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Today 31 years ago I had my second baby; my whole family isn’t here celebrating just me and his “friends.”

on July 11, 2014

Yes, I am crying.  The first day his puppy, Storm ran out of his place like crazy and didn’t want to come back, but since I told them Storm do not want to go out and I picked up and took her in the car around.  All night I was not allowed to sleep; they cannot understand that days like this one, only God takes over and does as please.  

I hope people is getting the idea that mind and body is just a computer and our “representatives” are using our country legal system to set up the poor as animals and in combination with wicked members robbing the talents of others as please.  They set up our children with oppressors worse than Hitler.  He was a pig, but these people are worse than him because they are taking away and ruin our trust even on our own biological parents.  Many of them force the procreation of the poor and fatherless children to use them.  

Certainly around the world millions of children and humans are abuse in many ways, but two wrongs do not make this one right.  Yes, I am crying because no matter how well some animals are care for or how they do have millions, attention, employees still animals who cannot decide or do as please.  I am sure that it wasn’t exactly Storm who has been refusing to go out last two days.  In places like this one.  People are sharing their space.  Condominium or so are not good because many are sharing with you and invading not only your space, but your mind and body computer, your soul’s home 

The misery of these criminals is so huge.  I went to a second hand store & believe it or not the prices were on the sky and the item were not as good.  Last December, I felt they forced me to buy green color socks that were expensive and this time they made an imperfection, taking away a button from the blouse purposely.  I will never go back there again in my life, but not so in another where they were having 75% on green tags and the clothes are extremely nice and beautiful.  I got a good deal.

At times, I wonder why I keep on doing so because it is hard for me to move my junk around and it is very disgusting and very heavy.  I know they are forcing me, but also is to try to forget and feel human and mainly doing something for fun as almost all is gone.  

Yes, crying and begging God to let them go through as they think dead is nice or to be a dog well taking care is no less no matter if they are diminishing you and depriving you of your rights freedoms, God choices.   

I saw my niece and somehow I am feeling bad.  She was bit up little after I visited her and ended in a hotel and now is with her baby, but she went to visit her dying grandma and I am afraid they are trying to overcome her and then what about her child.  She is concerned because he is brainwashing her baby’s mind and . . ., but she is also apart from me/  Is like my children that refused to believe and here I am suffering the worse because of all the abuses they are suffering.  

I know animals and plants live, dye and some do with happiness and others without, but is like being rich all your life and suddenly end on the street not knowing what to do or where to go.  My life is going through the worse thanks to wicked misery and I hope only God will hear my prayer.  I hope he will take care soon.

I decided I will never again color my hair.  The gold color I used to wear and enjoy is gone.  Instead they are forcing on me orange and I hate that color not much because of how they can use it.  I am sure that when God doesn’t want to colors do not work especially on me, but is the mere fact of them taking my rights.  I will stop spending.  Last time cost me $10. vs. $2-3 at dollar store and to be honest with you I don’t like the blond.  I am ready for my own white hair as arrive especially if it does very strong at once, but I am not going to spend any more on it. 

I got a call on Tuesday from a 408 phone number, but the minute I answered they hang up on me and I called back and it was private.  I believe was Child Protective Services.

I hope non-wicked understand how important is dirty-imperfect conditions. My son used to have everything top of line, clean and now are his ‘friends,’ the ones.  It is not that they want to learn and grow with him.  It is that they are robbing his identity, his customs, his choices for them to shine as destroying him.  One of his girlfriend long ago gave him Curious George.  Believe me he hate his name and to be honest with you has to do with it and I will add, seeing that frame just let me see her on that green monkey drawing.  She is one of the most ugly : “FB” ever.  I detest her as no one because it is not because he is my son, but because he could be one of millions or perhaps more, but since he was 14 he works hard and he put together his money to help his mom.  Yes, I invested the money for them, but his heart was to help me.  For years despite his young age he always have been my biggest pride as his two brothers because every single of them have their own simplicity, but the most gorgeous beauty in their heart.  As friend you will not find anyone better.  They are the friends I always wish to have because they are trustworthy and lovable.  I cannot believe they are using and betraying them as they are doing.  

One sent a photo of me from my last job and he is behind not posing.  Instead the photo is too bad that really it is hard to see him.  However, she sent it to make him feel bad as they love to do to the poor trying to kill his image, his confident, his pride as they also have been doing to my older son, my baby, my granddaughter and millions others who do not know what is going on.  It is the worse crime ever.  Mind and body is a computer.  Yes, I love them; they are part of me, but I am sure that millions could be the ones that by accident ended in my tummy and could it be my baby.  How they would turn out; I don’t know, but I do know that they earned my heart, my soul with their simplicity, their intelligence, their wishes to be and show me their pride on my poor efforts raising them as a single mother not just to them and today I regret being so nice and dumb as many just took advantage of me and I am sure that millions others go through not knowing and losing as I their identity, their lives, their children and I hope you do understand how I feel.  It is not against wicked; it is against “lagartones,” they can learn but it is easy to take and destroy and elite love it because this way they keep the money and power.  They don’t care for humans.

You should see my baby with his teeth very dirty as his nails. . .you should see my son refrigerator full with no space, but in reality not much food just water and it is not because of lack of money.  He tips more than 20 percent and he spend as crazy, but this way he is thin, looking young for his age, not the muscle well built man, but he cannot see that is purposely done as also the baggies pants forced without much efforts just the styles that children love, but harm them because they are too big or having imperfect conditions through the holes as wicked use it to control, subdue and manipulate them as well as robbing and destroying them in many ways especially setting them up in courts, jails, hospitals, . . . 

I am realizing that is much worse than I ever thought and it have been happening for years perhaps.  The biggest different now a days is that animals race are being enhance because this way they can kill “legally, as abuse without much trouble.”  For God sake even the housekeeper participate and no less the gardeners or the workers in the condo properties as this, but also in private properties as they kill the plants or fill the grass with bad withers. Endless to say, you may clean your home, leave to work while the nice family “helping you,” is watching your baby and you come he looks happy and your home a mess and you say: “It is OK, I want my child to be happy.  I am happy no matter the mess.” not knowing that that is harming you and putting your child in danger because as my son’s dog: “She was not refusing to go, the workers were the ones manipulating her mind to keep me lock here.”  They can give him or her a cold shower; he or she might cry and suffer, but as you come; she or he will be happy.  My child used to cry and cry for hours at the park as I was having 5 rental properties just because “Honor Greenberg using the legal system of the United States took his legal and physical custody in combination with Child Protective Services who just know how to re-re-interview and hide the facts while lying and filing as they please for the sake and best interest of wicked mafia worldwide.”  Of course they are a mother or parents, but so we are and our children deserve as much as their and they are imposing their religious beliefs and practices.  Worse of all they are imposing and denying through it our rights and freedoms.  The choices only God gave us as we are paying through our taxes their bills and salaries to persecute us for religious reason.   

All night I was abuse, but only God is the one sustaining me and giving me the faith and the strength to keep on going not just for my children, but the millions of poor abuse and this include even wicked nowadays.  Begging you for help and support for a pubic accusation against government representatives.  Humans naturally appropriates, but to take away from others even their mind and body means robbing and this legally is a crime as our First Amendment acknowledge your right to belief without no one approving it, but you cannot impose on someone else your belief just because you want to be .  Government is robbing, killing, abusing authorities and discretions for their best interest and best interest of wicked mafia worldwide. 


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