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I am totally out; this suck wicked country representatives are worse than pigs: What a lovely child’s concerns our honors do have.

on February 14, 2014

I just came out of the hearing.  Honor Jakubowski one of the fourth honors assigned in my family case was today the judge.  She denied and told me more or less the same as MC Kenna you are going to have a hearing for custody next week and the restraining order was denied.  She is blaming baby because he is 11-year-old and he should know how to keep himself clean, but when and how if for eight years his father never taught him and are quite a number of people abusing him.  I myself I struggle this morning and even the police was going around.  I went to the laundry to wash my clothes because of it.  It is not exactly my child fault and she just shake the head because he has not being complying with the court order to deliver him to Redwood City or to pick him up at Diridon train station.  After all, she just denied and that was it.

His lawyer did not respond in writing and the father denied the cut in baby’s neck and his lawyer said: “The school should make a report and had not being done.”  Of course they are part of the abusers wicked people who are making sure to be abusing us and using our suffering.  I told them that the after school teacher saw and ask baby what it is that we can say or how it is that I am supposed to force them to make a report when I did make one and the suck principal of the Meyer Elementary School just lost it in her home.

I swear to you they are playing “pendejos,” shaking the suck head or telling like MC Kenna it is bad that the father is not here and he should, but she did denied and never gave me the credit of the doubt.  My child was crying on front of his father as on front of the principal of the San Antonio Elementary School, but suddenly stop and said “He never wrote no line out of 500 lines he told in tears he was punished to write because he misbehaved and fart.

Today is not an especial ED transferred it was because the school is very crowded, but it was done in the middle of the year and my child is missing his classmate and crying and because I told them that my child love and care for his father; now he is working so my child is just seeing him as he goes to take the bus, come from the school and spent the hours alone because his father is working from 2-11pm as no one care for him.   What a lovely child’s concerns our honors do have.  If I would it be the one violating the court order I am sure they would it take care on his behalf, but not so and she told me to address next week, but I sure that all my child abuses will be old by next week as usual.

This is S U C K, I am begging God to bless them according to their deeds.  God knows if she as I know that my child is being neglect; she knows that my child is being abuse.  I love our representatives as no one else ever will do.   Oh God, please bless them and make known their deeds. Because this is the reason why some are killing in their schools.

Begging you to support a public accusation as the one Anita Hill set a precedent against government representatives who are alienating our Constitution, our rights and freedoms.


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