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Begging you for help: technology will smash up to 99 percent of the people of this world. I am accusing government of the worse crime

on December 9, 2013

Yes, I am at San Francisco State University where I do have a meeting for my Grievance.  The first meeting postpone BC Dean got sick and the second BC I paid extra money on Bart to get here on time, but the train stop in the air for no reason and I got to my appointment half an hour late.  No less today, when I did have to pay Bart BC the “nigger” and not for all BC I know there are many Blacks that as me are decent and deserve my respect, but this one as many others stop several times and walked out of the bus to invade me, rape me, and allow others to rob me.  Can you believe it, we are paying to be abuse and rob.  I went to Millbrae and I took Bart spending what I do not have, but I couldn’t take him and the bunch of others Latinos Marranos in their majority abusing and robbing me of my talents and knowledge.

On my child’s B-Day God blessed me.  I was able to celebrate with him his B-day and with his 18 after school classmates who were very nice.  I prepared for 12 and I don’t know how, but was enough for the 18 and they were happy and satisfied.  We didn’t missed much.  Just my phone charger was taken from me and I know was done purposely.

Two days ago I went to the Redwood City library and as last week before that, but this time was not the White and the Latina women.  This time was the librarian who turned off the computer leaving all my accounts opened even though the computer warned me that were five minutes left.  All my password were screwed up last time and I spent time trying to write at Facebook, but almost ending she just turned off the computer.

Yesterday, reading I figured out why government subsidized maquiladoras at the Mexico border: because they are trying to classify people and put them in cluster.  They are robbing the land of the poor in Latino America and Mexico as well as South America.  I hope you know about the Nicaraguan Canal which China ended up taking over BC they forced a Tsunami on Japan.

This is a world of injustice.   This is a world of lies and worse this is a country of Marranos who are pre-selected by monarchies and then they are moved as “titeres,” meaning as they please.  No wonder why John Boehner never responded to my demanded public accusation or Barbara Boxer, Jackie Speier or Governor Brown never done absolutely anything as I begged for help from them as many others like the Redwood City Police Chief ignored me and just gave me a 72 hours of parking violation to rob the evidences of their crime as they vandalized not just my Toyota 1993 and my GMC van recently, but as for years my Red Honda, and Mustang; my El Camino who ended painted black by my older son as they controlled and manipulated my older children through their shuttle.  Mainly the woman who is the mother of my granddaughter and who abused my baby several times as she was sending my son with his friends and she was giving a ride to him back to Hayward.

Honors do know about the use of witchcraft to rob and abuse the talents of the children of the poor who are been taken purposely by them.   They rape, they exploit, and they abuse them in many ways that goes from sexually, mentally, physically and psychologically.  The worse part of all it is that they prosecute the poor as they please with the shit they have been writing on the Constitution and the law of this country with the sole intention to take from the poor their rights, freedoms and talents.

So far, I do know that SF State send me a denial of my fees back request and although I reported for three semester to the Broadcasting Department and they done partially, but not as much as needed and forced me to withdraw my semester are telling me that is not permitted to withdraw when I did because everyone was ignoring me as abusing and robbing my talents.  I was here paying to be rob, paying to be abuse and not taught.  Why should I be in a junky place like this where perhaps just reading from book I can teach better and more efficiently to the students myself as I will be learning to do? What I need to know and teach to others without letting them to cheat or rob others.

This is what I figured out that elderly are been robbed of their knowledge and talents and Alzheimer is the name giving to the abuses, which I tried to report since 2003 through Ombudsman in San Francisco, Sacramento, the Cathedral Hill Church and San Francisco as San Mateo Police and this was the reason why God asked me to serve on him or chose me as his servant.

I know that in the Bible you will find that all his servants are abuse like me who ended at the corner of Whipple/Veterans Blvd, Redwood City sleeping on the street under the rain, cold or whatever even the sunshine all day as it is there otherwise freezing not just because of the weather, but through the use of suggestions as happened last night after I went to Grocery Outlet and a Latina saw me on line and put her food on front of me trying to work my mind to pay for her and the EEs do know.  She made me spent $ 30.00; I ate all day on Sunday, but he also said how cold and freezing outside was.  My hands and feet were so cold and numb.  I was unable to stand or walk because of it.  I got upset because if anything I go spend in their place my EBT food money and they do not appreciate that.  Last time I purchase a $.99 cents Mexican rice pudding (3) they were spoiled and they did not returned my money,  I felt OK because I did throw them away and I did not bring it in, but I told the woman and I am sure she just worked my mind to make me taste it OK.  Do you know about the expiration date issue?

I am about to go to my appointment.  I just know that I request help from the Financial Aid Department and they recommended to request my money, but they are denying and this means that I will be charge back of the Financial Aid given through government as I spent three semester reporting and reporting the abuses and no one ever care.  BECA department is denying and even they were having the access to my classes without elevator for three weeks as I reported and not only that they were having limited access to the labs and put me behind on my class.

In my Journalism department that is a chaos, but so far I have no heard of them denying.  What I can tell you my teacher had been sending her comments and I have no wasted my time reading BC she is too bad that twice I pointed to her that base on the AP Style book my writing was correct.  The goal was to down grade my grades no matter and not expecting that I was reading and making the effort to be successful.  The writing lab person told me I could quote and put the name of the person as shown on the book: middle, end or beginning and didn’t matter as my teacher was telling me to do.  Perhaps her own style, but not incorrect.

Begging you for help, begging you for support for a public accusation against government who are pushing technology using the energy of the poor to support it and are wasting humans worse than animals.  They are the ones pushing me to get the shopping cart of SAVERS, Grocery Outlet; they set them up as the police told me: “No shopping cart.” (Suggesting as many times RWC and Belmont Police did to force me to jump on front of the traffic, but no matter if you do not kill me yourself.  I am condemning you and you never read the Holy Bible go read because God killed all the ones who abuse and killed his servants all of them at once and that is not it.  He told me that he does as he please one way or the other and also told me that if you do repent he might relent.  This sound like if I am asking you to do so, but no it is far from it.  Sound different as you read from the Bible.  All I figured out is that he wants to put the dot on the I and tells me straight forward as he did say and I did not understand why he said: “Now that I show you my evil face.” In short, he does as he please.  I don’t think he is the one going with wicked and lay with them.  Many are the soul’s dead and alive who are doing as they please BC what I felt and saw one day at Lago was a King of Kings with a rope and followed by others as he got upset with me BC I wrote my prophesies and he said “You are not my prophet; you are my servant.”


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