In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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I am driving from San Diego: “Crying, the misery of my “representatives & children ‘friends as many others wicked is huge'”b’l

on August 3, 2014

Simply stay in your countries BC the Americans dream is just for wicked mafia that works with government among many others especially: China, Africa, India, Mexico, Cuba . . . .& who pushed the poor here to be rob & abuse by hyenas, rats that works in bundles to destroy you.

In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

I spent a lot if the money that I don’t have just tone with my son who was forced to under sale his forced purchase condo piggy “s” as his sister, his ex-girlfriend, the one who worked his minnd in many ways as his friend Agnes the lucky one who ended working at The Stratford & is using their photos to put down mAt all times Raiser Senior Services influence to rob me. What they want? I was robbed & put on the street. My whole family abuse as Humane Society works with them to defiled my older children. Again you were the one who did not know how to manage to hide the crime committed. I just complied with the law. It is your lack of understanding what made the issue bigger not me & still do. Where it is that poor goes & where it is that my…

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