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Help, begging you for help. You have no idea how the poor people in this country is discriminated. We are the ones paying highest taxes, but education is deny to us, the Americans as we do have 50 percent of the students at Berkeley-Chinese. No wonder why our President is an African not American native as I saw the house where he was born in a magazine and the fake social security he used as he came to this country.

on November 19, 2013




Student Services Building, Room 403

1600 Holloway Avenue

San Francisco, California 94132-4045













“If things go wrong, as an SF State student, you can rely on support and resources for getting problems solved.” 


If you have not yet done so, please visit the “Student Concerns and Complaints” website located at, or the “Title IX: Creating a Sexual Harassment Free Community” website at  These sites will guide you in problem solving steps and pathways to aid you in finding the correct people to speak with first, depending on the issue you are hoping to solve.  If you have exhausted these steps, please fill out this form as thoroughly as possible so that we can begin to assist you in reaching a resolution.  Turn the completed form into the Student Services Building (SSB), Room 403 or email it to  (This publication is available in alternate formats upon request.  Please contact the Student Affairs/Enrollment Management office at 415-338-2916 or




Last Name:       Benavides                     First Name:         Estrella                       MI:               J Date:    11/4/2013           


Street Address:             P. O. Box 2741                                                                                                                        


City:     Redwood City                                                   State:                CA                   Zip Code:          94064              




Home Phone #:                                     Cell Phone #:    (650) 921-2084                          Work Phone #:                                     


Best Time(s) to Call:      Anytime                                                                        SFSU ID #:       912552776                   




Date(s) of Incident(s)/Complaint(s):

Since the first day of registration at the Instruction Welcome Meeting, I couldn’t register for BECA 300 because I was not allowed to register or I was having troubles with codes or password.  Only 4 spaces available and 5 people were there.  I was forced to let them be.


Approximate Time(s) of Incident(s)/Complaint(s):


I’ve been here three semesters with this one.  I have not been registered only in my JOUR 395 class.  My complaint is on all and some of those complaint were brought up to the Chair because I felt that the teachers were participating and purposely downgraded my assignments and opportunities to be successful. I feel that some of the professors were fair compared to SF State who ignored my reports or complaints knowing that this religious persecution is happening.


Location(s) of Incident(s)/Complaint(s):


Many times classrooms, library labs, even in the shuttle where a good number of students thank the drivers who is the one in charge of the bus in which we all are sharing the space as mind and body as I discussed is just our soul’s home: “a computer..”







  1. Summarize the incident(s) giving rise to your complaint in a single sentence.


I’m persecuted and discriminated for religious reason and my constitutional rights are being denied.






  1. How has the incident(s) negatively impacted you personally and/or academically?

This semester the worst ever.  But last one no less.  I got a letter due to a big drop in my GPA from Average A-Bs to Cs in almost all of my classes and I even got an “F,” in my JOUR 395.  This semester is getting worsen than ever because my average is as bad as Ds and Fs.  Professor Bear made a AP Style wrong and also had been indicating me that I cannot quote a person saying their names at beginning or middle and for her is just acceptable just at the end, but the Writing Center as I asked her with book on hand told me “She couldn’t understand her reasons.” However, the same person who commented was the one who misguided me last semester for my BECA 370 assignments. About two weeks ago prior the first time submission of this document which I am correcting because as it was typed it is containing some errors and I am realizing that due to the same abuses that right this second I am suffering as many of the students are robbing me of my talents I forgot to describe, but luckily I told you to request all the documents submitted on the past to many of the Deans and Chairs mentioned in my email.  I also want to inform you that due to the same religious persecution and discrimination I am suffering in which you or SF State is not alone and has the active participation of government representatives from top to bottom even the last two Presidents of the United States of America as far I am aware.  They just took my vehicles in which I have been forced to live until recently just to take away the evidences of their crime.




