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begging you for help as Humane Society is defiling humans through animals as mind and body is a computer just our soul’s home!

on July 19, 2014



            Since 2003 I discovered the used of witchcraft at my work place as I used to work for raiser senior services.  I have been working in the United States since arrived in 1986.  I used to work not just one place as I raised my older children and it is not that I do think bad of people who ends in welfare or so, but as much as we can we should try to be not dependable and my goal was always that.  I used to work at lyons after working at san carlos plating co. and safeway in san carlos where I got my schedule screwed up as the manager, a young black good looking man with a fancy rare car who used to be marry came to my barely rented studio in redwood city.  I was barely having some old sheets given to me to cover myself.

            I show him the only thing of value, my children photos and as he was living he tried to kiss me and I look at his ring and I told him off.  Several times I did have the chance to end being the concubine of a well pay ceo in Nicaragua who in general give away properties, money, gold and position as please and I never choose to do so not because I do not care for money.  As everyone else I do, but for me marry is one of the most respectful status quo.  The family is for me one of the most important status quo and the wife is always for me the main cathedral not the tiny churches.

            I ended marrying twice to poor people dreaming that enough was if they love me and care for me because as I did for my family; they could had done: “Work hard to build our home, our family.”

            It was no less what happened in other places and I always stand up in my beliefs not because I had the best husbands, but because of my customs and religious beliefs.  In both marriage had trouble and in both I tried to save it and I always work hard to help and support them.

            At my work places as long as I was happy I was there giving everything and anything that I could.  Many were the clients that over and over appreciate my service at lyons restaurant.  I remember my co-worker at safeway in san carlos who told me where to go and how to solve the issue through the union or through the regional who didn’t.

            I am sure; I am not the best person.  I am sure that as everyone else I am imperfect and I just try to do, be and stand especially since I am a single mother who have been isolated to be use and destroy as for years millions of poor americans forced into drugs, alcohol, prostitution; jails and hospitals by government who have been abusing authorities and discretions.  Discriminating and persecuting us.

            I have no doubt whatsoever they are doing no less against 99 percent of the people not only in the united states through frequencies.  I have no doubts that with a bar code in a junky toy in your near net or tv signals or the phone; they can code your mind as mind and body is just our soul’s home.  It is happening to my children who were defiled through animals by humane society in combination with others who are taking advantage, using their ID mind and body computer, their talents, knowledge, money, car, properties. . .  just because I am serving only god and I tried to comply with the law.  The fake laws just use against the poor and fatherless throughout the years just because wicked please and nowadays elite wicked worldwide: china, Africa, india have the support of the ‘representatives’ who are pay through our taxes, but do as please.

            They robbed my properties as denying my jury trial rights.  They robbed and forced me into foreclosure as denying my fee waiver to file a federal suit-cross-complaint at San Francisco and they denied my rights again as they dismissed my Supreme Court of the United States just because. Many are the ones informed, many are the ones to whom I have been begging for help as they took my child legal and physical custody and never gave me a reason.  On 6/3/14 just received a copy of my report rejected by smpd as they were sent by cps to my home on 6/25/05 and my filed grievance without a date yet and as cps in santa clara denied my right to file one: “They were having no cases open as they did have one according to Belmont.” And they are the ones who heard my child reporting his steps who keep until recently him lock in his room because he was stinky as I several times reported through cps, police, court . . . and I ended always being ignored.  Don’t ask me how, but only god, the one I never heard or saw yet told me as my second son showed me a photo of myself and himself as I used to work for raiser senior services where I discovered the used of witchcraft to abuse, subdue or even kill with a chicken and an egg to a human.  The main reason why I rejected the forced help that the employees were providing and was the reason why the administration evaluated me as never before and the wicked employees were following me, tapping on hallways or elevators and abusing me as others were setting lunches or meeting where I was sat as they were pleasing to abuse me. The jobs were supposed to be done under stress and not caring for the employees as moving heavy furniture.  I did appreciate the hard jobs that were doing for me for years and I did not keep up them in danger because of me. I walked away.  My unemployment was denied.  I fought and won it, but I was never paid as many including the father of my child and forced legal family worked me out to never get the money and never requested until it was too late and they again denied that.

            My job was offered back with a condition: “I did have to be evaluated and by then I knew where I was standing.” Prior to it, I requested that from others that were not willing to help me until after the facts.   For years I have been representing myself and care for myself and others and through abuses of authorities and discretion government have been denying my rights to a jury trial and robbed my properties.  Abusing authorities and discretions took my van as it was stopped by a Costco gas station employee through the mind and body computer as my roadside assistance was a corner away and they tried to kidnap me.  I opened the passenger door as the driver and another of the towing company driver went to assist him on pushing the door back on me to take me as they were pleasing as south city was called and finally told me I was supposed to go with them and then to the police station to pay the release of my vehicle which was held in the san Bruno towing garage and since then the electrical, the transmission and finally the motor were wrecked.  I filed a complaint and claim against them, but redwood city police forced me to not be able to use my phone service to deny me access to my unlimited roadside assistance service that one or twice per week was ok as I asked the company.

            I am at the corner not because but because my child was raped as smpd rejected my sexual report I made against the father of my child not only against me, but my baby.  For years I have been ignored and for years I have been holding my signs trying to get help and support from the people who are not able to realize the discrimination and the danger nowadays as they discovered that mind and body is a computer and they are defiling human as diminishing only god image.  The only god, the one who asked me to observe, accuse and set his banners not just for my sake, but for his creation sake as 99 percent is being subdue, control and manipulate through frequencies.  You do not need someone next to you praying and cursing.   You just need a signal for your net service, your phone service; your just need a radio to get a message asking you to go see your favor man or woman lover.  The one who could asked you just to make sure that your soul will ended slave in her side as she or he is the one that you care for.  You can be at home and you will feel the need to go shopping or to go wild drinking and driving or eating . . . endless to say, but you, your property, your money are no longer safe.

            Many are the ones working at school system and welcoming you, but the minute you go your child is abuse and then is force to not to say, deny or so as it was happening to my child as vanessa Alejandra at child protective services in santa clara re-interviewed him after he did accused his steps on front of another cps representatives. 

Begging you for help and protection as I am forced to be on the street; as I was discriminate, as I have no choice and my family is suffering the worse just because government is not representing the americans and it is working with a mafia crime organized worldwide to subdue 99 percent of the people not only in the united states.  Five times redwood city police harassed me this week as they closed the across street of samtrans where I used to live since 2013 after they denied protection as I wrote even to the redwood city police chief; I went to court and they confiscated not only my legal documents, but my last roof as I am fighting for my rights and freedoms as one of the millions of americans that as martin luther king jr. have a dream.


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