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I heard a man, Wise it was his last name I believe

on October 29, 2013

Many believes that segregation and discrimination or slave is part of the past when everyday millions of children are seating next to their teachers or having a bottle of the empty formula of the teachers children for them to use it to abuse, invade and rob the poor children of their talents.  

Some are lucky their teachers let them to use the book to be able to respond to the question referring to the book, but others like my child do not have that advantage.  So he isn’t smart he said.  He likes to cheat and lie he also repeat or look the Nerf bullet do not hurt or his Game Stop Online Gold membership purchased three times do not work because others are taking advantage even the ones who sold it to me.  The game is on all.

My vehicles are stop.  I need to take the abuses not only at SF State of the students helped by our teachers.  No I go to meeting and even the teachers ignoring my saying: “I’m sensitive, I can tell who, when and how; they themselves do it.”  Endless to say, but as in Congress where John Boehner is the head of all my troubles because he is the Speaker of the House and he just ignored me.  Others at least had responded that their office is so busy that in short, who cares.

Last night I tried to move my Toyota.  It wouldn’t go not even using the four wheel never or hardly used by me.  The radiator was new, changed for a lower quality from aluminum to plastic or so, but ended also broken to make the truck to get hot.  What I can tell you is I paid about $ 1,800 to replace all the hoses, the timing belt, the radiator, the shaft,  just in one place because in another I replaced the brakes, the tires, and for a year or two I just moved it two-to-four blocks around San Mateo because again wicked and government representatives who are the biggest liar in this world also vandalized the transmission.  Do not ask me if it was done as Saturday by my family just making me believe, but truly seeing the coolant and the oil dripping down as didn’t happened in Redwood City for a week.

The good thing is Sargent Smith show me his face twice at the corner of Whipple last week.  He did apologize for the mistake he made as I moved my Toyota from one side to another and he taught I didn’t do it.  Luckily, I know they are doing that to force me to stop coming to the school and to deny education to me, “But no one doing anything,” just notice my quotation marks because they are forcing me and doing so purposely.  I came to SF State and I just reported the removal of my vehicles WITHOUT HEARING ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING.  BUT THEY DO HAVE LAWS TO ENFORCE, CITY CODES WITH 72 HOURS LIMITATIONS THAT WILL ALLOW THEM TO TAKE MY VEHICLES ‘LEGALLY WHILE THEY ARE THE ONES COMMITTING THE WORSE CRIME; WHILE THEY WERE THE ONES WHO VANDALIZED MY VEHICLES AND ARE DEPRIVING ME OF MY PRIVATE PROPERTY USE AND ARE THE ONES FORCING ME TO GO ON THE BUS WHERE MANY ARE USING THE COMMON PROPERTY USE OF SAMTRANS TO INVADE ME BECAUSE I AM RIDING, SHARING WITH THEM THE BUS.


I may ended up at the corner of Whipple sleeping on the corner trying to be safe because otherwise anyone does to you as everyone ignores us.  The problem is we realized the cruelty reality until we are there alone, isolated by our “wicked government representatives who are setting us up that way.  We still have slavery in this country.  We are forced to lay with whoever they please and the ones accuse of rapping are the ones forced to do so to have a legal system judging and condemning them.  Depriving them of their rights and freedoms ‘legally’ as are the judges, the government representatives the head of all the crimes in this country.

I am begging you for help.  Begging you for support for a public accusation.  I did say to Sargent, Smith, the tiny boss of the people giving citations and removing our vehicles that I made a report to the his bigger boss and while he is not doing his job is just pressuring him to do his job as the Speaker of the House, John Boehner who is ignoring me as me, my child and my whole family is being abuse in many ways and in many places. 


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