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The hardest thing to do: “Talking about yourself” Me? Oh God are you sure?

on August 31, 2013

To talk about ourselves means to think deeply about us and certainly isn’t an easy tasking even though should it be a piece a cake.  I have no religion, but I am a believer, not the best or the number one, but I am claiming to be The Lord, Eloi Yahweh’s Servant.  Certainly, I do not know what I am doing, where I am going or how many are my enemies if I do have any.  But I am trying hard to not just be another load in his heavy agenda.  My occupation is very versatile.  I am a mother of three handsome boys, which age varies from 30 down to 10.  I am a grandmother of one of the most beautiful Mexican dolls ever will be.  Perhaps isn’t because she is indeed, the most beautiful doll ever, but because through my eyes I see her as the most beautiful baby girl ever.  Nevertheless, her mother and father seem to be doing a good job and she is well manner girl.

I do have some passions with photography, plants, and now day’s words.  I discovered that through them we can build good communication skills and I am dreaming that we can change this terrible world full of wars, poverty, and suffering.  Luckily, I had it with marriage.  Twice I flank my goal, so I am single not looking forward to ever marry again not because I don’t think that there are many good men, but because I am a challenge who is stubborn.  I like to do as I please and I don’t care about no one else than me, my children and first of all my King, my God, “me todo.”  I used the Spanish word because means everything, but I was primarily a Spanish speaker and I am proud to have an usual accent that not many can easily understand because I do not know how to roll the tongue to say world, girl, but the strong “r” in “perro, not pero” a piece of cake.  You know as the dog say as they are angry: “Rrrr.”

I feel a lady, but I am sure that some have seen me getting ready to knock them down if they wouldn’t stop, but because I am an American who believes in rights and freedoms who knows that women perhaps are not the stronger, but when they need to push, open the legs and either you like it or not: “Here I come, the baby boy or girl say.”

                I used to be democratic, but at this point in life, I hate our government representatives because of their poor leadership and the chaos in which our country is: closing programs shorten hours of services, improving on the waiting lines everywhere specially in courts, DMV.  Read Thursday, 8/29/13 Michelle Durand, “Off the Beat” who wrote “I just need my space.”  With some sarcasms and a bit of imagination she is suggesting us to save not only in our rent, sleeping in our cars to save the parking space as I am doing because government representatives robbed my properties and denied my due process as I was trying to accuse them through the Federal government, so plainly, I am homeless. But she also tell you a way to save exercising not at 24 Hours Fitness for example as she wrote “You’d better be lacing up some walking shoes.  So if you are like me thinking that you are a lady, get ready to not show your fancy high hills and do as Off the Beat is honesty recommending because you need to go sleep less, walk a lot and try to handle with a big smile the added hassles. 

                Many people think I am Mexican and call me it, but I came from Nicaragua twice before I came for good to live here as I was half way my age and do not ask me how old I am because I am bad with those kind of numbers.  I am good in geometry, I love math, but I hate to think I passed 21.  Honesty God, he made my day as he told me my parents were not my parents, so I do not know where exactly I came from, but I feel an American and I am very proud of our country, not of our leaders now days.  Majority as I do not care about races, colors and we are very democratic aside being a mix of all like Tiger: 30 percent  . . ., 10 percent . . ., and 20. . . , and 40 percent who knows, but mainly as he is I am a human being if you know what I mean because I am having trouble understanding myself to tell you about me.  I love diversity.  I believe in one God only and spiritually I believe he is the only “He” and we all are the “She.” Therefore, I respect sexual orientation and I am happy that gays or lesbians as everyone else can pursue happiness through marriage if there is any, but I learned it through two big disasters in my life.  Let them learn and figure out as I did.

I am working on the only disability I do have and that is my writing skills because I am not exactly a native English speaker, but the only impossible thing to do is to come to life again as God do not want you to do so and here I am; after coursing high school back in Nicaragua and spending quite some time at College of San Mateo since 1992 until finally they let me get my AA degree in Journalism not knowing how to put the “W’s together.  The good thing is they go upside-down and you must figure the what, the who, the where, the when and finally the how and there is where I am standing trying to figure how to do so as many even the computer question me the order of the words and tells me to revise.


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