In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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Last night I was crying & bitterly writing to let it go & beg only God for strength & faith. I came & I did not want to see or feel near no one as this morning. I feel they love to play ‘pobrecito,’ poor meGod killed us BC Baal: “They forgot to read & have no clue of what really is God!

on November 22, 2014

This is what he had done against others & is written a judgement. It will be.

imageI love you & make God open the heart of righteous Americans not just for you who since you were two-in-half: rape and anise by many as government denying protection & persecuting us for religious reason.


Computers are not dumbs; they are perfect; they go as the box, as written on the recipe, as described or defined not for what we want

Mind & body just the soul’s, the spirit, the energy home. We’re the image, the inverse of only God. He is perfect , upright & righteous. The Alpha & the Omega; the beginning & end. He is the whole, no lines in between we are having them therefore we are not perfect. Out of him every single of us get a minuscule part. He lives on us as our energy or spirit.

image image image image image

When the cup of our wickedness is full, we no matter who we are, we are punish!

Read & figured out that as Sodom, Gomorrah, Judah, Jerusalem, Edomite, Babylon, . . . Baal people, only God had punished them as they do not understand & try to believe that God can be subdue through drugs, love, prostitution or parties. The man last night was abusing me & made me read this.  Others believe only God is just love & will forgive them last minute.

imageimageFor years I have been persecuted & discriminated since I was born & not knowing I was brought into this country as they are a crime, a mafia doing as please. My legal parents are not so as only God told me. It was in 1973 after Nicaragua earthquake  when they knowing mind & body computer they add me cry & pray for Black abusers & swapped my image, my blessing into criminals’ hands. People that not including poor are not worth a cent cut half. In 1979 they sent a Black man to photo me & asked me if he could, so he saw my soul image through it. I was forced as millions others non-wicked (poor no matter their economic wealth) to marry by church to force me to procreate & divorce & no less to come to this country as I was trying hard to get a career as an economist. Three years wasted. I came here & working hard tried again to pursue a mathematician teacher career. My CA grant took away as they robbed my effort for wicked as the college, universities,  and government places are organized members of the mafia who work together. It was 1989 I tried to get my license they hit my car at the back to force me to have a restricted license & paid much more on insurance, DMV, court fees. I was working in one out of three-four jobs to support my family without ever asking for a cent. They made my child sick & forced me to get a citation & penalized just to let them get money & keep on screwing me up. Later my brother hit a car in a gas station using one of my vehicles without my permission, my insurance played tricks to let court again decide on payment as screwing my record to force me to pay highest on many of them prices: Safeco, DMV, court & even my credit damaged.

Always forced to pay Moreno matter my health insurance; always abuse not just at Safeway, Lyons . . . Where I used to work to use my suffering. Again they forced me to engage with my child’s dad who finally made me go out of school as at Lyons they were abusing me to go work for Raiser who for second time approached me BC they realized that working hard I was putting together my homes. They put down the salary after all & made me wear a uniform for a while as others directors did not. My life change I was not able to travel as I used to & again the abuses until I transferred to SF where I discovered use of witchcraft. Complying with law I ended abuse worse than millions others. San Bruno city charging outrageous amount of water as neighbors destroying as police while reporting to them. No less SMPD who forced me to give up my dogs as citing me constantly, who forced me to put down my fence & later my garage at Lago & didn’t let me use my property as please. Instead again honor Greenberg granted another TRO against me as in 2005. In 2000 my $700 tax CA credits were never given as my child’s dad, the wicked member didn’t let me print my taxes & H & R played tricks to not help me. Again and again one way or the other as by many: American Express always charging for the extra cards people cancelled by me many times & never giving me the credit; Citibank with Primerica forced me to cancel my saving life insurance to put down my main beneficiaries-my children as they first tried to benefit him & ended having my forced legal parents no matter how many times I cancelled running out of money.

Yesterday my Medicare benefits denied as I couldn’t get glasses from it & just benefiting the wicked members. I’m canceling my appointment. I asked him to check as they sent me a list of benefit they are denying at SFSU dental. Isn’t worth to complaint when they just show me power robbing my homes, wrecking my vehicles to confiscate them as my legal documents or in retaliation rape my child and defiled my whole family through dogs.

NEITHER MY FAMILY NOR ANYONE ELSE. Do what you please sink in worse poverty as you want to. You already kill my wishes to work. You allowed him to have my child to a use him as please. You destroyed my family and worse than animal have me at mercy of many forcing me make as they want & trying to harm me through prayers, curses or using frequencies, but love, respect, admiration is gone. You are swapping the Americans efforts & hard work into hands of criminals doing as please as denying our Constitutional rights as killing & robbing as done to me, my nephew Jefferson Ali Menocal and to millions others. Endless what you dismissed, ignored, denied bending criteria, laws as please: no spousal support paid, no increase allowed, he never complied with court orders as allowing abuses of many on my child & family.  Worse if all emancipation of Constitution as rights & freedoms: denial of fee waiver to dismissed my federal cases filed as my Supreme Court case in 2013.


3 responses to “Last night I was crying & bitterly writing to let it go & beg only God for strength & faith. I came & I did not want to see or feel near no one as this morning. I feel they love to play ‘pobrecito,’ poor meGod killed us BC Baal: “They forgot to read & have no clue of what really is God!

  1. My child is been destroy not only physically (OBESSE,) not only mentally (He was just happy about his dad gift, but not acknowledging mine at all as I’m screwed up) sexually (even at the school cite at San Antonio Elemtary last year not only in 2005 & psychologically (He is on drugs & always bored.)
    My child’s 12 B-Day is tomorrow & I can’t never celebrate for him as government set us up and is denying happiness as parenthood BC we are Americans: “Citizens that are counted as 3/4 or worse as we are non-wicked poor Americans who are set up to be abuse to give up talents, to give soul or energy for wicked elite to be.” Begging Only God for help & protection BC in you the Americans Trust.”

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