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Again at CSM my Spanish teachers who never had responded my inquires is lowering my grades

on August 5, 2014

The 18th Bldg lab is having technical problems. Neither the professor who is incharge nor the teacher can resolve the issues. Three times I went in a week vs one time required. Several times I had called to the 1800 number BC I do my assignments and they are not being counted as done; some I done 4-6 times and I had show that to mr. Castillo who also said that he had call and report the audio problems, but I’m giving a “B” just BC. They are very abusive. They are making sure many students are not successful. O purchased the book online as advised. Many as I do not have the hard book copy, but it was ok. Now she is saying I do not have a book. Many are the error, bit that is what Vista book wants she said. They asked for sentences in general way, but then they do not want this or that, but I done what they asked for. No one cares; noone ever verify what these people are teaching and is not only here. It’s everywhere, I’m telling you, they though my children that America is two: north and South (?). I presented copies of paper from Barcelona Spain University & Ibrought copy of the assignments done several times that are not being added or reported to her, but according to many is she the one who is supposed to answer. Last week I spent 3 hours not one.


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