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on July 3, 2013

Estrella Benavides
P. O. Box 2741
Redwood City, CA 94064

City of Redwood City

City of San Bruno
Office of the Clerk
567 El Camino Real
San Bruno, CA 94066

Dave Warden
Belmont, CA 94002

Belmont 76 Service Center
995 Ralston Ave. @ 6th
Belmont, CA 94002

76 Borel Auto Service
1626 South El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94402

Kamala D. Harris
Attorney General

John Boehner
Speaker of the House
1011 Longworth H. O. B.
Washington, D. C. 20515
7969 Cincinnati-Dayton Road Suite B
West Chester, OH 45069

With all my respect:

The reason why I am writing making a claim against the city of San Bruno, Belmont and Redwood City and including 76 Gas Station located in San Mateo and Belmont as well as the electrical mechanic where I was taken by the towing company driver who felt, I believe bad hearing the reason for the Belmont mechanic, Najib not to provide the service that we agreed upon and was the main reason why I moved my vehicle from Redwood City to Belmont on that date.
But at this point let me try to give you the whole picture of my many issues and situation trying to blame to who certainly done so giving you the how, when or who is possible my GMC Vandura, 1995, which is registered at DMV as 1992 * was running smoothly and without troubles. His motor and transmission never gave any signs of issues. I will not say I am an expert mechanic or so, but I will let you know that for years I did travel to many countries down south of this one and around the United States as is publicly known. Aside I grew up with mechanic and I always saw and heard the issues and solution to the mechanic problems of the family vehicles. The old Nicaraguan mechanic never used a computer to diagnose; they just used their ears and sense to figure and determine the mechanic issue.


On 2/15/13, I was driving my GMC to San Francisco and I stop at Costco South San Francisco to put gas at their gas station. It was there where one of Costco employee used what for years I discovered and I have been trying to make public. The used of mind and body computer knowledge. My van battery out of nowhere was drained completely
And as I tried to turn my engine to go; I couldn’t. I realized the issue and instead of doing or saying, I just wrote in my Facebook blog making public the abuses I was suffering. As I was doing so, the employee told me to move or to call the towing company of my choice to move my vehicle out of the line of gas service. I responded to him and I let him know that I knew who was doing so and I also mentioned my posting through Facebook.

He let my GMC turn on again and I left the place. It ran for about three to four blocks until out of nowhere I lost total control of lights, motor and engine. My vehicle stopped on the center line to turn on the 101 entrance of the freeway going north. Immediately, as I was having people behind me and not knowing of my troubles, I made a sign telling them about my vehicle not working and I called my insurance (Safeco) towing or road service. I place myself in a safe position to do so after I observe the people walking around the area.

I waited for my towing road service for about an hour or so. I saw two police car going by and one of them in 101, which is like open exit and entrance with pedestrian crossing without any sign saying otherwise. Nevertheless, one police finally came and not so friendly and nicely asked me to put down my sign and to move out of where I was standing. As I was doing so and reporting the issue, another police car (a woman) was trying to approach my GMC stopped as described above. I responded and informed her that I was the driver. I told both of them of my road assistance on the road. They asked me to call and I did. Help was around the corner, but they were having two towing trucks there. I even asked one of them if he was sent by Safeco, my insurance company.
Why I am not including them in this issue because they were not allowed to provide the service on that date as they tried to do so as I confirmed when I called twice to verify it.
My towing was asking me where exactly you are because I am at the gas station. Perhaps a block down after the 101 entrance as he described, but under pressure by San Bruno police I was having just two choices go or go and move with their towing people.

Armando Carlin one of the towing truck driver who happened to be there responded to me that he was not part of the towing service I requested through Safeco. Roberto Ortiz tested the battery as the woman police out of air not even asking me what happened or how your GMC stopped here told me it was the alternator not the battery as I was requesting them to move me out of the way as done SEVERAL TIMES BY OTHERS AS THEY PLEASE OR TO HIDE MY PUBLIC ACCUSATION WHICH IS THE MAIN REASON OF THE CONFISCATION OF MY GMC ‘LEGALLY.’ Under pressure, I hanged up the phone call of my road assistance asking me and telling me he was at the gas station on the same street and couldn’t see me. The woman police who made my alternator the issue told me that I was having just one choice to go or stay on the street. So I took my place on the passenger side and I told the driver to go to Redwood City as he was turning left going to main entrance street of 101 going south, but as he was supposed to make a left; he went straight crossing it and I asked him to stop as he refused and I opened the door asking for help and requesting a police assistant as the second driver Carlin was following us and Ortiz was hitting me as pushing back the door closed on me. People were there and it was about to get dark and again the woman police came and called with the second police officer the supervisor, who told me to go with them and at that point told me about a release document I was supposed to get from them to get my vehicle back and which was broken as having a road assistance there because the two gas station on the street where my GMC was dead have two in about two-three blocks apart.

I did not know what to do. Afraid and concerned for my life as I have been publicizing and accusing many including former last Bush and Obama I saw the supervisor throwing a piece of paper on the grass near the sidewalk where I was standing and them taking my van, keys, purse, I. D., as my passport. For hours walking in the dark trying to avoid the freeway as the first police told me was illegal, I cried all the way to the El Camino in San Bruno, freezing and begging the bus driver to let me ride without pay as telling them how San Bruno police took everything from me and left me on the street.

I paid a towing company to open my Toyota where I ended up sleeping without anything to cover me. Freezing, but somehow safe; at this point I cannot find my receipt, but I believe SAFECO insurance road service assisted me to open my Toyota as they took absolutely everything essential for me to move, call, or get help.



