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Begging you for help, this is not only happening to me, but millions. The new Standardized test will make legal this situation.

on October 9, 2013

Hi Dean Shimanoff:

I am filing a grievance not just for my low grade in bad faith for JOUR 395; it is more than that. I had requested twice to Director Bee Spencer a response with regard my grade on DANCE 657 last semester and I am also reporting and bring up to the panel all the abuses, suffering and discrimination I have been suffering. My Sixth Amendment is been violated. I have been constantly reporting to many people including Les Wong the President of SF State, among many others. I have been having difficulties to even register in my classes no matter what had been presented ahead of time. This semester is getting worse. No matter my many efforts of studying or to fulfill the assignments: conditions are being created, the evaluation and requirements are being changed making sure I don not have the same opportunities and they make sure I do not have the conditions or the tools to do so. Today, I was support and help with my grammar difficulties at the Lab 31 of the BECA department, but was not so three weeks ago when I went to require help as even Chair Azocar repeatedly referred there last semester.

If I tried to use the lab computers, there are people who are making sure the computers stop working as happened last two session in my JOUR 330 class. Today, I reported to my JOUR 300 Professor an incident that happened on Sunday that knocked down my profile assignment. I just came out of my BECA 330 class out a few minutes early feeling overwhelm and exhausted as people are abusing me. I was invited by Nancy Jodaitis ( to a California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education on Saturday, October 26, 2013, but as many are abusing and making me feel exhausted not only here, but on the buses as I am forced to live under dirty imperfect conditions I did not realized until a few minutes ago that I tried to show how they manipulated and lie to me to make me go and participate in a San Francisco Creative Boot Camp by Traecy Director of Diversity at

I was there on Thursday thinking it was the same thing. I couldn’t understand the total different set up with regard what I was expecting. I was working in an advertisement for a Countryman mini vehicle when I was having a lot of homework and I was feeling there no less abuse. For two days my feet were forced to swollen. My toes were forced to get blood clogs and many were the ones “going there to support and help us to develop our ideas, but in reality I was not feeling that way. I was feeling rob, abuse, invade. Overall, absolutely anything was done physically to not give me credit, to not give the opportunity to get anything positive out of the seminar or job done. I just have expenses, I just suffered many abuses and on Sunday Traecy Smith who misleaded me and made me think that I was participating on the from SF State which was the last for this year and was so important for me if I did want to transfer or pursue my career in a much deeper field. After all, she kicked me out of the place. She didn’t even allowed me to see what others were able to put together as my group purposely procrastinated as abusing me to be able to rob my talents, knowledge as I discovered and I have been trying to make public for the last 10 years. I AM FORCE UNDER DIRTY CONDITIONS THAT FACILITATE THE MISTAKE AND ABUSES I AM PRESENTING TO YOU BELOW. TRAECY TOLD ME IS NORMAL IN ADVERTISEMENT HAPPENS A LOT AND TO MANY. MY ANSWER WAS THIS IS ONE MORE REASON WHY I WANT TO MAKE PUBLIC WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND WHAT I DISCOVERED BECAUSE ALL YOU ARE DOING IS ROBBING PEOPLE OF THEIR TALENTS, MAKING THEM TO INVEST THEIR TIME, KNOWLEDGE, MAKING THEM TO SPEND AS I DID NOT HAVING THE MONEY TO JUST ROB US OF OUR KNOWLEDGE AS THEY DO KNOW HOW TO INVADE AND ROB OUR SOUL AND AS THEY DO KNOW THAT MIND AND BODY IS JUST THE HOME OF OUR SOUL.

Hi Estrella!

Thank you for your interest in participating in the San Francisco Creative Boot Camp. We would like to have you participate – please register by clicking here.
We will contact you with additional information about the workshop.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Traecy Smith| Director of Diversity |

260 Fifth Avenue, Second Floor, New York NY 10001
Tel: 212 979 1900 | Mobile: 917.414.9289|Fax: 212.979.5006|

From: Estrella J Benavides <>
Date: Thursday, September 19, 2013 3:56 PM
To: Traecy Smith <>
Subject: I want to participate

Hi One Club representative:

I got this invitation and I want to participate.

My name is Estrella Benavides. My student ID: 912552776

Dear Student:

Thank you so much for responding to our invitation to attend the California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education on Saturday, October 26, 2013! It’s an all-day event that will be held at the Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, CA. Saint Mary’s College address is 1928 St Mary’s Rd, Moraga, CA 94556. We’re really excited that you can attend as you’ll get a LOT of useful information from the workshops and have the opportunity to speak with recruiters from across the nation!!

PLEASE REGISTER at as soon as possible to ensure we save a seat for you at the Forum! Transportation will be provided from SF State to Saint Mary’s College if you sign up in advance, on a first-come, first-served basis. Or you can just arrive at the Forum on your own. Details about transportation will follow once you have registered and we get closer to the event. It’s going to be a great event and we look forward to providing you with this important opportunity to plan ahead for graduate school! e school!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to seeing you on October 26th!!