  1. If applicable, who have you gone to for support regarding the incident(s)?  What did you or others do to try to resolve the incident(s)?  What was the outcome?



I reported several times to the library lab attendants. I asked several times for help.  I reported to teachers, chair and deans.  I was referred to Osvaldo Del Valle, Director of Student Conduct who didn’t receive my response as he told me I requested the meeting, but the only reason I visited him was responding to Chair Azocar referral.  Chair Patterson helped me and others ignored me; however, Chair Paterson solve the issue with my BECA 350 class not to the issue at the beginning of this semester with BECA 470 where I was denied the right to crash into the class.  Please request the email send to him.  At library, the SF Chronicle copy online was denied, but I saw it available and the first librarian even indicated me how to do so from far as long as I was student here.




  1. Identify individuals who may have observed or witnessed the incident(s) that you described.  Please list their name, telephone number, and email.  If pertinent, please note their relationship to you. 

Many of the lab attendants who helped me to correct the problems I have been facing.  Many times not allowed to edit, to response with a lot of stress because I couldn’t copy or paste or because the data was gone or because the language was changed from a distant computer or because I couldn’t save my stuff in my USB and then I was re-doing the assignments from scratch a lot of time barely on time or past time.

At one time I was almost put out of the school for 13 days.  Professor Yutian Wong, Doctora Camacho, Chair Azocar, Professor Cunningham, Director Spenser, Chair Paterson.  Les Wong, President.  Many students as lab attendants like Mike Cheng, the 308 lab ITT attendant.  Please request the copy of all the documents I sent to them and be aware that I struggle to put them together as people change and altered even the words I am writing at times.




  1. Do you have any documents supporting your allegation?  If so, please list and attach a copy.


I am glad that I found many mistakes in this form and I did inform to your secretary, but as I told you above government representatives who I have been accusing publicly since 2003 just confiscated my vehicles where I used to have all my left belonging until last week and where I was forced to live under animals or worst conditions.  My efforts to get help and protection had been denied my John Boehner the Speaker of the House, The Supreme Court of the United States of America where I finally filed a case, but on 2/20/13 was dismissed to keep on hiding the crime I discovered.  I also did file three cases at the Federal Court in San Francisco where Honor Marilyn Hall Patel denied my Pauperis Status in which I was forced to dismiss my cases, which I contested several times until she even unfiled my last document filed.  My cases copy were kept and I am sure they held a hearing in which I was not allowed to be present as I was having a jury trial case at the Superior Court of California where I was forced to be present and this is just for your information.

At SF State I have informed several people

Believe at times, my data or assignments get lost, are not delivered, are altered and that was the case of my last assignment on JOUR 395, which Professor Cunningham saw as I presented to her and the classmates, but my finding were totally the opposite of what she found about the rent inflated prices going high in San Francisco.





  1. Describe how you would expect this incident(s) to be resolved.  (What would you like to see happen regarding the incident(s)? In what ways can we support you in this process?)

I am here to be taught equally.  What’s in fact happening to not only me is that we are abused, set up, rob of our talents and not teach at all.  If I am recording and I am doing my share nice and high standards or quality, students screw up on the cables and ruined it.  Others they are not recorded properly and I have many of my precious portfolio ruined.  We are discriminate and persecute for religious reasons.  1) I want to be treated equally to all.  2) Taught as everyone else. 3) As student I should be coach not follow up to screw up my potential interview people just to force me to not be successful as I discovered Professor Bear doing. Some students at time of test, are singing or playing music to call my soul’s attention to help them to rob my knowledge and efforts. 4) Students who breaks rules should be punish, but not me because I don’t let them to treat me as their slave or servant when I am paying here for my tuition to be teach.  5) I want my grades fixed.  6) I expect an investigation with regard my discoveries and accusation.  LAN it is an easy share access and no student should be disturb or abuse to be force to not learn.









Signature:          Estrella Benavides submitted again on 11/18/13                             Date: 11/4/13                                     


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