Through the use of witchcraft, I was forced to pay TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS TO PUT SIGNS ON MY GMC, WHICH FOR YEARS WERE MANUALLY DONE BY ME. As I did, there were errors made purposely so people couldn’t read them, but I was able to catch up on the color ordered or grammar issues to do so that created the main reason why their goal is to stop my GMC no matter what or how. (See partial receipts because I didn’t expect to need or use them, but I paid a total of about $ 2,000.00 between San Mateo and Redwood City Fast Signs installed to provide myself privacy and to publicize the worse crime ever against humanity by wicked government.


On Saturday, 4/13/13, I was standing as for the last three years at the corner of Whipple/Veterans Blvd. Redwood City, CA 94063; At first standing on Valero corner and then at the Samtrans corner where this incident happened in the afternoon. I saw Redwood City police going left chasing a Honda Black car and the driver a young Chinese woman. I saw them stop on the crossing of the freeway for a while and another joined the first car. One of them, came to the Samtrans parking lot where my van was parked; not knowing that I could be there for 24 hours legally or so, I tried to move it out of that private parking and do so on the street not where for a year or so I used to park because the spot was red marked for no apparent need or use since the corner parking lot if gets on fire have plenty of space to park any fire truck and no less IHOP restaurant, which is about half block up going north, but also to deny my First Amendment right and to make my life miserable and my accusation difficult. I have been suffering this type of religious persecution as discrimination and not just there. One day I was threaten across where the Subaru car dealer is located. The owner threatens me with the same because my truck looks ugly. First he reported me and this time Redwood City Police officer made honor of his role and treated me fairly because trying to be fair I parked a bit to the end extreme almost on red to leave plenty of space for any of his customer as I was going to spend just a few time at the corner having to go to San Jose. The man told me off and did say he was going to paint in red and to request that because my truck was ugly and he didn’t like me to park there as if I do not pay my DMV fees as anyone else or perhaps much more as they took a year to change my address, which I reported on 1/12/12, but was changed a year two months later so MTA parking citations that I was going to contest was sent to my old mailing address in San Diego where neither my son or I were living for 14 months or more! The $ 62.00 citation double to $ 126.00 and held my registration at DMV until pay even though they were the ones who did not do their job (Purposely and done two times more just because. The teller could do so, but instead sent my change of address request to Sacramento. I did have to fill the paper three times to I believe finally done. (See attachment.)

One of the policemen who came to Samtrans as I was moving my van told me not to do so and asked me to go with them and removed my signs based on city code 3.144. I refused asking, “Why me and why now? I saw around and as for the last three years Valero Gas Station was having a big soda sign and in the middle of the street a big green garage sale post on public view and post. They insisted as the people were putting attention to my signs posted not on the post, but on Samtrans (a public/private property, not the city property.), but on the little trees there. As for the last three years I used them and I questioned them, so they called a supervisor who was mean and trying to avoid misunderstanding I bent my knees and I refused to do what they want as my baby since 2005 have being abuse and I have being ignored. In fact as threaten back in 2006 to force me to stop my public accusation against them who took legal and physical custody of my baby as he was only two-in-half-year-old and raped him to force me to violate the Temporary Restraining Order granted by “Honor” Greenberg for no reason other than she making whatever she pleases in her court room as she responded me and many deputy let people know as they are giving instructions to the people prior entering the court room. The supervisor, a policewoman put the chuckles and sent me to MC Guirre where as I was process; I helped and assisted them on removing my clothes as I was asked, but as I done in the corner I refused to sign their papers. Sir, if I don’t have rights and I’ve been abuse just because and I cannot even file an accusation against them as I did, but was dismissed SEVERAL TIMES IN 2006 AND 2007 (See I contested not just those three times; I did more than that and they denied my poverty just to dismiss the cases and even altered the third case number to force me to fail to appear and kept my files to have a “fake legal dismissal.” As another “Honor” ignored my request to excuse me on that hearing date scheduled ahead of his trial court schedule.

At MC Guirre, my jewelry was cut and I was abuse, bit up to force me to sign. My finger print was forced and on front of me was said: “We do have it, she refused to sign.” And sir as is my paper is getting big so that I will refer you to my Facebook blog where I posted the majority of the detail. I was bit up, kept without a food for more than 30 hours until they finally realized that I was also refusing trying to ignore them and not to let them on keep abusing me. They dragged me around and throw me on the cement floor where I was kept without clothes just a rope, or blankets, socks or underwear, sandals or brass. The case was dismissed as I mentioned my letter asking, begging to John Boehner for a public accusation as my First Amendment right, due process among many other of my rights are being denied.

I was released about 10pm to make me come to court at 1pm AFTER the judge LIE TO ME TO GIVE ME PRESSURE ON PLEADING GUILTY. THREE TIMES, I ASKED NOT UNDERSTANDING WHY IF I DID NOT PLEA GUILTY THEY WOULD HOLD ME THERE ALMOST A MONTH UNTIL THE TRIAL? OR WHY IF I PLEA GUILTY, I WOULD JUST GO BECAUSE I WAS HELD FOR THREE DAYS AND THE ISSUE WAS JUST A MISDEMEANOR? Three times, I asked and three inmates were saying: “Say, Yes!” I was not guilty. I was just forced to hold onto my First Amendment to keep myself alive and my child as much as I can protect as I am trying to publicize their crime. The second judge who continues for trial as I requested pleading not guilty told me: “NO ONE EVER SAYS THAT.” I HAVE NO DOUBT, SHE TRIED TO GIVE ME PRESSURE AND THROUGH IT AND WITCHCRAFT USE SWAP MY GOOD DRIVING RECORD FOR THE CHINESE WOMAN WHO THEY STOP AS I DESCRIBED ABOVE. The case was dismissed! But this is not the only time in which Redwood City Police have been denying protection or abusing authorities and discretions to deny my First AMENDMENT RIGHT. (SORRY THIS COMPUTER IS HAVING A MIND OF ITS OWN AND IS JUST WRITING IN CAPITAL LETTERS, MEANING A WICKED IS PLAYING TRICKS.)

