In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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Government of the Unites States is mis-representing the people; they are denying our Constitutional rights & protection. Many persecute BC we are Jews no matter if the isolate us since birth. They are using laws, using institutions, using our image as swapping it for the mafia from China, Africa, India who let them rob from our treasure as they pay them through our taxes. Yes, we, the people is the one paying their bills as they are stubbing our backs & swapping our money, power, image as done to Israekites back in 1960 or do. They are the ones forcing poverty; forcing poor from around the world to come: “Work hard to pay through our taxes their bills while denying us higher education & forcing the Smericans in drugs, alcohol, prostitution as in jails, hospitals . . . Help I’m at corner of Whipple/Veterans since 2010 in Redwood Ciyy as my child & family as I is abuse mentally, physically, sexually & psychologically BC I’m Jew.

on November 20, 2014

They are mis-representing & giving higher education to the people who are barely arriving through our taxes as denying that to the Americans. They took my child for no reason ever given since 2005. No report was ever made & they posed me a TRO for no reason after setting me up for 14-20 in SF out of jurisdiction.

Help, I’m inviting you to join ZOA a group I never met, but joined one day at SFSU. We fall on the round world 360 degrees, the Jews are exact on for not perfect, but it is what it is & wicked elite robbing talents, image, but not righteousness is destroying God’s creation. It’s destroying our world while forcing wars, poverty, prostitution, alcohol. . . Help.


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