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I spent all day long trying to charge my phone & my WordPress account having issues with password or so as many abusing me at the RWC library and even at the SM County office where I went to submit my food stamps papers, suddenly, I’m sure the security who made me move bicycle also made my charger not good to charge & was it; no less at Savers as many flowing me & a using me.

on November 18, 2014

It’s the worse crime ever & for 1000s of years elite have been fighting a quiet war. The Jews were just transferred from Germany to have a better control of them and if I’m applying a bit my discoveries the Israelites by 360 degrees king David Star are more righteous than mafia crime organized robbers who most if time are using 5, 6, 7, or so stars points meaning wicked aware of mind and body computer are sharing with others spaces as even their lands & properties who are sold to you depending who you are as city representatives allow wicked for their best interest & use “laws to stop & control non-wicked members.” Many owns building, parking garages that are making millions as charging per hour outrageous amount & nowadays cities allowing the building I of big rental, lease properties as they benefit not just creating dirty-imperfect conditions as park outside, but the chance & opportunity to give citations as please to charge in SF $153 for one ignoring facts that private meter was broken purposely as many use the space to drop as please while the meter not granting time as I paid not just there not through credit card BC of charge, but cash while an hour before I used my credit card near Mission. Many benefit as setting up 99 percent. DMV will retrieve your license if you do not pay. Your insurance will get higher as you are without. You’ll be forced to go in buses or to pay & use the force popular Mike in Bike as they please.

my Sprint phone bill WITHOUT telling me charging $ 36 for initiation & a month charge for service provided first month as they just cut one service with them & opened another through them. No receipts were given to me. My child oppressors, the abusers who working with CPS, PD, court family services as the honors who do as please, have concerns for the best interest of the crime organized faking real estate crisis to rob the saving of the poor Americans as wicked get their shares as setting us up s please to commit crimes, prostitute, use drugs so we end having citation a $10,000 penalty for drinking & driving as forced by them to even kill our own child: “Scott Peterson as Modesto forced him as many others a use him to even be dying thru HIV a created code through prayers, curses, even frequencies as they discovered through poor Black-White mixed woman the cancer code: “Henrietta Lacks,” whose poor children never were able to even have a health insurance while he one who grow cancer in her belly putting mildew made millions among many others doing no less through the use of mind & body computer-soul’s home sufferings of the poor. As Black, Whites and poor people from around the world abuse in many ways and set up by the mind if all crimes: “Our government representatives who sent CPS, SMPD back in 2005 just in retaliation & a month later sent my child raped while holding the granted TRO for no reason against me as today and since 4/28/14 my child kept as animal eating mildew food, bit up, raped & sent in 2013 to the nurse especial toilet to allow the wicked principal to do as please as he as I and my whole family abuse BC “I’m Jew out if no where set up at corner while government robbing absolutely everything. Sprint credit the $36, but my head was almost exploiting as abuse through frequencies.



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