Several have been the time in which wicked people robbed me and they have a report, but I did not or bit me up, broke my glasses twice and the Victim Center do not pay because they do only if there a police report or else they cannot claim the money and even though I went back to the Redwood City Police Station to report the incident for which I called requesting assistance; the clerk told me he went and talk to you, we do have a report and even printed. I made my complaint because he never did, but he wrote a report saying that he did and the victim center denied my never file claim because there it was no report made ever and the other two incidents Sir. I don’t think are worth of saying, but let me do so one more time.
I was at the corner holding my signs when two men, two women went by. One of them: heavy, White and told grabbed one of my biggest and best material sign and took off with it. One of the man went ahead and the one who grabbed my sign just took it and transferred to him while the two women were running behind them. I tried to get my sign back or any of them to call the police and made the report. As I tried to catch on one of them, they accused me of taking her phone, which I believe they dropped and found after all. The man who got my sign kept on going away with it and the one who took it came to assist the two women. One was the mother and the other one the daughter. All from Belmont area and all of them used to harm, hurt me using witchcraft.

The man grabbed a plastic container used by one of the wicked beggar who all day abuse me as distracting people’s sight from my accusation and he threw it on me asking me for her phone and accusing me of hurting one of them. I picked up what he hurt me with as he was trying to hit me on the face and put my glasses down scratching them. (Police assisted me to find them on the floor and put them back together as one of the glasses came off.) I am having problem seeing with them because of the issue, but the new ones I got through my health insurance were forced green and ugly just because through the color they force me to look ugly and not to be able to see as they please because mind and body computer can be control and manipulate easily that way. Two elders testify who knows what. Police said they accused me, but I have the right to keep my belonging and to stand there and they were the ones who steal from me as I was standing there peacefully. They gave them a report number to claim the phone, but they didn’t give me a number to claim my glasses scratches that are disturbing me or my sign. Instead they told me he could press charges against me because the elderly testify against me.

As I say three, four times or more, but not one of them ever care about my public accusation in which I am begging for my safety, my family safety or my child’s life. In fact, he was taken to Mexico on 6/25/13 or so. His rapper violated the court order on 6/24/13 and as usual not only Redwood City Police denied protection as also San Jose who referred me to the DA Office to report the civil matter where for the same reason I couldn’t make a report because they just take care civil matter and has nothing to do with court order violations. I was not allowed to have visitation time prior my child going to Mexico where I have no doubt is being abuse and might lose his life. Sir there is more but let me stop here. Please see below (Belmont City reasons for liability)


Several were the times in which Belmont, San Carlos Police told me to go away. Once in Walgreen parking lot and another in CVS Pharmacy, I was on the going, I did not care or wander why? But as my Van GMC was taken by San Bruno Police (Confiscation without a reason, abusing authorities and discretions; discriminating and persecuting me for religious reason) my vehicle got not exactly on fire, but as I made a turn with the blinker, a tiny bit of smoke came out. Again the vehicle stops without control in the middle of the street; I was there when Redwood City Police came and asked me to move my van. I said “I cannot was smoking and is not responding.” They just pushed me out of the road and left my van park at the entrance of a private property where immediately the owners were complaining.
I am trying not to mention how many times I have cried not finding justice anywhere or protection and instead the worse abuses ever against anyone. At MC Guirre 4/13-16/13 they step on my feet (bunion surgery and nails), they punch on me, grabbed me by my hair to take a photo or trying to force me what I refuse to do at the corner: sign and do as they please for no reason. I cried and somehow they were forced to as I to beg the owner to let me park my vehicle until find a place to fix the electrical issue that resulted out of nowhere. As I could I contract with a place to get my vehicle tow to 76 Gas Station where I thought I knew the mechanic for years and I thought was nice and reliable. I went to talk to him and I told about the issue. He told me he knew what it was. It was very simple and to bring my vehicle between 10-11am as I did. The towing company that I contracted with came and took me there, but as we arrived Najib the mechanic told me he couldn’t fix my van because Belmont Police saw my Toyota the day before there and told him he could not provide me with any service because they were having a court order saying that I could not come or do so in Belmont. The towing man supposedly got upset and seeing me crying not knowing what to do where to go, but knowing that all of them have been doing all this purposely. I was crying, but what else. I asked him would you let me go ask them. I have no court order and they should not be doing so, I said. He said no, but refused to provide me with the service breaking the breach of contract. The towing man told me and took me to a place in Redwood City where my van was partially fixed, but vandalized again. Instead of $ 65.00 dollars for the towing; I paid $ 120.00 and to get my electrical corrected I paid $ 400.00 and the man was asking for me to say how much I could afford as my lighter was not working as came working or as my interior lights were not working and arrived working. I asked for my burned parts because he removed without my permission the dash board and fixed and he was just having a tiny piece of wire and a part that he removed as I was there without making a mess on my van as he did. His name I will add as part of the defendant accused by me, but at this point I cannot find his receipt and walking around, riding on the bus is not to easy to go look for a place you do not exactly know where it was, but I will try. (Keep in mind this is part of my reason for Belmont 76 Gas Station would have to pay and fix my van.

