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They played under the tree & tent: baby cried, the stories were scary

on August 4, 2013

But that’s not the only thing. I’ve being feeling my older son using the phone to set me up. This mean, he himself is being abused and used by wicked who has being controlling and setting him up under dirty-imperfect conditions. I watch the mummies. The Alaskan Eskimos killed as the Indian Americans all the way to almost extinction by Russians & I also watch John Coggle the 38 Giant NY player who was called last. Became one of the best and ended dying with cancer as wicked love to do. Why? The spirit find the good advertisements praising while nonone else know they lost he lost his body identity BC wicked killed him purposely, but the coach is getting the praise. This is what government is doing to millions of poor children: setting up not to teach them how to eat properly. Baby just want bread and butter. No fruits, no vegetables & they are forcing h poop so I need to force him to clean & he cries denying, hating me BC I’m trying to help him. Miserables, pigs and cowards there was no police called for the 3am party noisy music last night


One response to “They played under the tree & tent: baby cried, the stories were scary

  1. Unable to do or correct, the pigs Mexicans & Blacks surrounding me in Pittsburg made my blog just for reading.

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