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What’s in it for you knowing that mind & body is just the soul’s home

on September 26, 2013

Yesterday in my JAiUR 300 class break at SFSU, my phone plug was taken as one of my classmate used to force me to forget my pen & even my jacket. Why? First my phone not exactly wake me up, but helps without charging it. I get disconnected. I’ll not be able to be on time in classes BC a Black man almost hit me at 24 Hours. SMPD 1) forced me to drop charges & 2) I was kicked out of the place. It’s not worth to be paying to be abusers as many wicked break into lockers: break your glasses, rob your stuff or force you to forget them or worse as a Chinese wicked forced me to walk naked to the pool. I’m going under worse dirty conditions BC of it.

we, the Americans are being persecuted, rob of our talents as our soul just live in our mind & body computer home. Do you know how easy is to down or upload? Do you know how click, click and black change to White? Well, no less for you. You should see & hear a couple of Black trying to work my soul who many times give up BC we do not believe & BC wicked-mafia gov’t abuses us & force us under dirty imperfect condition as I’m. 

They discriminate, they are persecuting us for religious reason. The man talking slid with his phone told my soul: “hiding in there body, we are going to help you.” Why? As I. The wild & as animals they as plants & animals live a wild life while we see believing we are living in a civilized world.

but BC elite wicked-mafia who are supporter by good number recently arrived:Chinese, Blacks, Mexicans, but honesty God poor people from all over the world who are struggling, who belief this IDs the best way to live. Using their bodies to prostitute while corrupting and forcing everyone else that is not on top to take whatever. Why? No family will exist soon. You as I’ll be isolated forced slave & that means lay down. Forced to have children, but for them to be; they’ll destroy them as they are doing to my family as they took my money, my properties & a Mexican whose father got a birth certificate through one of the main at gov’t for her, she is a supporter, her son who is wicked may get an education a job while the two girls that she had; one of them my grandchild will not. She will perhaps if we let them force her as they done to me and millions others to marry, but the man-wicked who knows how to work our soul force me to lay with him. One of them decided that they want me to be here as prostitute app they made me go thru divorce. Took me years BC “honors make sure they don’t pay child support as we do. They pay if you are lucky to get a minimum spousal support. Our children are giving to them unless your wicked child will be helping them to abuse you. This is why millions of women ended in poverty. On the street and lying for free, food, drugs not only in this country, but here is the worse.they are denying education. If years ago they made a war to Hitler, today they are Hitler trying to conquer this world. We are paying with our taxes what China, Africa with the help of “monigotes, the titteres seating & doing for them as they please at Congress, courtss As South City among many others took my vehicles & vandalized them, now SMPD left a 72 hours paper a day ago threaten me to take it saying that was the second noticed. A lie BC to hold me as please they allowed me to stay without the noticed for the last three months, but BC they decided to deny my claims & people can work my soul as long as they leave alone as lying to him to force me to do as they please. A man came there to give bus passes as if I care for any, but gratitude confuse my soul who do not understand the misery of this people. Who do not realize that all they are trying to do is force me to lay with others so he will feel bad and will hate women when wicked-mafia majority men are the ones who are support by women wicked members who enjoy off their protection as abusing and destroying the poor who do not know that mind and body is a computer and just our soul’s home, but elite take advantage to keep money and power. today is not just America, but the tiny little village called world what they want to control. Help, please support a public accusation against criminals in power using our constitution as their toilet paper while we believe in it; they Israel it against us as SMPD who is using their parking violation to take away not only my cases documents, my vehicles & is trying to force me to lay with whoever they please & then they laugh of you seeing you in poverty, destroy.


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