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on September 13, 2014

Kamala D. Harris                                                               Office of Foster Care

Attorney General of California                                   Ombudsman California Dept. of Social Services

  1. O. Box 944255 744 P. Street, M. S. 8-13-25

Sacramento, CA 94244                                                   Sacramento, CA 95814

Commission on Judicial Performance                      John Fitton

455 Golden Gate Ave., Suite 14400                          400 County Road San Francisco, CA 94102                                                Redwood City, CA 94063

Santa Clara Angie-Vanessa Alejandra’s                 Child Protective Services

Supervisor 373 West Julian St.                                    One Davis Drive

San Jose, CA 95110                                                          Belmont, CA 94002

To all with all my respect, the one that you deserve:

Ms. Kamala:

As you know several times I have been approaching, reporting, requesting help and protection. I done and wrote to all that you referred to. However all of them in general were not able to help or do much about due to various reason especially not enough information as Redwood City Police Department used a 72 Hours Parking Violation to “legally confiscate my legal documents,” after them and many others participated in the broke down of my vehicles.

Yesterday on 9/12/14 a long waiting hearing was held and as usual I am barely allowed to answer just the questions that Honor Franchi wishes to have on record. He denied my two motions as trying to find help and protection based on the law I requested the change of venue to San Jose where my child resides and where probably I can find legal help as not so here and as many are the tricks played to deny the protection that me and my child and my family deserve as I am discriminate, persecute for religious reason.

On 4/28/14 my Child out of his mouth as we: “His dad, his pediatrician, Dr. Sturm who set the meeting with Child Protective Services representative.” My child told us that his steps were abusing him: “Locking him in his room and saying that the reason is because he does stink.” His father took him out of the place totally upset with him. I wrote a written report to Santa Clara not knowing that the CPS was from there as I was informed after the facts as I tried to get copy of the report. The report does not exist and instead Vanessa Alejandra also from Santa Clara made a re-interview of my child as if I was the ones accusing his father not my child his steps. Alejandra’s supervisor, Angie was informed and told me that the reason why they did not contacted me is because I was available, but she heard my lengthy message begging for help and publicizing my discoveries: the used of witchcraft against the poor and fatherless as many do know as I discovered that mind and body is just a computer, the soul’s home as written on the Holy Bible, but she did not leave any message or made any other attempts to contact me and allowed Alejandra to create concerns about my child without really providing the protection that he requested and deserve.

Honor Franchi supposedly read the motion and didn’t care much as I refused to go to Family Court Services due as several time reported: “They are not a third impartial party. They are working together with the mafia, the crime organized using our country and system to set up millions of Americans in jails, hospital and to rob or abuse them as please emancipating not only the Constitution of our country, but our rights and freedoms.

Some months ago I requested a and filed a grievance about this in both CPS, the one in Belmont who took my child and don’t even gave the reason for them to send SMPD over to my house on 6/25/2005 when SMPD rejecting my sexual accusation through them after informing every single member of Congress on 4/18/05 and again the CPS did no less that Vanessa Alejandra who asked father as if I accused him of molesting my older children not my baby as I did. Copy of that report I was given, but not so the reason for CPS to send SMPD to take my child and gave him to the man that a month after that sent my child rape with the participation the Superior Court of California, Honor Susan Greenberg, who granted a TRO without any reason other than my claims and accusation against them as well as my discoveries.

Honor Franchi denied my right to say no matter how hard I tried and insisted from door with the deputy. My child reported again a wire bed hurting him. A dirty filthy brown carpet with shit and I saw his brand new shoes full of shit as he said he just set it up there. The brand new shoes never wore, but dirty with shit. My child several times was found with dried shit and marks of pee on his pants and there even though I several times called SJPD 1) don’t have more than one report. 2) The time that they went and saw my child as described above said & ASSUMED: “He must have an accident.”

Several times I have been posting at my Facebook and WordPress/estrebenavid the life threaten situation as reported and filed Ex-Parte always denied. Please refer to them as my documents were taken and I am forced to live and deprive of my private property just because of the religious persecution I am suffering. Honor Franchi didn’t let me say not on 9/12/14 I was refusing to go to FCS due to the many times set ups and abuses I suffered and yesterday he just denied my child hearsay report through him and he did not let me even ask the father to confirm purposely as my child is being abuse and set up under worse than animals conditions and the date that Alejandra’s re-interviewed him was certainly purposely done as I saw him at the school on 5/5/14 I believe.

OFFICIALLY INFORMING YOU AND REQUESTING YOU TO INFORM TO THE PEOPLE IN WASHINGTON, THE ONES WHO DENIED PROTECTION AND IGNORED MY DEMANDED PUBLIC ACCUSATION AS A PUBLIC MENTAL TEST ACCUSING THEM OF THE WORSE CRIME: “ I am fasting till I die publicly at the corner of Whipple/Veterans Blvd. as there is no justice neither for me or my family as for millions others who are being persecuted for religious reason as I am. I am bully by many wicked who are torturing me and trying to force me to give up. I will not do so. This country is not worth and I cannot keep on seeing my family, my child abuse and defiled through animals and I feel I have done MORE THAN PLENTY REPORTING, AND REQUESTING HELP AND PROTECTION BASED ON MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS.


                There is much more I can add to the abuses that we are suffering and if I don’t repeat as I have done in the past is because I am requesting you to go to my Facebook where lately my account is being hacked by the oppressors and the wicked people who is not respecting my citizenship as all my children and family citizenship and rights and who are participating of the religious persecution I am suffering.





Estrella Benavides


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