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JOUR 300 Stone Town, San Francisco State University and Park Merced

on September 4, 2013

District 7

San Francisco State University, Stone Town, Park Merced is part of District 7.


            The area is very nice where majority is middle class people where a good number of the population are students at the main area located on 19th Avenue, which is one of the most known street in this side of San Francisco.

            Part of this area contains Stone Town, Park Merced and of course the San Francisco State University where many things are happening right now as we are beginning the new fall semester.  This week we were lucky to have CSU Chancellor Timothy White visiting us on tours.  Golden Gate Xpress dedicated the front bottom part of their September 4, 2013 edition talking about his visit and telling us about his trajectory.  What impressed me the most was written by Coburn Palmer that said: “White immediately asked according to their article for a 10 percent pay cut to his own salary in light of the state’s budget crisis.”

            The area of Park Merced has a lot of green grass as San Francisco State University and the mall next to it is nice.  We are lucky to be between Holloway and 19th Avenue so we do have a lot of good transportation that link with Bart for free through the shuttles.  Today, the students were lucky to ride on Bauer’s transportation due to the big demand. 

I interviewed three students.  Jessica Torres who is Mexican Ecuadorian and works  at the Basement at The Leonard Library located in the heart of the SFSU University where guest neighbors are welcome.  She loves San Francisco, but she missed the sunshine of Pasadena.  The clouds are not part of her favorites as Christina Velazco also commented and who is not only a Biology major at SFSU in her last fourth year, but is also part of the neighbor living near Vicente and 19th Avenue.  She loves the diverse of the area where a lot of young people lives.  She feels relax and the different from Los Angeles is noticeable.  She thinks that the school is small and easy to know compared to L. A. and she gets to know where everything is located.  She also thinks that we do have the best food court where good food is being served daily.

            Michael Liao is a third year student in the psychology field who feels comfortable and he said that the area is about the people.  “Everyone is different in their own interesting way.”

            There is much more to say about the park, the university and Stone Town, but for today I am barely introducing the topic.

Christina Velazco “The area is diverse and have a lot of young people.Image


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