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Until when government will keep on abusing my b

on August 15, 2014

Until when I need to keep on begging for help while my rights are being alienated? Honor Frachi is pay at Redwood City just to dismiss after finding facilitators office’s errors while the principal and the after school at Meyer Elementary school in comb

Endless, over & over again is not court, PD , CPS, but the main is my child kept with his steps who he reported through CPS on 4/28/14 abusing him: “Closing his tiny bedroom room door as telling him he does stinks.” Reported several times through CPS & SJPD, but the crime and eight years abuses ignored as is just the mafia crime organized-government & wicked members the ones using witchcraft & the suffering of poor & fatherless, the ones procreated intentionally like Britney Spear’s children or mine.
He is not answering the his phone. In fact I asked his step-bro using his mind & body computer who calls him as he never wants to talk to me. I did have to ask him if his dad was at home: “He leaves about 9-10am & returned about the same time at night while CPS re-wording & re-interviewing my child to have their crimes covered up as having concerns of my few hours of visitation after eight years of abuses & nowadays worse.
In Sunday my granddaughter B-Day will be celebrated, but my older son abusers do not want me there.
Isolate, abuse just to force me into prostitution; Isolate, abuse just to force me into poverty to do as please; government denied my right to jury trial to rob my properties & denied my fee waiver to deny my right to bring charges against them. Help!


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