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Begging you for help and protection as a public accusation demanded since 2013 from John Boehner, the Speaker of the House in Congress after denied a fee waiver to dismiss my three federal cases filed and a Supreme Court Case for the sake of millions and my family

on August 15, 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Carolyn Liu

Complaint Analyst

The State Bar of California




                MI got your letter data July 29, 2014 where you were asking me about dates and explanation; I’ve sent more than three packages and in one of them the forms that include dates and others were provided. It is not that I don’t want to tell you again. I am homeless. I have being making the effort to provide you with the information, but believe I do it not because I do have the money to be spending in going and searching or paying for the post office or so. I am doing so believing that I am serving only God and it is for the sake of millions. You are not asking me, but even my USB was stolen, my keys. I am forced to walk and many are the abuses and the discrimination I am suffering because as not many I am trying to tell publicly what is wrong not because I am bossy or so, but because I really care for this country and the people as I truly believe in the only God.


Yes, I am crying; I guess I am overwhelmed seeing how people appreciate my efforts. Everywhere I go they are there trying to rob my soul who seem to be happy with me and rejecting them no matter how fancy, good looking or smart or wealthy they are while I am set up in a dirty, filthy corner where my skin is showing dirt as much as on the floor, but I believe he is not seeing my outside, but my inside: “A dumb poor mother believing and appreciating no matter what her or her children and family are going through.


                Richard Jolliffe was the first referral that I paid through the Bar Association I believe back in 2006. He heard my case and didn’t take it, but ended without ethical principles representing the plaintiff. I paid $ 35 for the referral. Don’t worry too much about the money. I am poor and homeless, but what is really bothering me is the lack of ethics and the misery of that man who using his influences at the court is the one that good number of time plays tricks to keep my child abuse in many ways: mentally, physically, psychologically and sexually as I discovered the use of the poor suffering for the sake of few people. Even Child Protective Services is re-interviewing my child to re-word his own statements accusing his steps as they were forcing him to make shit on his pants, kept him with three or four pee and dried shit on it or forcing him to fall on animals feces and in combination with his biological dad sending him to bed, but worse telling him and locking him in his room because he was stinky. Nowadays my whole family defiled through animals to rob their soul’s home as written.


                Eric Hove a public defender who bagged me in 2010 to allow me to represent me, he came to the women jail in Redwood City for a month and finally he came with my older son who begged me to go to court. I agreed, but trying to make a statement as I don’t find justice there I asked for a wheel chair to go there. They sent a bunch of big sheriff to abuse me and to show me their power and they abuse me. He never complaint about and when we were preparing for the jury trial as he ended allowing me to work with me in my case. He brought up to the honor and Lance Bayer that the city code used to accuse me was clearly not applicable for a First Amendment as my case was and he told them how to modify and altered the city code 22-2 which is more than one as I searched on law libraries, but he misrepresented me not only that way.


Redwood City Police participating of the worse crime in combination with many others confiscated my legal documents and I don’t have the time or the economical capacity to keep on searching and providing you with the information, but for the sake of the people and this country, I am begging you to help us out and searching for what I cannot.




Estrella Benavides


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