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I am feeling frustrated and upset not wishing to waste myself this way, but curse is the suck government that we do have “I hope God will handle them in his worse wrath!”

on October 22, 2013

I walked out of my class BECA 665.  I feel that Professor Ibrahim has been treating me fair, but due to the religious persecution suffered not just here at SF State it had been hard for me to catch up.  I started in her KSFU radio class and I tried to be on top.  However, the lab attendant didn’t like me so much and made my life miserable as I tried to work my first two assignments.  He even changed the lab rules and kicked me out as I was trying to record and after we were told that Monday through Friday we could record as the second lab attendant was there on those hours.  Professor Ibrahim a week later offered a phone to have access to the lab computers and rooms, but the second issue for me was the equipment.

I thought they were having equipment available at the library on the second floor, but ended to be a week request process when every week I have assignments.  The people were nice with one little detail.  The computer were not allowing me to sign in just because one of the lab attendant did want to sign in for me.  I knew what that really mean and I say if I am not allowed in my own time and space, I rather not use it.  Somehow I could after spending time and moving here and there to be able to try to catch, but I couldn’t.

Three times I had tried to go to KSFU as I am supposed to do every week, but I don’t think they really want that, so I stupidly tried to keep on going just seating and participating on the critiques and listening to the pieces put together.  Today, I got upset because I realized I was the only one who signed in for the KSFU whose name was set up below.  For many will not mean anything, but I know what I discovered and how people are using and robbing the talents of people like me not exactly to use them appropriately, but to waste me and waste my talents.  Professor Ibrahim offered 10 percent to any student who was willing to volunteer as assistant and as I did no matte the time, hours or conditions I was put down.  

I thought to throw my classes recently as many are trying to force me to stay in my van and I am having difficulties even standing up to get ready and come to classes.  I know there is a contradiction, but I still registered and somehow I am paying for others to have the credits, but it is also true that isn’t worth to be there on time, every class for just giving them the opportunity to shine and rob me.

I went to the financial aid counselor and I reported to them the issues not only for today, but last night where at the Journalism department I had many troubles trying to work on my mid-term.  I opened the test and there it was someone’s else page and I asked Professor Wagner if that was the test.  She said “No, someone else used the computer and that was the reason why someone’s else paper pop up instead of the test,” but that happened to me EVERY TIME, I OPEN MY FILES SAVED IN MY USB AND OF COURSE AT THE LAB OR PUBLIC LIBRARY COMPUTERS.

For sure I know is done purposely and someone is invading and trespassing my junk and I do not appreciate that.  As I tried to work on the test my intended corrections were coming out wrong and I did have to be erasing and redoing my corrections.  I asked once to her, but the issue was ongoing as my next chair classmate was softly singing and finally having a music going on without respect.  I felt frustrated, but any participation lately is not so welcome.  Instead I feel my teacher isn’t so happy or fair as I though very highly of her at first.  

My friend “Baba” is annoying and I hate hypocrites and if he feels I do not know what he has being doing you are wrong my “friend.”  I know how you did not provide with much information to have a double obituary assignment.  I heard you saying I made changes and you never told me what I was having written in my notes.  I know how and why I never responded to your add friend request or why I did not answered yes or not to your question yesterday.  If anything I had learned what people is doing and how people is taking advantage and how teachers are participating in many of the classes to set me up and to help other wicked members to get from me my talents and efforts.  I do know why I cannot even remember what for months I have been studying hard at my test and I just hope that all my teachers read my blog because whatever I am catching you doing to me to force me late, to force me to throw my classes, to force me to feel bad and to force me to feel ignorant I will post with your name as well as your participation.  I do have a 6th Amendment right; I am a citizen of this country who has or should have equal rights to education and you are making me to feel like that Indian poor baby who was drawn in of the famous painter paint seating at the corner as treated unfairly.



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