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s I am trying to link to Facebook the box is blinking like a Christmas tree. A miserable Black woman is doing so.

on November 4, 2013

s I am trying to link to Facebook the box is blinking like a Christmas tree. A miserable Black woman is doing so..

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Thursday, November 07, 2013 9:00 PMEstrella J Benavides

Eugene R Chelberg‎; Joseph D Greenwell
Charla Bear‎; Cristina Azocar‎; Scott Patterson‎;‎; Venise Wagner‎; Dina A Ibrahim‎; JOHN E BARSOTTI

Hi to all with all my respect:

Today, I am having an appointment with Dean Eugene R. Chelberg and I hope with Joseph D. Greenwell. I am aware that the issue is the system that lies, that robs, that kills and it is alienating throughout our government representatives our Constitution; my 6th and 1st Amendment. Some of you try to keep it in between the line where I cannot say much about you or the alienation of my rights and freedoms or my equal rights to learn and to be teach as I am here paying for that no matter if it done through my already paid taxes (FAFSA) as partially is done this semester.

It’s not the first semester suffering the worse and even the participation of some professors in the religious persecution and the alienation of my rights and freedoms. As I am writing my emal a student across from me just changed the John E. Barsoti email to capital letters only not as I copy and paste and it is posted on his data page as I search for him. Many times this is the reason why I barely print and rush to do my assignments. This is partially the reason why my English still poor. Aside that BECA lab attendant according to Professor Camacho made a “mistake” saying totally the opposite of broadcasting rules to write scripts last semester. I did have to get a book, talked to Professor Camacho and I struggle not only discerning between what Doctor Camacho taught me, what I read and what I saw, but let me clarified this is the only department who cares and gives the students the opportunity to be coach and support as we are in the process of learning. Majority of time, the lab attendant tries to do her job unless I believe she is advised to not do so as I saw someone else telling her to not help me as I was there.

Several times, in many classes not only here I learned about the students assigned set ups. They don’t show, they don’t post, they don’t respond, they accused you of not doing as they keep doing nothing or do not appreciate what you really done to participate not just to learn, but to try to get the best grade for all. As I mentioned to Dean Chelberg, I had troubles from day one when I was not allowed to register in my BECA 300 crucial and important class as the JOUR 300 in my minor career, but I was able to crash later at the beginning of the semester, not so in my JOUR 300 where luckily I was able to register in my priority period, but out of nowhere the class was cancelled last semester. This semester I was able, but because I did not have a grade on JOUR 300 I was dropped from another class taught by Yumi Wilson where I was getting the As I used to earn almost everywhere not because I am smart, but because I am dedicating my time, my efforts to do so.

On my first semester here, I was accused by a student who made me open a google app account with her to do our assignments and denied access to it immediately after and despite of all my participation she said “I did not do anything.” I did have to show through my emails all what I done. The search, the participation and agreements with one out of the two people working with me, who never allowed me to see the final project to present it. Luckily I read and prepared in case they called me and as I heard them presenting; I participated with a Stanford study on the excessive phone use as well as When Word Collide comments about “multitasker vs. unitasker.” I did have to make my own assignment as others were participating in groups and doing part of the job in my LTNS 660 class. No less happened in BECA 350 last semester where I was at the day of the presentation without knowing what to do or say. I did not know what to do or say not because I did not participate, but the little allowed to do was just kept and enhance by the other two students who started saying everything was OK, under control and were not allowing me to participate, do or absolutely anything. I ended reporting to Doctor Camacho to whom I respect not because she gave me a “C” grade pass, but because she was fair and rightfully granted us what we deserve from a professional point of view. I will repeat, I am aware that it is the system, but some of you have criteria, some of you are very professional in your career. The same happened with Chair Paterson and BECA 350 Professor. I wish I could say the same from Professor Justin Beck because somehow he earned my respect, but what he did with the right screwed up with the left. He also tried to give me a W after assuring me that I was doing OK.