Finally after posting in my blog and at the corner, I felt out of nowhere to come again and asked Najib the 76 mechanic if I could go ask Belmont Police as I did and who told me they were not having any reason and they never done so. Instead on that date in less than 15 minutes they went to talk to Najib and told him he could work if he pleases because it was a misunderstanding.

Nevertheless this was the reason why I refused to go talk again to Belmont Police as I went to get the information of the Mayor to present my issue and demanding payment for my stress, loses, . . ., but mainly my sufferings and shorten of money just because they are forcing me to pay constantly to keep their business going and attracting others as they forced those conditions on me. On 6/26/13 As I got my van supposedly fixed at 76 gas station in San Mateo as I felt down with Najib, the 76 mechanic at Belmont who played games and let me just go for a few miles to pay more. I got my van supposedly out of transmission oil and that was the reason why it was feeling out of nowhere heavy and hesitating as going so, but I just ran out to 101 going south to the court and my vehicle again got hot and starter making a heavy noise. Immediately I called David the mechanic at 76 gas Station in San Mateo who told me to go back or to pay a towing to bring it back or to cool it off to take my van back, but the real reason why I went there is because my van was broken for a week and Belmont 76 told me they were busy and they could help me then and to call him next week. After a week with my van broken, I went back there and the mechanic wasn’t available and I couldn’t keep on looking for him as if I do have money or a place to live or a car to go, but having my van that badly. I drove to his place which was the nearest and as I did he told me that he was going to send one of the mechanic to check because my GMC stop on the street at his entrance. A Belmont police came and approached me and told me without asking or talking to anyone else than me that I could go to Better Business Bureau because the mechanic could refuse service to anyone. That my mechanic problem was different and I did have to move my van out of the way. I did say I did what I could; the mechanic will take care as the mechanic was coming. I do not understand why you are telling me all of these when the mechanic agreed with me on checking-fixing and has not refuse service or why are you able to diagnose not knowing what is going on. He left after all and to be honest I did not want to put my van on the hand of the man who hurt it the most and robbed me my money as charged me almost $ 900.00 for a tire, smoke check, oil change and tune up to let me run less than 10 miles and having an issue immediately as my van came to his place running OK to have if anything feeling confident a smog check that failed just because they want the money out of my pocket and into theirs.

Belmont police not only denied my First Amendment back in 2010 altering and changing a city code 22-2 as Eric Hove the public Defender assigned to me suggested to them on front of me to not let the juror to see the actual text of the code to deny my First Amendment to hide their crime, to abuse me as they did for about a month or two in the women jail in Redwood City or as they done in Santa Clara to rob my last property in Belmont as they dismissed the matter several times to deny my right to a jury trial and to stop my accusation against them.


My Toyota Smog Check was done last two times requested by DMV at Belmont 76 Gas Station. I met the mechanic years ago at Lyons Restaurant. Absolutely anything personal, but the group of people from their ethnic background always treated me nice and fair so I thought highly of them. But as I say above, I contract with Najib to bring my GMC for the forced electrical issue that resulted out of nowhere as South City confiscated all from me and made me pay a lot of money for no reason and made me suffered many difficulties just because they want to stop my public accusation against them all as I am driving with my GMC signs around or as I am standing at the corner of Whipple/Veterans Blvd. in Redwood City, CA where I have been doing that as well as in Ralston/El Camino Real in Belmont at least since 2006 or so after driving and painting my accusation not only in my homes or cars to get help and to keep myself and family alive.

I brought my GMC in a towing truck and the mechanic argued that Belmont Police told him, he couldn’t provide any service to me and that I was not allowed or supposed to be or come to Belmont. On that date I couldn’t convince him to let me go talk to Belmont Police with regard his argument and having the towing truck driver telling me he knew someone and they would fix it for me. I agreed on going with him to that place. My van was vandalized more and I was charged $ 400.00 and even my battery was changed without my authorization or them telling me anything. I do not know if that is the reason why the electrical in the back stop working, but I ended up not having interior lights as I pay to fix the blinker short and a bit of smoke coming out, but having a need on my GMC smoke out of nowhere one of those days, I stop by 76 Gas Station in Belmont and I asked Najib if he could let me go ask Belmont because I did not think they have any right to do so.

He agreed and they done so in about 15 minutes. So we scheduled the smog check on Wednesday 5/29/13 and as I arrived and he started working he said: “Why me?” and I did answered to him because God is testing you! And as he was doing my test he told me that I was having a radiator leak, which in a way was correct and in a way was not because my van went through that issue as was released from San Bruno Towing as San Bruno Police confiscated my GMC. Even my older brother show me where it was leaking so I bought a piece to tide the hose and the leak was OK, but as he tested the van a tiny hose next to the radiator neck got loose and he told me that he fixed and put coolant or so and estimated $ 200.00 to fix the control valve as the only issue on it. As me made the smog check; supposedly the van didn’t passed it, which I am sure it did. Nevertheless, he charged me $ 163.00 for the oil change and the failed smog check. Told me to go pay for DMV, which knowing my situation and all the tricks, abuses suffer FOR YEARS, before was El Camino or any other vehicle I owned that as soon as I was paying my fees were going down or forced broken while forced to pay insurance no matter if I was having the vehicle parked in my private property as San Mateo Police forced me once or twice.

