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A busy day: in court with a lot of trouble & a priority day registration for fall/2013

on August 1, 2013

I always have trouble registering & I just hope today will be different. At courts nice Chinese girl got in trouble. She shied me my file & they shows me another pile as I told them I saw blue file not only gre

I’m sure honor Franchi is not the best choice as I requested to have “honor Greenberg removed.”

i’m begging publicly, my child and I’m not kidding millions others

en & I left. They took my city et ardor as I showed to San Jose Police as he violated court order; they removed & now they are denying access to me to not allowed me to get a copy & as bias as they are  are being abuse. Mind and body is just the soul’s home a computer. Our soul as we are not wicked feel love by others as they are easy with them. Invite them in their nice, noisy cars; in a bicycle ride or in a skateboard that flies like our soul. Others love sex and many man & woman lay for free. We are the she; the soul has not gender. He is one over all.

so the poor is not force just to prostitute physically, but their soul is work sometimes nicely.  Others under dirty, imperfect conditions. A truck go baby and there they are put to work; sometimes invited to go with you physically & made your eyes bigger than your stomach to change the matter and after that the nice wicked prostitute take the energy a d keep the nice thin body as you spent your money and get pretty and fat BC nice lovable wicked prostitute work our soul to give away or abuse him as they please with our “government as head of the crime; this is just part of the big crime against worse on-wicked for years, but now even Cubans are being moved to be work.



2 responses to “A busy day: in court with a lot of trouble & a priority day registration for fall/2013

  1. The error and non-sense are people everywhere trying to stop me from telling you as they are taking advantage of poor. Blacks with their songs, a lot of drugs and parties: no less prostitution and while one digging in another robbing out your talents. No good for much as those flirting easy prostitutes: anything is for free.
    They always get something through your soul as they can speak with him.

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