In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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In the Bart-feeling Black woman hurting my right breast: they’re so miserable

on August 6, 2013

They could drop whatever to please him, but believing in their power & back though they could do whatever. They though that God is an old fart, control & subdue with the dopes. Let me tell U: U have no clue of who he is. He isn’t an old fart. Times don’t affect him at all & let me give you just a few grasp of what I observed: men is exact God’s image not so the female image. They aged slower till puberty. Females slow down after menopause, but men goes faster at that point. He is the strongest & is the only one who really has any near contact w with Hod not so women. If men is stronger enough he let them carry out the gold that get the man-woman pregnant or else no, but the children are of them not of only God. The only son he ever claimed was Jesus & I’m his last direct descendant who by blood could be made possible the two ends & power or the strength. The only one who could take your abuses as I’ve done having faith in him & without using any power to take away from him. There isn’t any other reason for him to love me as he does. I’m his last baby girl from his own blood & family. For sure thousands of years, but the one who can really love & care as I do not only for him, but my family. They are my treasure & what you done to US you’ll pay for. 


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