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on July 12, 2014

Today, someone asked me about the wall that the Israelite people are trying to build.  I am against the wall that is being build everywhere in the United States because of what I discovered is plan to be: “Slavery, abuses on the poor.”  Walls are important for humans privacy based on mind and body among others little details that helps us to have privacy and independence.  However, walls are also historically not good: “Germany.”  Do I need to expand?

Furthermore, the wall was very important biblically for the Israelite people and certainly it is a custom, a belief and therefore I will say, I do agree with them.  As an American I feel that only God taught me to be respectful of belief and popular culture or customs that identify groups of people in a very especial way.  I do believe that they were one of the first one with whom he played and found on them trust, believe in him and if anything they were oppressed by the Egyptians at that time: “They were the poor, the fatherless; the slaves.”

I do feel that many of the things that happened and are described biblically are mostly symbolic.  We are all his creation and part of him.  Man was created through him and woman out of man ribs.  Observe and you will see how man doesn’t age as fast as woman do.  Therefore, I recommend you to have fun, a lot of fun, but when you are ready to engage seriously marry to someone mature not just on mind, but on age, but not too much! The median is always safe!

I do feel that the Promise Land is symbolic of only God supremacy and ownership of our world or his creation.  He gives to whoever as please and he does make kings, but he also tear them down no less.  Go read and put attention to detail and read in between lines.  He is good, but he is the only one perfect therefore there is no preferences on Whites, Blacks, . . . those are choices as colors as the many beliefs and many other things.

I feel that every single were created with some theme, some creativity in mind, but if you heard the famous song: “Mambo No. 5: ‘He likes a little bit of Monica , a little bit of Rita, . . .'”  In short, depends on us and I am sure that as written he gathered together his people in this country and has been making the effort to teach “US,” the Americans rights, freedoms, democracy, . . . Keep in mind that you teach just the ones that you care for and he put together people from around the World.

Now God’s perfection doesn’t have the bad or good judgement of humans therefore, every single of everything has a meaning, a reason to be and therefore, I don’t dare to believe that my beliefs are the right ones.  I am sure that the six point Israelite _King David’s Star has a symbolic and real meaning because at least divide the round world equally for all, but without perfection.  The line that is in between every 45 or 90 degree is the imperfection of this world even though look equally divided.  It is like the meaning of every single word that has that gray color between the black and the white, but isn’t neither black or white and it is what it is: “The gray and perhaps in different degrees that it does make a different tortilla not exactly the same one.”

I know many hates me, but let me ask you something, do you think that is just me the one doing so? or do you think that someone else bigger than me is protecting me?  I will tell you, I know that without him: “I am no one and just know nothing.”


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