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on September 18, 2013



                                                                                                Monday, September 16, 2013


JR Gamez

Redwood City Chief Police


Hi Chief JR Gamez:


                With many difficulties I received your respond indicating me that I should go and make a report to your physical office.  It took me a while to be able to collect and pay for copies of report that I made in an effort to get help.  I am not including San Mateo Police because it happened back in 2005.  Certainly it is the root and the beginning of my child as well as my own suffering, but I am leaving it out purposely to be address not as part of this accusation because I feel I done plenty to get help and I never got an answer.  In short, several times I request from Chief Police Susan Manheimer an explanation and she always ignored me and never care for my child safety or life.  He was raped because her department rejected my accusation against the father without explanation.


                I will start with your department, in which I recently paid about $ 46.00 dollars to get copy of any report on record that I made or it was made under my name.  The White clerk that started helping me gave a higher amount to pay and it went down about $ 10.00.  The Latina clerk told me that it was only a dollar different from what originally I was told.  Many people would think that it was nice because I don’t need to spend as much.  Nevertheless, that meant for me a report that contained value information to which I do have the right to have, but my right being denied and for the safety of my child worse.


                The copies I paid for at your police department are gone.  Some of them were posted the date I got them or so because most to not say all missed the detail of the called or the report.  You have the files.  In almost all of them you will find the time of the dispatcher, the time written (the most of the time contain just my description, the time of receiving the call, handle, writing or so), but that’s about it.  1)  I am sure more than those reports were made and not just one was missed because of double counting one. 2) Some I felt they are not belong to me because I cannot recall them based on date, street or the few data inserted there. 


                Where my copies ended and why now after weeks of requesting them I am writing finally my report?  Because the conditions in which I have been corner where even the bus driver of Samtrans are participating.  Slowing the bus, not allowing me to board.  Stopping to take a break while they invade me and raped as happened yesterday, Sunday, September 15, 2013 at about 6p.m. where the driver of route 22 from Palo Alto to San Jose Eastridge mall in combination with many of the wicked-mafia members helped him to do so.  He stopped the bus and took a 2 minute break doing so at about 6:15pm as he was doing so.  Perhaps this is sounding not logical unless you know or practice what I discovered and what for many years I have been trying to publicize not only at the corner of Whipple/Veterans Blvd. at Redwood City where I am making this report because I was forced on the street as many of the honors of the Superior court of California had been participating not only on the robbery of my properties, but the raped and abuses of my child even till this day and time.  How many times I had been reporting to your agent as they come to the corner, SEVERAL, NO ONE EVER CALLED ME OR SAID THAT HE DID ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING TO GIVE PROTECTION NEITHER TO ME NOR TO MY CHILD AND FAMILY.


As Honor Ron Franchi, the Family Law Department that took a year to finally grant me a hearing, denying my Ex-parte, but expedite one to just deny my fee waiver.  At this point, my child is isolated.  I have no rights to see him as it was granted by Honor MC Kenna in 2010.  As my signs are removed from my Toyota, or my report copies as well as the court order that I PRESENTED TO THE SAN JOSE POLICE WAS ALSO REMOVED FROM MY VEHICLE AND ALTERED AT THE COURT RECORDS WHERE I REPORTED TO THE SENIOR MANAGER.  I DON’T HAVE HER NAME HERE AND RIGHT NOW AS I AM STRUGGLING WRITING THIS REPORT AS PEOPLE, STUDENTS OF THE SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY ARE ABUSING ME TO KEEP ON PROCRASTINATING ON DOING THIS REPORT.


I am not only accusing part of your agent of denying me protection, reports numbers, who had also threaten me to force me to not press charges against the people who robbed me, who took from me and kept my property as happened recently.  I was denied any rights to file a claim at the Victim Center because there it was no report made and they couldn’t collect the payment of my claim to the individual, but in fact I saw the clerk printing the report as I went there submit a complaint because no one ever came to help me.  In short, he never done his job; lie and submitted a false report, but the report was never forwarded to the Victim Center who as well is discriminating against me and persecuting me for religious reason.


                This is not the only thing they do.  They are denying my 6th Amendment right as many are just using the seats of our government system for their best interest and using our system alienating our rights and freedoms for a tiny wicked-mafia members to be successful as I am also reporting at SFSU through a grievance.  My Redwood City police reports that I paid for are gone as my court order that is being violated, which was  altered in records as I reported to the senior manager to whom I spoke.  


