In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming!

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Did I made a big huge mistake thinking highly of you; are you worth my efforts to make you to realize that he really exist?

on July 22, 2013

I’m starting to see that U just believe in you & perhaps U never believe that God really exist. U seem to be questioning his existence. U seem to be testing. Are U that bad? I can’t say I saw him or heard him, but my sight were able to catch not on his shuttle, but movement, but at the same time U made wander if should lee keep on wasting my time. I don’t know if his commandments made a difference, but it look like I’m ahead of U & u or I is a dumb. I stop singing. Why should I teach U when U called me “local” or do  not believe. We are millions. Do you think he needs to beg U or do I’m right feeling lucky to be his clown, basin e, WHATEVER. Not BC he is, does, can do as please, but BC he valued me, respected me, accepted my stupidities or myself as I’m & BC I stand on my beliefs. 

If U doubt him I don’t and look like I’m talking in a new                  

Whatever : U sent me to Safeway, overcharged me. Worked me at he toilet. Made me itch thinking to 

force me wild. What to make him go with U? Not even for free UR worth. U perhaps have him and keep on looking not appreciating he good man or woman you do have. I know my son’s girlfriend & she is not the only one. My niece got pregnant very young & her over-aged boyfriend isn’t appreciating THE DOLL he was lucky to work & raped. They are working her in prostitution ideas as trying to me & millions others. He does not know that she weight in gold her heavy forced weight that brought up her big beautiful top, her rounded beautiful legs, but mainly her face and beautiful heart & soul. She is like not many & luckily she has Americans manners. A poor not just BC she has no $, but  her standards not many do have she is sweet, smart, respectful, lovable as may be me, BC she seems better than me and he is a sucker like his dad used to be a macho humiliating his woman just not appreciating her as she deserved. He is doing no less just looking for trouble & then cats & dogs are cheaper.  Any way, believe me better alone than in a bad company with Eloi I’ve the brothers, sisters or parents Zi never had.


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