Nancy Jodaitis
San Francisco State University
I tried to register in BECA 470 THIS SEMESTER as happened to me last semester I couldn’t keep my JOUR 300, which I am struggling to pass because of many students, teachers among outsiders abusing me and making sure I will not be able to be here on time; I will not be able to do my assignments as happened today with my profile assignment. I struggle to be accepted in JOUR 226 and from one of my assignments my child is being harm; he is overweight thanks to it. I DO KNOW THAT THE ISSUE IS MUCH DEEPER THAN JUST A GRIEVANCE AT SF STATE BECAUSE OF THE DISCRIMINATION OR THE RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION I AM SUFFERING, BUT IT IS A START. This is what happened with BECA 470

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chair Scott Peterson
BECA Department
ATTn.: Sue V. Sorrer
Hi Chair Peterson:
With all my respect. I feel ashamed to bring this issue to your attention knowing how fair you have been treating me as I brought an issue with regard my BECA 350. However below I copy and paste an e-mail I received as many others students. I also will bring to your attention what in fact you and many others do know better than I do. Last week students were allowed to crash (the norm to register into class since I transferred because last two semester I even have difficulties for various reason as I informed to even the President of SF State.) One of the issue was that even though I transferred as BECA Major, I was not allowed because somehow I was not.

BECA BLAST communicates important BECA information to you in addition to the info on

The BIG news this week is that there are no classes on Labor Day, Monday, September 2nd. The campus, library and offices are closed.
There may still be seats in the following classes. Check with the faculty member and the schedule online for more details.
BECA 200
BECA 330-2
BECA 348-2
BECA 370-3
BECA 430-2
BECA 460
BECA 462
BECA 470
BECA 485
BECA 502
BECA 561
BECA 594
BECA 646
BECA 651
BECA 660
BECA 665

In addition there are three classes outside of BECA with seats to check out:
TH A 413 Lighting Design 1 Light and Performance: Interpreting real world lighting environments to serve the storytelling demands of Theatre, Dance, Cinema and Opera.
MUS 436 Intro to Music Electronics
MUS 504 Survey of Electronic and Computer Music

Today, the issue is one more added and I am feeling discriminate, segregate and persecute for religious reason. Unfortunately, two of your colleagues are the ones that did not allowed me to crash into their class despite the above fact. Last week because Professor Mitchell told me it was full. Today because Professor M. Drennan told me that is too late. I brought into her attention that I tried to contact her since last week. I left two phone messages. I dropped in at office hours twice, but she wasn’t available.

About two days ago, I visited your office because since the semester started, to go to my BECA classes on Tuesdays there is not elevator available. There is not a single word apologizing for the inconvenience, but bottom line the created conditions only added to the issue bring to the attention of all who had been informed about my grievance filed last summer because my spring semester grades were lowered in bad faith.

As Professor Drennan who never responded to my inform intention to crash into her class explaining what she told me today as many people were trying to stop me from coming to do so. Perhaps you are not understanding my last sentence, but I am also publicly requesting an accusation through John Boehner, The Speaker of the House because I am sure this is not an isolated issue. My due process had been denied and I am accusing Obama’s Administration of setting me up at College of San Mateo and consequently at San Francisco State University where I constantly I struggle to do my assignments, to upload them through iLearn. Where many are not giving me the support that is offered and versus teaching or helping me, they are making sure I am not successful as happened to me for the last two semester at the writing lab.

I feel that you are wrongfully allowing the students to believe they can crash into classes this week while in this case Professor Drennan not only didn’t have the courtesy to tell me ahead of time responding to my efforts to crash into her class. I do have the prerequisites. BECA 370 passed with a C grade due to the same situation.

I know is not part of your department, but I ended up being dropped from JOUR 570 because I did not have the prerequisite for it: JOUR 300. However, the class was closed as I prioritize my registration wasting my six or eight first units allowed in fairness to all the students as I am having a B- on BECA 300, which by thou way is my major. Journalism is just my minor and on my first assignment in JOUR 570 I earned 50 out of 50. The reason why I am mentioning this to you is because all this little here and there adds up to one conclusion, I am not welcome. I am not having equal rights. Many are discriminating and segregating me while the law said totally the opposite, but worse of all, I discovered is done against quite a number of people not just here, but throughout our country as I am publicly demanding an accusation against government because of it.
Certainly, I didn’t bring to your attention that I registered into BECA 430 due to a misunderstanding of the class title. Professor Mitchell told me that I did not have the BECA 330 prerequisite and even though my intention was to carry both at the same time, but both of the professor arguments were reasonable and if anything I just want you to be aware that I am not bringing a complaint just because I am trying to create issues when they are any. Also, I do want to point out that the seats are constantly changed and there perhaps still seats available from the two classes that did not allowed me to crash into it as I tried last week.

I do not know what it is that you or anyone can do about this matter. I do have four more units that I can take, but I am not allowed to do so. I already was forced to maximize my Financial Aid grant. Out of my pocket, I am making the effort to keep on pursuing my career goal, which by thou way due to the same reason was changed twice and I earned between 150-180 units as this institution just allowed me and I hope all the students only 70 units. In short, in many of my classes I do have the background, the knowledge, the idea of what is being required as based for other classes.

