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Discriminated, abused, ignored while me and my family in danger.

on September 12, 2013

Discriminated, abused, ignored while me and my family in danger..

Hi Chair Azocar:

I read Professor Cunningham response. Nevertheless, I feel that she had not address all of my concerns as I informed to all through my document. If anything I was having a “C” average before the two last final projects (50% of grade plus 10% of participation), which by thou way even the ITT lab attendant was modifying and in fact, my file cannot be open. There is more than the discrimination I am suffering. There is technological manipulations. Denial of equal access among many others.

Please, be inform if in fact my e-mail was not delivered yesterday as usual as part of the discrimination and technological issues I have been having and I reported several times. I feel that my 6th Amendment is being denied, but I will refer you to read the document I e-mail to many yesterday that I posted also in my blog at

Certainly, it is not just my grades lowered in bad faith. There is more than it. I spent two semesters trying to get help through the lab and vs. helping me, they were making sure I get confuse. I know you are aware how technology really at times is sucks, but get worse when students are the ones making sure that your equipment battery is drained and it is part of my accusation. The support of some teachers for their own best interest having preference for students who are helping them.


Estrella Benavides


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