I paid $ 147.61 on 5/29/13 and I came back to have the Tune Up the next week and believing in his honesty I asked him to check and let me know what it was needed. He just told me that the Water Control Valve $ 200.00 was needed. I did not like the fact that as soon as he changed my tires his mechanic told him and me that the wheel lug nuts were un safe and it was another 4 sets and I do not recall his estimate, but I did not trust him any longer because I just drove out of his place and in Mountain View my GMC smoked out and got very hot. Luckily I saw it going and I stopped it. Immediately a road side assistant helped me and told me that he did have to use two big containers to replace the coolant because the radiator was totally empty. I called the mechanic and I told him about and he asked me to bring it in again, but the next day. I was having my son coming from San Diego to Pittsburg and as I went back trying to get my other vehicle to go there. I realized that my GMC in traffic was not getting hot, so instead I purchased to gallons of coolant and I drove for five days around 680, 242, 24, 4, 1, 101 and my vehicle did not have any issues in traffic or not because as we went to celebrate Mother’s Day (5/30 for Nicaraguans) we drove to Sacramento and there it was an accident and my van did not overheat or have any trouble. The only issue that happened as I came out of the 76 Gas Station was that the mechanics did not replace the coolant as they broke and fixed one of my hose to tell me that the radiator was having a valve problem. Again as I came back to Bay Area and exactly at Redwood City as I was going to court, I got again the same issue: “My GMC again got hot, but not to the maximum as I started reporting and begging for help because aware of the witchcraft knowledge and use to force people to do, be or believe; somehow I was able to fix the matter and without a doubt my van radiator or valve passed the test, but under pressure and feeling that I am a woman I purchased the thermostat, which cost me about $ 6.00 with the sealer. My legal brother changed it for me and even show it to me, but the 76 gas station mechanic in San Mateo told me that he never done so and even though the charged me to change the valve that Belmont 76 Gas station quote me for; my vehicle kept on leaking as I show him a photo the next morning as he done the job and ended charging me not $ 345.00, but $ 391.00.

The issue that came out after my Tune Up was done at 76 Gas Station in Belmont was that the van felt hot in the inside and heavy. It was not easy for the motor to catch up on the van shift changes or load. The first time I reported that to the mechanic, he reassigned the people who worked on it and told me that something got lose and fixed it, but the same issue came again in about three weeks or so and as I came to make the complaint he was busy and asked me to call and schedule the next week and by then he was not working and I was not feeling confident on their jobs done. Instead I felt that no one ever told me about the nuts and they were trying to pull my leg and through suggestion forced on me more trouble. I drove the van that way since I purchase it and I never was told. In fact, a tire place in San Jose advised me not to put my old because the type of tire I was trying to use was not good for my vehicle. It was a tire use for sports cars and told me how the wheels would pull on my heavy loaded truck as I felt it many times and I wrote about his honesty and good prices, but they did not find that the nuts were not the appropriate. Aside I experience in 3rd Ave and Norfolk in San Mateo vandalized my Toyota locks as the mechanic there, Jimmy lost purposely my lock and thought that he was not going to pay me for, but as he did he replaced them with some that were not grabbing into the screw holder and another mechanic in Modesto told me and show me that they were not holding the tires properly. Jimmy did as the Samtrans driver who working with three or four hurt my right foot toe and thought that was it. In fact last night I saw him riding on the bus I catch at midnight.

Belmont 76 did not fixed whatever they told me got lose and supposedly they fixed as they forced the tune up on my van working in combination not just with San Bruno Police, but Obama, Bush who abused my child back in 2007-08 as written on my blogs which went down from 401 to 387 or so at WordPress. Unknown reason at this point, but I refused to retrieve them because somehow I am keeping them as my records.


So far I have not mention or included in this matter my legal forced family who have been participating and helping to vandalize my vehicles as also trying to get me kill on the weekend of 6/21/13 as they rushed to take my minor child to Mexico as they without words threaten his life as they couldn’t kill me on the trip. I did participate and went along for two main reasons. Baby under pressure usually don’t want to go with me to BounzCity, so I told him that since he was on vacation I was going to do so on another day. Out of nowhere my legal brother called me and asked. This meant for me a free of expenses trip to go see my second son, who as all my family have been put apart to isolate me and abuse me without them being able to see or understand. In fact, last night both hang up the phone on me because it does not make sense for them why I want to have Mexico phone number to be able to talk and check on my child safety. It does not make sense. My baby is just 10 years-old and might not like there. He was crying terrified here because if his father was going alone to Mexico he would have to be alone sleeping in his room and he was afraid.

My legal brother assigned me a truck, which was having heat problems and supposedly was driving another with worse conditions. I told him I like to use 99 because if anything there are homes, business able to help you nearby than on 5. He insisted and throughout the night he disappeared until I realized that many were the ones almost pushing me to the edge as I was going by the truck drivers or others. I almost ran out of gas and he did not provide the money or anything else. Instead I do not know how I begged God to help me and not to let that vehicle to get hot in the middle of nowhere not even having him responding to my several calls made. It was about 4am when I arrived to last resting area near LA and then he called me as a woman was abusing me through the discovered used of witchcraft. The one used by government representatives as well as many others members and supporters. The crime organized working with them and for them among themselves.

