In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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Begging you for help. I am sure that if we get together we can turn this World 180 degrees for the best interest of millions if not trillions!

on February 5, 2014

I am begging you for help.  Many are the people without a job.  Many are the people losing their hours.  Millions are the ones on the street. Believe in the Only God and change our future . . . 

Perhaps if I leave it blank you may think more about the suffering of the poor.  About the millions of children abuse everywhere for no reason.  About the millions of elderly abuse everywhere for no reason as people just care to get money.

Support a public accusation against government, go read at Facebook my last ten posted blogs begging you for help an accusing many of the ones who took my homes, my vehicles.  There is in Pittsburgh, CA in my son’s girlfriend home a Mustang and El Camino car parked as they vandalized them too. My GMC and my Toyota too and here I am walking trying to avoid the abuses of many of the bus drivers as well as people as I am paying my full fare to ride.  I came here and I hit my right foot with my junk, but those are forced onto me just to show me power.  I am not sure what is the your reason, but 3/4 humans are no more in America and if you mixed me with animals is too bad I am having God image and therefore I am a full citizen of this country who as everyone else or I should say because the poor pay more than others in taxes.  My glasses are always more expensive, my dental services more expensive.  I pay DMV and I don’t get what I pay for, my vehicles are stop as done for years not only to my Toyota or the GMC now.  This is not the first time.  Government is discriminating against me and millions and treats us as if we are their slaves.  They are altering record on cases and city hall property titles . . .


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