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As many students at SF State as well as many others institutions in this country are robbing the talents of the poor as Mind and Body are just a computer; our soul’s home. Dean Susan B. Shimanoff closed my appeal and she couldn’t ever understood that is not just for Journalism 395, but my whole Fall semester 2013Where I average a “C” and I got an “F” as they are discriminating and denying not only my 6th Amendment and are segregating against thousands in this place

on October 30, 2013

The same is happening everywhere.  I paid about $ 30,000 for my older son to study airplane mechanics and he did not even get a certificate after he went through the classes.  Why? because we are not only force to come even using Financial Aid from Federal Government or our taxes, I should say, but then we are charge with highest interest for the money received as we are use and toss by the ones organized through the crime group using our country.

I am not the only, my child is going through and I have described plenty the way he is going through and how Honor Susan Greenberg participated as many others.  My homes were taken away as I filed and requested a jury trial.  Most of them granted and transferred to South City Court where they were dismissed even telling plaintiff’s lawyer what to file last minute.  This in my last property where the Sheriff broke my right arm using too much power to vacate me as I was not able to understand what the judge was saying because they, the lawyer, plaintiff and many others were invading me.

My child was raped.  This semester my average grade at SF STate is D and is getting worse as many are the students who are abusing me and just taking from me as I reported again this semester to some of the teachers as I did last semester.  The reason why I ended earning an “F” is because the class is CESD meaning is fulfilling two purposed in my major and my minor classes and the biggest trouble was that Professor Cunningham was one of the people promoting the high rocket rent prices, but I got testimony of people who were paying $ 46. and $ 100. vs. the $ 2,600 pushed through the article put together by our class among many other tricks that wicked government play as happened through the Real Estate Crisis in this country where the savings of the poor were taking “legally.”

My vehicles were stop and vandalized as many are abusing me everywhere through the knowledge of witchcraft; the alienation of our First Amendment and our Constitution.  John Boehner is ignoring me as many others and now even Shimanoff who is just dismissing my accusation like if the people who are been affected are not people. 


Dear Estrella Benavides,

Since you have not selected a faculty member to serve on the grade 
review committee and since you do not wish to have me appoint one, the 
grade appeal cannot proceed to the next level of review and I am closing 
your appeal for Journalism 395.

Susan B. Shimanoff

Susan B. Shimanoff
Associate Dean
College of Liberal & Creative Arts
San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA 94132

Estrella J Benavides wrote:
> Hi Dean Shimanoff:
> Under no circumstances, I am authorizing you to appoint anyone to represent me.  I did inform you about my concerns and I am totally opposing to it.  The reason is because many of the professors are having best interest in between and are participating of the crime I have been trying to report.  The alienation of the Constitution of this country, our First Amendment and our rights and freedoms and as I did say before the worse of all is that government and representatives of institutions like this one are the head of the crime.  Today, I tried to drop my BECA 665 class due to many set ups and situations forcing me to have no time and opportunity as I planned for my semester chosen classes.
> Let me know about your decision and if you decide to appoint someone for whatever reason.  Let me know prior to it to file my grievance through a higher level.  Criminals cannot judge and decide about the crime they are committing and this is the biggest issue I am having that many are participating and are bias.  Many are working together for the best interest of the crime organized group using not only our country, but our system and are destroying our dreams, and our future.
> Sincerely,
> Estrella Benavides
> 912552776


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