                I am accusing my baby Dad’s lawyer of being the intellectual criminal who moves “titeres,” “monigotes” (people who are just there to do and say whatever the main stream wants and not going exactly by the law, rights and freedoms of the people.) seating at the honor seats of the Superior Court of California.  For years he had been the one who also changed the 2005 court order and sealed it after lying and denying me any right to see my child.  People like Kay Coddington, the Counselor of the 6th floor is using her place to be condemning not only children like mine to be abuse under the isolation an abuse of many for their religious belief and practices.  As my child millions of in defenseless children are being abuse in many ways perform that includes the rape of their mind and body as I discovered that humans mind and body is just the soul’s home, a computer.  This is why I am accusing the driver of the San Jose of doing so yesterday.  


                I am accusing my baby’s dad who keep him under dirty imperfect conditions to subdue and exploit him.  He is allowing others to abuse him even physically.  My child was having a cut in his neck as I made a report to Child Protective Services in Santa Clara, the one who first didn’t exist according to San Jose Police and to which I was referred as I tried to submit my report in Belmont, CA Child Protective Services.  The ones that after a year never done absolutely anything.  I also turned in another report through Meyer Elementary School in San Jose where my child was moved out of jurisdiction.  My child as I reported was asked by his after school teacher about the cut in his neck.  But the principal of the school who is participating of the abuses as well as many other teachers working with her just lost my report in her home arguing that she needs to find out and made the report.  What about the teacher who actually asked my child about?


Why I am bringing the many issues all together and to you?  Because my child is being exploited as happened to many Black African back in 1980.  My child is posting games at  My child was exploited by a water bottle company who was asking him to skate through the games and computers as they do know as I do that mind and body is a computer and just the soul’s home and who are abusing him.  San Jose Police heard me more than twice and as I wrote above I had been recording and posting it at; Facebook as I don’t find any protection.  Instead because only God said that I am Jews; they are discriminating, persecuting me for religious reason and abusing me and child in many ways.  Even raping us as I discovered.


                Now going down to Redwood City Police reports, which essentially don’t have anything else than waste of paper, time and money and not just mine as many are being paid to do “nothing, other than setting up the poor in jails, hospitals using the basic knowledge of computers, or mind and body human computer.  Two of the reports missing is the one I saw the clerk printing as she was telling me that your officer reported assisting me when I went there to complaint and to submit an OCC because he didn’t.  The other one is the one in which I was bit u, my glasses were broken.  The people who assaulted me GOT A REPORT NUMBER HAVING MY NAME AS THE OTHER PARTY, BUT I WAS THREATEN NOT DO MAKE A REPORT OR ELSE THEY COULD PRESS CHARGES ON ME AS THEY WERE THE ONES WHO TOOK MY SIGN AWAY AND AS THEY WERE THE ONES WHO BIT ME UP, BUT CERTAINLY MORE THAN THOSE ARE MISSING AND NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER SOME OF THEM WERE NOT BELONG TO ME BASED ON THE STREET DESCRIBED THERE.


                I am attaching a copy of the ONLY WRITTEN REPORT FOUND A SAN JOSE POLICE, which is having a black scratch hiding public record on it.  I am also going to refer you to my…22374.22374.0.25870.…0.0…

It look like not all of my videos are there, but you should be able to find a video where I recorded San Jose Police saying that they don’t have a Child Protective Services Office in San Jose.  On that date they went there and didn’t do anything as they saw and I reported my child kept dirty, with dried shit in his pants and I also recorded that several times from BounzCity a place located at Eastridge Mall where the court allowed me to visit with him and as I did for the last two years until this people ROBBED THE COURT ORDER AND ALTERED THE COURT ORDER RECORD AT REDWOOD CITY SUPERIOR COURT RECORDS AS I REPORTED AND MENTIONED ABOVE.  My child was also taken to Mexico this year as happened in 2006.  Please refer to the only report found at Hayward Police Department where the report I made because my child feet were having several marks of abuse and where the officer who took my report made me repeat that SEVERAL TIMES AND FINALLY AS SHE WAS TAKING PHOTOS OF HIS FEET ABUSES; SHE ENDED UP TRESPASSING MY PERSONAL BELONGING (MY DOCUMENTS) AND TOLD ME THAT SOMEONE ABANDONED THEM AND SHE WAS SEARCHING BECAUSE COULD BE A BOMB.  WHEN SHE TOLD ME TO SEAT AND SAW ME SETTING MY STUFF THERE.  SHE WAS GOING TO HIT ME IF I DIDN’T LET HER DO SO.  I WENT WITH MY SECOND SON, JORGE GUTIERREZ AND HE WITNESSES THAT.


