In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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Because I am as only God said: “Jews” I am discriminated, persecuted for religious reason and government of the U. S. A. is very prejudice BUSH EVEN ABUSED MY BABY; HE CAME TO CA AND WITH ARNOLD PHYSICALLY ABUSE HIM AND OBAMA HAVE BEEN IGNORING ME

on September 16, 2013



It’s just me! I know today, that many people hates me BC I believe in only God and I’m Jews even though I do not know much about them



I’m Latina, so we look Indian Americans mixed with many other races.  Some have Black factions while others look White or other Indians, but we are called either Latinos or Hispanic because of our main Spanish language throughout Latin American.  However, many others dialects are spoken as well as English, Portuguese, and who knows what else.  I am a bit different.  I’m tan. Many people called us Mexicans, but I arrived from Central America, Managua, which is the Capital of Nicaragua.  I grew up as Catholic, which is the main religion in most of Central America region.  My legal grandparents came from Germany, Spain and also an Indian American who by thou way were not living only on North America.  According to Nicaragua history, the Indian Americans used to go from the Northern Point of Alaska or so down South American all the way to The Patagonia.   My two grandparents die when I was too young to figure out about their ancestors and not much ever was said about them.  Today, I am apart from my legal family and I am understanding that they were not my parents according to only God who chose me as his servant, they are not my real parents.

              As I came here, one asked me if I was from Middle East.  My legal mother got upset when I told her about my customer bizarre questions and idea. Years later through only God in whom I believe, I understood that I am the last descendant of the only son of Eloi Yahweh, Jesus Christ.  In short, he told me I am Jewish.  I did not have any clue about those people, but I accepted what he told me.  One day I asked my older son to tell me about the gypsies and I got in shock when he told me that people see them as robbers, liars and I at first though, ‘But I am not like that.’  Why God said “I’m Jews?”  Despite what my son told me, I keep on believing God.  I still do not understand much about Muslin or other racial group, ethnicity or religions.  I learned there is no perfect race or ideology.  What’s important to me is to give the chance one another to know each individual and from there appreciate or discard because to have “friends that just try to harm you, ‘compadre,’ is better to be alone than in a bad company.”

      For me all of that was new as many other things.  I sometimes feel out of place and I tried to grasp on the many things I do not know and I have no taste for.  As I grew up in Nicaragua I barely saw a Black nice woman in my life until the 1972 earthquake brought me into this country.  I was 13-year-old when I came and going through elementary school wasn’t easy for me.  The language, the people were different.  The kids used to go on front of me in lunch line and others used to get upset with me. I did not know what to do.  I learned of races here, but still have issues with it.  I feel not belong to any since I do not know what I accepted as my family and background, but what made me happy is that many people in this country is a mixed of this, a mixed of that, but ultimately, they are as I am, human beings. 

      In Nicaragua, we hardly ever heard of other religions.  Perhaps a second religion believe started to pop up as the Nicaragua Revolution came to be, but I do respect anyone and everyone beliefs because I think only God made us all.  I love to dance and is part of our culture.  We don’t usually follow steps or dance as everyone else.  We like to feel the music and move base on what we feel and think is the best way to express that.  I love plants and animals, but I am treated worse THAN AN ANIMAL. Image




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