldwide Redemption.


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