Yes, like the South City Policewoman, my brother out of air told me that my Van GMC new problem was the transmission. Supposedly lie to me and show me a thermostat that was not belong to me as the 76 gas station man told me and show me the seal never changed to remove as my brother told me the thermostat. He was also the one who told me that he was going to fix my Toyota vandalized transmission and told me that the most was $ 150.00, but David the 76 San Mateo mechanic made an estimate of about $ 2,000.00 Just the piece $ 800 and cheaper, but good and 12 hours of work down to 10 because he was nice, but he insisted on what I saw and I show him, the radiator leaking the coolant the next morning after he charged me $ 391.00 not the $ 345.00 that we agreed on.

Note: the changes on type of letter are because someone is doing that through the LAN and using their children on me. I tried twice to uniform my paper having Times New Roman, but is not working.

The 76 mechanic told me that the problem of my van was that was not having too much transmission oil and that would help it, but as soon as he figured out who I am he increased the price and charge me for what he could and made my vehicles issue the most expensive to fix. This is the reason why I am asking my vehicles to be in working conditions and not money. It is up to them how many times they will let it drive ten miles and have it back, but what I am charging is the stress, the extra expenses in which I am incurring just because they want to. The worse of all is that if my Toyota was almost $ 2,000.00 for the transmission vandalized by Safeco, Skyline College among many others working with them. How much it would be my transmission mentioned by all as I realized that 76 Gas Station in San Mateo just opened and all what they want based on what I discovered is my blessing money and service used to be impose on many others.


Certainly more than what it will describe here has been happening. In fact, my Toyota 1996 is having the same issue: “The transmission is broken and an estimate of about $ 2,000.00 was given to me by San Mateo 76 gas station to be able to fix it. I am just mentioning this for your reference because this is the main reason why I am filing this claim against these many people. Sick and tired of the lock of protection, rights and freedoms giving to me by law representatives who instead are part of the crime organized group who is using this country and our system to rob the poor people like me. My Toyota issues started as President Obama set me up to go to College of San Mateo where out of nowhere my Journalism career was almost end, but the sole intention were:
To get me out of the corner of Whipple/Veterans Blvd. Redwood City, CA where for years I have been trying to stand to keep myself alive.
To rob my writing talents through the use of witchcraft; the mind and body basis knowledge of computer since humans’ physical body are just the soul’s home. It was not there goal to let me graduate and earned the AA degree I transferred to San Francisco State University where no less is happening and at this point I am trying to talk to chair of departments or so or else I am in the way to file a grievance because my grades were lowered in bad faith.
At this point I will just name some of the people who worked together to put my Toyota’s transmission out of order because is parked on the El Camino Real in San Mateo trying to enforce my denied First Amendment right through the use again of dirty and imperfect conditions known as part of witchcraft. The religious beliefs that is gathering together, the criminal in power who are alienating not only my constitutional rights and freedoms are Skyline College or San Mateo District; Safeco Insurance, as many of the towing service people drivers as members of my legal-forced family to whom I mentioned in my dismissed federal cases through which my due process was denied. Notice that the main head of the crime is government and our president name was mentioned above.

To make sure you have any doubts vs. a broader picture of the whole crime being perpetrated I am copy and pasting part of others abuses and the approaches I have done to try to stop again the abuses.


Review Board
San Francisco CY
11 S. Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Attn.: Review Board
Citation Nos.
826316444 4/19/13 &
823110315 1/30/13

With all my respect:

Below you will find the letter I recently sent and you denied based on a vehicle code, but if anything please check my second citation dated 4/22/13, which I am contesting publicly as through you. Please refer to my Facebook posting and reconsider my accusation because it was DMV who took a year to finally process my requested change of address dated 1/12/12 not March 2013. If anything you both are part of the legal system that is supposed to provide services and I cannot do anything if you were not able to send it to me at the reported address because the representatives are not doing their job as we the citizens are paying and doing what is expect us to do.

I swear under California perjury laws and under the only God’s real name as his servant and under the Federal law of this country on Tuesday. June 4, 2013 at the San San Mateo County City and City of San Mateo at the Marina Library about 3:16 pm.

_______________________ _____________________
Date Estrella De Jesus Benavides
THIS IS PART OF WHAT I ATTACHED TO THEIR LETTER LETTING THEM KNOW THAT IS NOT OUT OF AIR THAT I AM SAYING WHAT I WROTE. I HAD EXHAUSTED ALL MEANS OF UNDERSTANDING FOR THEM TO STOP, BUT INSTEAD THEY ARE SHOWING ME THEIR POWER AND NOT JUST THREATEN MY CHILD LIFE BACK IN 2006 AND TOOK HIM TRYING TO KILL HIM. AGAIN THEY DONE SO WITHOUT THE ORAL WARNING, BUT OUT OF NO WHERE AS I SENT MY FIRST LETTER TO JOHN BOEHNER, Speaker of the House on 6/8 and again on 6/28/2013 as I also called to informed him and ask for a public accusation because his daddy took my baby to Mexico since on 6/25/13 without respecting the court order to allow me to see him as I tried on the night before 6/24/13. (San Jose Police referred me to the DA Office and they said : ‘They have nothing to do because they are civil,’ EXACTLY THE SAME REASON WHY SAN JOSE POLICE REFERRED ME TO THEM, BUT NONE OF THEM CARE OR ARE DOING THEIR JOB.

