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He trained me, sent me to aCatholic School, but all teach you thinking of what’s in it for them & use God’s word or him.

on July 14, 2013

Yes, no doubt; I’m far from knowledgeable, but I’m trying hard to understand & say what he pleases. I was writing years ago at Lago property windows and I wrote: “My prophesies are coming out: “I FELT A KING W/ ROPE saying you are not my prophet: “you’re my servant.” And turned around. I got upset and I though; he never say, but he wants me to know exactly. My Indian temper couldn’t make it & he perhaps though about & I understood him saying let’s her say, but a man went by saying : “you got to go.” A new threat?

I learned in this country his real name but first Jehovah. He was the one who answered to me through a White how to pronounce his name after he show it to me in the Holy bible. I also got bored with the part that talks only about this person son of this on and on, but I finally understood that as the color we are coded. He can give you as he pleases, but as you just take from others you get corrupted. read and figure how he told Job that he knows us by our name and if it is one drop that overflow the reason why time, measurement; the specific right time and moment or portion. You cannot cheat your place BC I have the Black curve in my back as my gold hair that do not change or lose its luster BC times goes. In short, is like the man who tried to get the best crop and ask him for water & though that more was better and ended not having anything good & complaint & God said: I gave you what you want, but you never asked me if it was right. 

I saw a woman at CSM having 5-6 photo style; all good, but none developed fully. She was wasting God creation; she did not like and appropriated properly and dedicated her time and passion, so she was neither lemonade nor strawberry.

sometimes as parents we want the best for our children, but our best is not what they like so how can they develop if what we want isn’t what ignite them.  Good number are just teaching to rob, take not thinking not even in their own children. What they are guiding is what the wealthy woman thought was good, but wasn’t and the poor children of her servant got the best without even thinking and perhaps BC God saw on them their “him’ill dad, love and care for him.

Which the wealthy woman forgot to give to her own not BC she meant bad, but BC she founded more on junk than in God. Read the noble wife where he said there are many good and try to learn no matter if anyone teach you ever.



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