In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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on March 31, 2014

Please read.  I signed at Tumblr. the new agreements, but this is not a religious matter because I do know that based on our First Amendment there is no matter.  We do not need to accept others believe, but we need let them to be as they do have the right to believe as well as I do in whatever we wish or want to.  However, the doors and the rights should be equal both ways.  If people do not like my way of believe.  Please stop reading and go away if you feel that isn’t worth, but let me tell you: “You have the right to know and you should be the one deciding and digesting whatever with many efforts and struggles I put together.  The Unites States of America is being wrecked and our Constitutional rights are being taken away.  I barely ever I do have the opportunity to post because of it.  My phone is turn off as government “representatives please.”

My baby lost one of his tooth as government took his legal and physical custody in retaliation just because I am claiming to be the Lord, Eloi Yahweh’s Servant and I am trying to alert you as he asked me to observe, accuse and set his banners.  Government is alienating, emancipating our Constitution.  One of the greatest tool any citizen in this world should feel proud to have and not to say lucky.  Our forefathers and millions of Americans like Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King who by thou way had been victims of this system.  They are taking the advantage of talking about them or making movies while they were the ones who abused them and killed them.

My baby as million was raped and still is.  My baby worst than the millions others are being trafficking by the ones seating at the seat  of honors in the United States of America as they are a crime, a mafia organized group worldwide using and destroying as robbing our country and treasure.  My baby is being exploit as many do know and have been informed not just directly, but publicly as I have been standing at the corners of Ralston/El Camino in Belmont as well as Whipple/Veterans in Redwood City, CA where I ended homeless as government denied and robbed my properties as they ignored my transmutation marital agreement and imposed a restraining order as well as a domestic violence family case as neither that man or I is a violence person.  Yes, I saw him molesting my child sexually at the beginning of 2005 and I ended up reporting to every single member of Congress who seems to be were upset as I delivered only God’s message: “Stop doing what you are doing or I will take money and power.”  They took my child in retaliation as I arrived from Washington and put me under 51-50 bending the criteria and moved me out of jurisdiction to deny help and as I demanded my Habeas Corpus right the people who robbed my jewelry at Saint Francis Hospital “They did not know what I was talking about.”

That was not the only time, in which I was put under 51-50 again happened in 2006 as threaten my child’s life and as his “Dad” did what they told me they were going to do: “Take my child to Mexico to kill him.” For the last eight years ‘honors” like Greenberg, MC Kenna, Jakubowski and Franchi just had been acknowledging not exactly as they were asking me not to repeat what it was written in my pleadings, but doing absolutely anything to correct as happened throughout 2013 where ‘errors from facilitators were more important to deny protection.’  My child is being exploited: $ 1,008.00 he made out of his videos posted through his dad’s YouTube account and then as I made that public he went down to $10. A trick to deny him access to the real amounts.  His Dad slapped him and his right chic face was and inch bigger, but believe it or not neither the school nor the court care or made a report.  My child was forced to make 500 lines and he was just transferred for various reason as the Principal of San Antonio school was so powerful that made my child tears stop and made him to deny ever making any of the few lines he ended saying on front of his Dad.  My child is so lucky that his teacher, Ms. Alarcon is doing what for years no one ever did as my child was set under his legal and physical custody as I reported and struggled to inform not only to Child Protective Services, DA Office in South San Francisco, OCC, Human Rights, ACLU among quite a number more people.  My child is afraid to call or say.  He does not know as Trafficking line is asking me to tell him to call them.  My child is afraid to let me take photos and in  fact I couldn’t get one, but overall does not matter as Redwood City Police used a 72 Hours parking violation as many of them wrecked my two last vehicles: 1996 Toyota and 1992 GMC where for years I kept my legal documents. ( 26-32 cases filed even at the Federal Court in San Francisco where my fee waiver was denied and where Honor Marilyn Hall Patel committed one of the worst crime: unfiled my last motion contesting her denial as I discovered that not even if my rental property were generating income that money would be considered an income as I had not being working since 2003 due to the religious persecution I have been suffering.  My whole family is suffering the worst ever and wicked is doing worst than HITLER EVER DID IN THE GERMANY CAMPS WHERE THE JEWS WERE ABUSE.  I AM TREAT WORST THAN A SLAVE IN THE UNITED STATES IN 2014.  EXPLOIT AND ABUSE IN MANY WAYS WHILE MY RIGHTS AS A CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY ARE BEING ALIENATE.  HELP!


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