My last federal suit cross-complaint was filed in 2007 and all the parts that I filed were kept by the federal court in San Francisco. I filed them three times and I contested the dismissal denying my pauperis status several times under the first case. (C 07 1732 MHP). I, Estrella De Jesus Benavides declare under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct as I did several times in the past and I am demanding my child legal and physical custody as well as a public accusation against not only California Government, San Mateo County, District College of San Mateo (CSM) as well as the Federal government. For the last two months I have been kept in a total dark environment as they forced me and keep me there as they please. On Monday, January 28, 2013 many were the vehicles who went by speeding to create the gravity that made me feel exhausted and also governed the Astros because our bones are part of Nova explosions and our body is part of the energy result of the Big Bang as recently plagiarized my msnbc on 1/10/13 and also acknowledged by Standford, CSM, 2011and is also written in several books in which people do not put attention as they are spinning and manipulating the information as well as whatever I have been trying to make public for the last 10 years. I am not only swearing under CA laws, but under the only God’s real name as his servant and under the Federal law of this country on Friday, February 8, 2013 at the San Francisco State University Leonard Library at 10:13p.m., in San Francisco City and County.

_______________________ _____________________
Date Estrella De Jesus Benavides

My van was towed to Belmont 76 gas station a block away from Ralston/El Camino going west. The nice man rejected it. He said: “Belmont police is giving me a hard time because they saw you here yesterday and you are not supposed to come to Belmont.”
I had never heard about that. The $60.00 towing went up to $ 120.00 because of it. I cried without being able to control me. China/African government oppressors in the United States are treating me worse than animal. My van was initially vandalized by a wicked Costco employee who worked my mind, drained or shut off my battery at their South City gas station. He let me go as I publicly denounced his doings. I was able to keep on going all the way to the 101 going North freeway entrance where again out of nowhere the van was turned off. South City Police forced me to go with a San Bruno towing as Safeco Insurance towing company was a bit off looking for me. No matter how I did say he is here they rushed to force me to go with the San Bruno Towing men or should I clarify two towing trucks. I was told you either go or go now. I asked if they could let me wait he was there perhaps a block away as he said on the phone asking me for the exact gas station in which I was because near and there are only two. The one at the freeway entrance of South City Airport Blvd. at 101 going north and the second next to the hotel that is the 101 North freeway entrance, my van stopped working again. I did as they please and I told the driver where I was going: “Redwood City.” He ignored me and kept going straight not into the 101 freeway entrance going south. I opened the door and yielded for help. He went down and hit me as pushing the door to keep me in. The other towing truck driver came to assist him and people were looking at us. Again the police was called and a supervisor came. I was supposed to go pay for the police released and go get my van. I was not able to understand or make sense. $ 580.00 my children ended up paying for no reason. Tired of their abuses and knowing that my van was forced to stop because the $ 2,000.00 dollars signs (forced by them to get my money) are catching people’s attention. A month before was the radiator forced to leak, but I guess my mind and soul were more powerful believing that what they were suggesting was not real and even though my forced brother made me see big amount of the cooler draining out. I knew it was not true. He showed me the hose leaking and told me how it was going down. Not believing, but playing on the safe side. I went to buy a new hose tide or whatever is called. The leak stop out of nowhere as I made public their abuses. I went to Midas in San Mateo to change my oil with the $ 19.99 coupon from Safeway, but the nice man tried to suggest many problems and the only thing he never mentioned is that the oil filter was so small because where they forced me to change prior to it in Modesto. The man not only changed the oil filter size to overwork my engine telling me as I asked that “No matter the size, the main thing is that they can be screw and they are OK.” I knew that GMC and many other car company do not build the vehicles with the size they do just because, but because an engineer though about and decided that it was the appropriate size. Midas I believe never changed it or my oil since they never realized the “forced error oil filter size.” The liar Modesto mechanics who were working with China/Africa abusers also lie to me and made me replace a rear right tire that exploded about 20 miles away almost causing an accident on many people. The tire that he told me was bad was the one I used coming back from San Diego having a different wheel which is a forced imperfect condition on my vehicle for people not to be able to read or see my signs. Not only my life was put in danger as people recognized me they were denying services or help and others like Keller Williams I believe new main office nearby that area owner or so forced me to go to his street and forced me wet as I rushed into Jack In The Box’s bathroom to create dirty-imperfect conditions to force me in their town. I will not say about his bad intentions, but I have no doubts there were many. Luckily for me, I am not alone. If anything I am serving the only God who gave me his real name as written in the Holy Bible. Yahweh (Yeshua) not Jehovah. I wet the floor, but not my clothes and I was able to keep on going down south to San Diego. In a rainy day I was able to take not the 99 as I used to, but the 5 and the ugly curves in 152 without any problems because as I replaced the tire and the wheel I did not allow the tire shop man to test the Ford wheel he was selling me on my front (Brakes) which as I went to visit my older son in Pittsburg were cut, but not enough. They leak the oil where my son forced me to park going up his driveway making for others simple and easy to do as they did. I was able to come back to the Bay Area as I felt my van pulling right as I was breaking with a lot of careful. Knowing, but believing that Ray’s Auto Repair in Redwood City were one of the most decent not like the mechanic place next to Target in Redwood City where my Toyota truck radiator neck (Aluminum not the plastic cheaper I ended up installing and not at Ray’s because they decided to save me the buck after agreeing on the job as government were trying to get me into more trouble about two years ago.) To fix that I ended up going to San Pablo where I thought I knew a decent mechanic: “Pancho” who helped me in 2006 replacing for about $150.00 or so my Honda Red car axels which were estimated by Honda in Burlingame for about $ 1,500.00. Yes the ones that like Midas in San Mateo give us coupon to never do the job. I believe thinking to teach us a lesson and ripping the pennies that with difficulties we put together to add and make the dollar. Pancho changed not only the hoses, the radiator, the axels, the brakes in my Toyota which had been parked and moved a block or two in San Mateo as out of nowhere many other places like the Third Avenue/Norfolk – Jimmy the mechanic who believe