                The second report they are missing is the one, I went there to make against a tire shop called Rayo who damaged my GMC and put a material stuff that almost got on fire and broke damaging my lights, but because no one die and the death didn’t come to report and I was saved by God.  There was no crime.  I should let the gas tank to get on fire and as that thing exploded, I would let the van go so there it was a proof of their crime. But San Jose and Hayward said there is no crime on it and I don’t understand how then some people are accused of intent of murder and are condemn because of it even though in some cases the person do not die. 


                I am making also a report to you of what happened in Modesto where as I did in several police departments involved I delivered a copy as my child had been constantly moved out of jurisdiction to isolate and abuse him in many ways.  The report was filed several times at the Superior Court.  There you will find several photos that show bruises in my child body even his tiny back as Veronica Navas or whatever because she goes by two different last name used to take him back to Hayward when he was visiting with me years ago.  She used to kick him.  She admitted to me as I confronted her and I made the effort to write and filed the report in several of the police departments: Belmont who threw it in my face, Officer MC Guigan did.  Modesto who refused to received it and forced me to go to a post office to do so.  Hayward, San Mateo, the Attorney General of Bush’s Administration and Child Protective Services who took my child and gave him to the man I saw him molesting my baby sexually as I reported to San Mateo Police back in 2005.  


                My Toyota is parked at the corner of Whipple/Veterans as both of my vehicles were vandalized and the head of that crime were the South City Police who confiscated my vehicle and forced me to go with the San Bruno Towing Co. who tried to kidnap me.  They were not alone, across from where my van was forced out of battery power there were two Black police cars who were from far participating as my insurance company was a block away trying to assist me.  I was forced to pay $ 480.00 for towing and storage when at no time, I abandoned my vehicle.  Since then my GMC got all kind of troubles and mechanical issues which were aggravated by two 76 Gas Station.  One located in Belmont and another at San Mateo. 


                Aside those two places many others are participating.  Several times I have demanded and report to the Speaker of the House, John Boehner a public accusation as my Due Process was denied to hide the crime government representatives are committing against the Americans.

The link posted is for your information what for years I have been trying to publicize.  It is not happening because we do have a poor leadership, but because the people in power are doing that purposely with the sole intention to take money and power from our country.  Many are participating.  Children are being taken as mine just to be abuse physically and through forced their sole to give up their talents.  They are raped and as them I am being abuse even at San Francisco State University.  


                I do not know if this case is part of your jurisdiction, but no FBI, CIA ever answered as I tried to contact them.  No OCC neither of your department nor the one in San Francisco ever care.  No American Civil Liberties, or Human Rights do care, but President Obama cares for the poor children of Syria and it is almost declaring a war against them when in fact he doesn’t even care for the Black American people who are in and out of jail as part of the religious persecution that the Americans are suffering.


                Many are the Blacks participating, but good number are not from here as well as many Mexican or others that are just coming to get the benefits that they can get through our system while supporting the criminals who are giving them not their money, but our country treasure.  We the Americans are the ones paying, but no matter the THOUSANDS I PAID THROUGHOUT MY YEARS OF WORK, THEY DENIED TO ME UNEMPLOYMENT, AND THEY DENIED TO ME SOCIAL SECURITY.  THEY ARE DENYING TO ME PROTECTION, RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS.


                At the school level, my child is being robbed his talents, is being abuse through the use of witchcraft, which is the alienation not only of our rights and freedoms, but our constitution.   I am publicly demanding an accusation against government representatives.  I am informing you that my vehicles were stall and damaged with the sole intention to take away my legal documents who are support of the many cases filed accusing government.  I am requesting to be hold in custody as my Toyota will if indeed didn’t completely broke this last Sunday as I moved to comply with the 72 hours city code.  In my first letter I requested you to keep it in a public view since my accusation is AGAINST GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES, WHO ARE IGNORING ME TO HIDE THE WORSE CRIME EVER AGAINST THE AMERICANS AND OUR COUNTRY.


                This email will be sent tonight, nevertheless, be aware that I will submit the appropriate forms through the mail.  The information provided do not contain actual dates and time because the way I am being abuse, denied access and because the not human conditions in which I have been forced for the last four years.  My child is also suffering the worse as the rest of my family for whom I am requesting protection.





Estrella Benavides

(650) 921-2084



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