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Discriminated, abused, ignored while me and my family in danger.

on September 12, 2013

                                                                                                Thursday, September 12, 2013



Chair Scott Peterson

BECA Department

                                                                                                ATTn.: Sue V. Sorrer

Hi Chair Peterson:

                With all my respect.  I feel ashamed to bring this issue to your attention knowing how fair you have been treating me as I brought an issue with regard my BECA 350.  However below I copy and paste an e-mail I received as many others students.  I also will bring to your attention what in fact you and many others do know better than I do.  Last week students were allowed to crash (the norm to register into class since I transferred because last two semester I even have difficulties for various reason as I informed to even the President of SF State.)  One of the issue was that even though I transferred as BECA Major, I was not allowed because somehow I was not.

BECA BLAST communicates important BECA information to you in addition to the info on


The BIG news this week is that there are no classes on Labor Day, Monday, September 2nd.  The campus, library and offices are closed.

There may still be seats in the following classes. Check with the faculty member and the schedule online for more details.

BECA 200
BECA 330-2
BECA 348-2
BECA 370-3
BECA 430-2
BECA 460
BECA 462
BECA 470
BECA 485
BECA 502
BECA 561
BECA 594
BECA 646
BECA 651
BECA 660
BECA 665


In addition there are three classes outside of BECA with seats to check out:

TH A 413 Lighting Design 1 Light and Performance: Interpreting real world lighting environments to serve the storytelling demands of Theatre, Dance, Cinema and Opera.
MUS 436 Intro to Music Electronics

MUS 504 Survey of Electronic and Computer Music


            Today, the issue is one more added and I am feeling discriminate, segregate and persecute for religious reason.  Unfortunately, two of your colleagues are the ones that did not allowed me to crash into their class despite the above fact.  Last week because Professor Mitchell told me it was full.  Today because Professor M. Drennan told me that is too late.  I brought into her attention that I tried to contact her since last week.  I left two phone messages.  I dropped in at office hours twice, but she wasn’t available. 


            About two days ago, I visited your office because since the semester started, to go to my BECA classes on Tuesdays there is not elevator available.  There is not a single word apologizing for the inconvenience, but bottom line the created conditions only added to the issue bring to the attention of all who had been informed about my grievance filed last summer because my spring semester grades were lowered in bad faith.


            As Professor Drennan who never responded to my inform intention to crash into her class explaining what she told me today as many people were trying to stop me from coming to do so.  Perhaps you are not understanding my last sentence, but I am also publicly requesting an accusation through John Boehner, The Speaker of the House because I am sure this is not an isolated issue.  My due process had been denied and I am accusing Obama’s Administration of setting me up at College of San Mateo and consequently at San Francisco State University where I constantly I struggle to do my assignments, to upload them through iLearn.  Where many are not giving me the support that is offered and versus teaching or helping me, they are making sure I am not successful as happened to me for the last two semester at the writing lab.


            I feel that you are wrongfully allowing the students to believe they can crash into classes this week while in this case Professor Drennan not only didn’t have the courtesy to tell me ahead of time responding to my efforts to crash into her class.  I do have the prerequisites.  BECA 370 passed with a C grade due to the same situation. 


            I know is not part of your department, but I ended up being dropped from JOUR 570 because I did not have the prerequisite for it: JOUR 300.  However, the class was closed as I prioritize my registration wasting my six or eight first units allowed in fairness to all the students as I am having a B- on BECA 300, which by thou way is my major.  Journalism is just my minor and on my first assignment in JOUR 570 I earned 50 out of 50.  The reason why I am mentioning this to you is because all this little here and there adds up to one conclusion, I am not welcome.  I am not having equal rights.  Many are discriminating and segregating me while the law said totally the opposite, but worse of all, I discovered is done against quite a number of people not just here, but throughout our country as I am publicly demanding an accusation against government because of it.

            Certainly, I didn’t bring to your attention that I registered into BECA 430 due to a misunderstanding of the class title.  Professor Mitchell told me that I did not have the BECA 330 prerequisite and even though my intention was to carry both at the same time, but both of the professor arguments were reasonable and if anything I just want you to be aware that I am not bringing a complaint just because I am trying to create issues when they are any.  Also, I do want to point out that the seats are constantly changed and there perhaps still seats available from the two classes that did not allowed me to crash into it as I tried last week. 


            I do not know what it is that you or anyone can do about this matter.  I do have four more units that I can take, but I am not allowed to do so.  I already was forced to maximize my Financial Aid grant.  Out of my pocket, I am making the effort to keep on pursuing my career goal, which by thou way due to the same reason was changed twice and I earned between 150-180 units as this institution just allowed me and I hope all the students only 70 units.  In short, in many of my classes I do have the background, the knowledge, the idea of what is being required as based for other classes.


            Certainly, my GPA went from 3.28 to 2.28 last semester and I will not say what is obvious.  Please let me know, if anything I want to get out of here ASAP.  If people is not welcoming me, why should they push me to stay longer as I cannot afford to pay more than it is required for the tuition?




Estrella Benavides



Course ID

Schedule #



Meet days & times




Wait list


BECA 470 [01]


Dramatic Writing for Television and Electronic Media


TH 0910-1155
26-AUG-13 – 16-DEC-13

BH 226






BECA 348 [02]


Video Editing I


F 0910-1155
26-AUG-13 – 16-DEC-13

CA 200





BECA 430 [02]


Advanced Audio Production I


F 1010-1555
26-AUG-13 – 16-DEC-13

CA 43






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