me is one of the “decent one.” Or perhaps no there is another in the same area next to the Chinese gas station people next to the Donuts: “that mechanic there was decent and honest and told me that he would be in trouble and he did not want to have anything to do with me and refused to provide me services. Sadly, but what else; at least he was honest and did have a fear of God to whom I am serving not just by choice, but because I have no other choice than to do or do to keep a life. Again I am not able to hold my tears. People believes that is like before in which wicked were somehow doing this trick to keep the economy and the system going. No right now is the worse for this country. They are trying to do as they done years ago in Germany and in many other countries like China where they divide the families and the people for a very few criminals to have the control and to be exploiting the poor. The East and the West Germany wall is being built in this country and not just in the south border of Mexico after they mobilized quite a number of Latin American people into the United States. (Carrillo LTNS 660 2012) What is happening is many Latinos who in their majority had been born in this country and had been able to go to the top as part of the government representatives are believe to be taken over, but what White power is not realizing that in 1814 British came into The United States and burned Washington and all forms of government that many of them built at that time. The war of the North and the South has to do with China/Africa government of The United States appropriation because they do know how they filled this country not with the White people from England. They were about 700 Thousands, but from all over the world and not all of them are considered part of the gang no matter if you are as wicked as they are; you are not consider part of the Elite China/Africa/England people who are conquering the United States without a war. At this point even the Queen of England a wicked woman is being killed with cancer because of what happened in her grandchild wedding and his life is in danger. The King as she name him is in danger because he is not a wicked man and is the son of Princes Diana who was killed by the crime worldwide organized group after abusing her as millions other women around the world. Is his father participating? I do not know, but what is about to happen around the world is the worse not only by Latinos whose wicked not as literate as many others races in this country including myself are not understanding what is happening. We are force to have an 8th grade understanding for these criminals to be doing not just in China where the poor had been jumping from building because of the abuses they are suffering. Not only animals are being abused in that county and I am telling you that in 1972-73 Africans and perhaps also Americans which not in their majority are participating because good number of them are kept in and out of jail. Using drugs and committing crimes for the elite to have economical means. They did work my mind and with White Roses for my Black Sister made me beg the only God for more diversity, rights, freedoms and equality which I agreed, but not because we are sacrificing Whites or any other race or ethnicity and that is what they are doing. See the changes that happened as they are presenting the games. What it was expected by many did not happen. Through games, raps and others as they worked my mind; they are destroying, controlling the Americans and was known to happen back in 1980 in Africa where the children were kidnapped to be slave and forced to work for the Diamond mines. Not just my child is being abuse and use as old junky vehicles which parts are being reuse by the poor. Nowadays and by these criminals’ humans are being killed to get their organs as happened to my nephew back in 2000 in Nicaragua with the participation of the United States Embassy workers or people. My child talents are being rob with the participation of many principals, presidents as the one in San Francisco State University where the Interim of the Journalism Department sent me a letter with the sole intention to kick me out as government do as they do in Oakland, Sacramento to ignore the poor efforts to make public their crimes. My van was not just vandalized by South City and then others towing companies like the one in Burlingame whose employees using their computer (witchcraft knowledge of mind and body computer are using to force the catastrophically economic issues that this country and this world are facing due to the bad leadership of these people. I am an ignorant, a poor old woman who do not know how to read, write and explain to you as needed, but my English test score said that I am an average in the low end, but I passed the test. Millions of Americans are forced through high school and many of them do not know how to write or read. I am one of those who comes with a higher education from poor countries in other part of the world who do much better than an average American who ended up serving as a beggar using their wicked talents to keep these criminals in power just because with our taxes they are giving them the benefit of housing, or the benefit of using alcohol or drugs without them disturbing them, but what you are not realizing is that is not good for you. Is not good for our country, is not good for our future. I am a woman whose child was raped to stop me. I do not know what else to do, but millions of poor people from all races, and from all over the world are suffering just because these criminals are creating conditions; are lying to make war on others who are trying to make sense on them and who just care to have the control of the water, the oil, and are just building casinos expecting to slave the poor from all over the world in this country. I am begging for help. I am begging you to support and demand a public accusation against government who is being pay by us with the highest salaries, benefits. Having the best technology to use in this world, but who are not appreciating what the Americans, the people from all over the world, from all races because we are equally made by the only God. Help! My van would perhaps killed me if instead of Redwood City I would go to Pittsburg using the mountains freeway, I believe called the 24 because as it started getting on fire got totally off. No lights, no engine, no brakes. I just stop between Target and the dollar store shopping center on front of Kaiser Redwood City where the police pushed me into a private property place. The owner nicely allowed me 48 hours there. I should park my van in Whipple and stay there no matter if that means that they will kill me or put me in jail. It is not worth to keep away from there. They are denying me no place not even to fix my van in Belmont. I do not know why I stink that much. I never have done anything to anyone. I used to just work and pay my taxes.

6/28/13 AT Fair Oaks County Center, I confirmed that my GMC is not a 1992 model. Instead I saw the photo of record as a 1995, but this is not the first of my vehicle with that issue and trouble –CREATED PURPOSELY AT DMV. My 1959 El Camino –Chevrolet was also registered as 1967 to create wicked conditions in my legal paper. To provide benefits to other wicked members and to give them my blessings.

NOTE: My English not the best, but aside I have no time to edit or do as many are here abusing me and doing as they please for me not to be able to do as much as I could. Please excuse me, but certainly it is not so hard to understand and if any question. Please feel free to ask me.


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