In my JOUR 222 I earned a “C,” after all the efforts and dedication. I felt that my initial test score never improved. I started with an average 60 and it looks like that it is what I came out from the class and if I am saying this is not because I want to complaint, but I did also mentioned to Professor Venise Wagner: “Many of the students are cheating, taking and robbing my talents as they are lazy. One of them even sang, played music to be able to rob my talents as we were having a test or an assignment.” I wrote two Obituaries. One of the students told me that he never said he was from San Francisco; he did insinuated that I invented part of his biography as the second student told me to enhance and never let me have the one he made about me, but I was supposed to edit and I was evaluated very poorly as I barely got the piece. Majority of the time, I need to do two or three times the same assignments and no matter if I spend extra time at the writing lab where I was told I couldn’t be help because it was just for BECA students not JOUR students. It didn’t make sense for me because Chair Azocar referred me several times. The hours in my BECA 665 lab hours were changed as I tried to do my assignments; the computers were not allowing me to save my job in my USB, but that doesn’t only happens there. Happens everywhere; my files get lock, my files do not open no matter if the professor saw my assignment as Professor Cunningham did at the end of the last semester. The ITT tech man screwed me up several times as I tried to put the piece together more than three times. He was forcing me to cut the parts that were talking about the low rent prices in San Francisco and he was not happy as I tried to do what a good reporter needs to do: “NO BIAS.” I JUST HOPE THAT YOU KNOW THAT WE TRIED BECAUSE CERTAINLY WE CHOOSE THIS OR THAT BECAUSE WE LIKE, WE AGREE OR IT SEEM TO BE THE BEST ANSWER. We are in a sense bias, but not supposed to do so consciously.

I got behind in my BECA 665. I couldn’t catch up. Despite the facts that a phone number was provided to be able to have access to the limited two to four hours lab where the computer doesn’t let you save in your USB your progress. In my JOUR 300 people were even following me to screw up my schedule interviews. Some people even cancelled them last minute. My first one I got screwed up by a student who using witchcraft didn’t let me. I started the class with an F and another F in my first assignment. The second, I was lucky to pursue and finally get an interview. My professor was informed at all times. I do not know how I did manage to do so at 9 am having until 11 or 3:25 pm to turn that in, but I was late. I feel that Professor Bear is very lucky and always get her interviews just on time to be. I just wonder if as others I discovered some breaking news are made like the September 11 where 100s of people were killed.

I am running out of time for my appointment at 1 pm, but I am sure there is much more to say. Copy of some of the documents were sent and presented as indicated to the professors and later to the Chair departments. I am homeless forced by members of the same crime-organized using our country who are persecuting me for religious reason and I do have the documents, but due to the nature and time pressure I don’t have them available

Attached my grades comments for JOUR 300.

See you in a few minutes Dean Chelberg, thanks,

Estrella Benavides

Note: very few things were edited as I was trying to post this in WordPress not because I am trying to alter it, but because I realized they are missing the subject or because perhaps I have been learning and keeping part of my learning as I traveled on the Samtrans buses or so. I will learn how to read and write to not make Eloi ashamed. It is not that I care to show you absolutely anything. I do not know why, but I am very simple. I am satisfy with nature beauty; I am more than happy to feel the feelings and ideas of others including myself, animals, plants and Eloi who doesn’t talk, but I believe he look at me and winks his eyes when he is happy or upset and who pull his hat to make it to look nicer when he knows people admired his little baby girl not the old grandma who is proud of her doll. He doesn’t look at me at a growing up woman. No, he loves me more than it. I am the last baby of his only son, Jesus and I am the one who spoiled him: the one who believes no matter the mountain in falling on her; the one who dances for anything and everything he does to save her; the one who sing with her heart and soul telling him that her heart and soul just yelled his name for help!

Last two semester many others professors were informed; some of them were as nicer as Doctor Camacho and I want to thank them. Eloi told me one day that I did not know what else to say or write: “It’s of men to make errors, but who learns, stand and believe in me will get bigger in my kingdom.” I just hope many of you are the ones he wishes to have working with him as for years in America and for this world sake after all we are all his creation.

6. As I was writing my email to Professor Bear today and as I sent copy to Dean Greenwell as well as the Associate Vice President Gene Chelberg. I felt forced to do so by at least one Black woman; I do not know if she was a student. I also felt the same way a second time. I perhaps cannot give the name of the students or outsider people who have been giving me a hard time as I am at the library, but in general I can identify them if they are part of my classroom group or even some of the people from outside if they happen to be next or near me. I can tell you what they had done. I do have some photos and written notes about the abuses.
The form was stolen as my phone, but the meeting took place in 403 with Dean Chelberg and I mentioned his dog to have a clear description, a fact not a delusional statement saying that the meeting and my grievance was filed at SF State.
Begging you for help and begging you for protection in the name of only God who is three equal one because Jesus, his son is the body while the mind is Eloi Yahweh and the Holy Spirit lives in both mind and body computer the basis knowledge is withchcraft; the religious belief that is being use by wicked people, but not as for years for the sake of this world and this country, Eloi Yahweh’s kingdom where he gathered people from all over the world to take care and worship him. Jesus is the physical body and connection that bring us near him and show us the path to him.


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