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Today, who knows how I am feeling. All I know is that we have no one to give justice to us

on August 8, 2014

I don’t have much more to do with my vehicles.  Last night and partially this morning, I realized that someone entered my GMC yesterday and again did what Ray’s Auto Repair done to my junk as if I do have that very organized and clean.  I used to be like that, but lately having those many hours waste on my school trips that isn’t true anymore.  Somehow this wicked people are not realizing that it is not me; that’s God who is helping me and protecting me.  I do not depend on my clean, organize place.  I feel sad seeing that they isolated me and I have absolutely anyone for absolutely anything.  I did bother my “legal family” perhaps having a hope, but there is none.  For them I am just their money, or source.  They don’t care for me.

On Saturday, I asked my sister to take me to get baby and she was busy, she was tired.  Then I realized how dumb I was all my life caring for them and helping them out.  It’s sad in a way to be alone as I am.  Somehow, I do know that my children love me.  Yesterday, we went to Dave and Buster and baby spent his $20. game card trying to get a bracelet for me, which he finally grabbed he said “But somehow the grabber metal hand grabbed it back and put it back where it was belong to.”  I kind of understood him.  I do know how many things other can do without physically being or doing that.  But many deny it and ignore our accusation.  

This morning as for the last two weeks many forced me to stay in bed to not let me  


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