Certainly, my GPA went from 3.28 to 2.28 last semester and I will not say what is obvious. Please let me know, if anything I want to get out of here ASAP. If people is not welcoming me, why should they push me to stay longer as I cannot afford to pay more than it is required for the tuition?


Estrella Benavides

Course ID Schedule # Title Units Meet days & times Location Instructor(s) Seats Wait list Textbooks
BECA 470 [01]
11592 Dramatic Writing for Television and Electronic Media
3 TH 0910-1155
26-AUG-13 – 16-DEC-13 BH 226

BECA 348 [02]
29724 Video Editing I
3 F 0910-1155
26-AUG-13 – 16-DEC-13 CA 200

BECA 430 [02]
15096 Advanced Audio Production I
3 F 1010-1555
26-AUG-13 – 16-DEC-13 CA 43

BECA 330 [01]
11582 Audio Production II
3 T 1410-1755
26-AUG-13 – 16-DEC-13 CA 43


Estrella Benavides


Please refer to:
Tuesday, July 16, 2013 7:06 PM Estrella J Benavides

Grievance at SFSU.docx‎ (43 KB‎)‎[Open in Browser‎]

I registered at Yumi Wilson class – suddenly I was dropped without being informed and I realized that as I check on my classes. Yumi Wilson resigned according to an email for good, but do you want to know I felt guilty and I am sure it has to do with me. I was doing well in the class as in my JOUR 300 this semester I stop going with a classmate to work together with her because my first assignment was not done thanks to the tricks she played on me. From A’s I am just carrying F’s right now. from 19-21 units that I carried last semester 15 this semester are too much because of all that they are doing to force me to not be able.

I swear to you and you can find in my notes written or you may ask Venise Wagner about my participation in percentages class we did have two weeks ago. I had years experience in the field. I worked for NANICA/ENICAB AS DIRECTOR OF THE STATISTIC DEPARTMENT, BUT DAYS AFTER MY PARTICIPATION TO DO MY ASSIGNMENT TOOK ME A WHILE I DID NOT KNOW HOW TO GET THE MEDIA THAT I DESCRIBED FLUENTLY AND EASY TO THE CLASSMATES. I DID NOT KNOW HOW TO FIGURE THE PERCENTAGE HIGHER OR LOWER. This Monday class, I suffered a big headache and yes, I do have a name of the classmate who asked me twice about. He knew what he was doing. They do know how they had been abusing me and how they are trying to force me out of the school with the participation of government representatives who are a criminal organized group using our school, legal system to abuse the poor, to abuse the non-wicked members as they give advantage and opportunity.

I do have a file or two full of email that prove my accusation. I was referred by Chair Azocar last semester to Mr. Del Valle, I believe is his name. He did not want to take my letter and response, but I sent it through the email that failed to be deliver as the administration pleases to do so.

My assignments many times need to be done several times and go out last minute without me having the opportunity to edit them because I struggle to repeat and repeat or to just submit whatever I can put again together and this is the reason why I accepted the C average of many of my classes last semester, but I am blaming SF State who ignored all my complaints, who ignored my request to investigate and to provide me with protection and equal rights based on my constitutional rights.

Please let me know, Several times I had been writing to President Les Wong about my many issues. Many times I reported to the Lab library attendants. If I need to drop my classes this semester to be able to catch I will do, but I am filing my grievance and is the only reason why I am keeping them at this point. I am realizing that my hours of study are giving others the advantage to succeed as I get blank on my test not because I did not study. Ask Venise Wagner. I am turning in more than the assignments required, but the ones that might give more credit are not accepted, but my participation shows the hours of study, my participation shows my efforts and my English improvement are showing even though I still get the C average or worse the F on almost all my classes this semester.


Estrella Benavides

From: Susan B. Shimanoff []
Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2013 4:53 PM
To: Estrella J Benavides; Sachi Cunningham
Cc: Cristina Azocar
Subject: Grade Appeal Filed by Estrella Benavides for JOUR 395

Dear Estrella Benavides and Sachi Cunningham,

Chair Cristina Azocar has referred to me a grade appeal filed by
Estrella Benavides for her grade assigned in Journalism 395: Online
Journalism during the spring 2013 semester. The next step is to appoint
a faculty committee consisting of three faculty members: one selected by
the instructor of the class, one selected by the student appealing the
grade, and one selected by the College Associate Dean. Please identify
the faculty member you would like to serve on the review committee and
ask that person if he or she is willing to serve. The faculty member may
be a lecturer or a professor, but they must be employed by San Francisco
State University this semester. After identifying a faculty member who
will serve on the committee, send me his or her name and email address
no later than *Monday, October 21, 2013*.

I will allow you to choose your faculty member, before making my
appointment. When the three faculty members have been selected, I will
contact them to provide them copies of documents submitted to me by
Chair Azocar (Estrella Bernavide’s written brief and Sachi Cunningham’s
written response) and to arrange a time for them to meet.


Susan B. Shimanoff

Susan B. Shimanoff
Associate Dean
College of Liberal & Creative Arts
San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA 94132



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