In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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I’ve being all morning at court for the sake and safe of my child who is being abuse as many criminals even seating at honors place are participating in the crime

on January 13, 2014

I did visit the Facilitator’s office to make sure there is no errors.  However, I ended having two of the same form F-300 one to request the re-consideration of my fee waiver denied twice there. Although no income never received is an income even though you may had worked hard to earn it.  The company may run out of money of your boss do not have or never intended to pay you because he is mean and rotten.  An is no less an assets because if you didn’t pay for through a loan or the loan is in a process, the assets is in the process, but not quite there for whatever reason.  It’s happening to me and even though I used to own five million dollars, government representatives had been abusing authorities and discretions to take everything away with the sole intention to create hardship in my conditions and to unable me to do as please with it to stop me from accusing and making public their crime.

They are using witchcraft a few minutes ago I heard a man who said his lawyer charge $ 10,000 and he doesn’t have one because he cannot longer afford one.  They are not professionals; they have no ethics.  Good number of them are working with our oppressors, our abusers.  I heard the Facilitator telling me to file two F-300 for reconsideration of the fee waiver and the DVC, but you have only ten days to do so.  If the DVC was held on 12/18/13 the ten days are gone, but my child still being abuse.  Yesterday not have a sense of days, times or days of the week told me that the school and the driver is tricking his dad because he cried and cried missing his friends at Meyer Elementary School from where he was removed because he is not capable of doing his assignments when in fact the reason is because they are abusing him and robbing his talents.  They are isolating and keeping him afraid.  His father told him he should not go out after 6pm because is dark and a man in Halloween took a knife and killed a child and he should go with anyone to celebrate it. Then he told me that he couldn’t play with his neighbors friends because he spent too much time with me and he added that he couldn’t play with them on Christmas when I was not with him because they were having a party away, but if he is with me they can and I am not letting him.

I am accusing the woman who raise me as child of not being my biological mother as only God told me; she and her family always exploited me and abuse me and she is the one adding to his psychological abuses that my child is suffering as Honor MC Kenna denied the DVC because they couldn’t established any abuses as they do know how to trick and play with the laws written and then because dad wasn’t present and couldn’t answer.  She just missed him and told his lawyer he should be there and his poor lawyer couldn’t answer any questions because he did not know and he did not respond to my motion just because no wrong answers to any question is better than it.  As my child goes back and forth denying and sharing with me because after all he did not cry.  He is not longer a child.  My child did no less on front of the new Principal of San Antonio Elementary School who did not know as the Principal of Meyer Elementary School that my child was not with them or was transferred and they did not know the real reason.  My child accuse a man of abusing him and his friends and forced him to write 500 lines.  The man was there for two days and substitute his teacher.  His teacher never was substitute, but it was no less what Botarini at Redwood City Court did as I requested a Transcript of my Ex-Parte requesting to vacate the notice to vacate my last property at Belmont.  The Presiding Judge, denied the motion and she said: “He was on vacation and never held it.”  If my child is being abuse, control and manipulated.  I am not.   


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